When up against opponents of overwhelming power, you give your all, sacrifice everything, and fight to the bitter end. It's so cool… I envy you.
—Amane Shinomiya
Amane Shinomiya
Kana 紫乃宮天音
Romaji Shinomiya Amane
Gender Male
Age 15
Nickname/s Bad Luck
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Indigo
Personal Status
Affiliations Kyomon Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A-Rank
Physical D
Luck S
Offense C
Defense C
Magic Cap A
Magic Ctl F
Voice Actor

Amane Shinomiya is the alias of Shion Amamiya. He is a first-year student of Kyomon Academy and member of Akatsuki. He, alongside with the infamous Ouma Kurogane, reach the semi-final of Seven Stars Sword Art Festival as best four.


Amane is a frail looking boy with long, neck length blonde hair and indigo eyes. His bangs hang a bit below his eyes.

In his younger years, he has shoulder-long hair which was feminine and unkempt and a weak and small stature as results of his own mother's torture to him.


Seemingly gentle Amane was seemingly a kind and gentle person to those who had met him. He treated Ikki with the utmost respect and was even nice enough to pay for Ikki and Stella's meal. Amane also seems to be very callous to other's pain as he did not care what pain Ikki would have to go through, so long as he could shine.

Amane is revealed to be a mentally damaged individual having a tendency to torture those he finds interesting.


Amane's parents separated early before Amane even remembers his father. Staying with his mother who is his only relative, Amane wished for the happiness of his mother with his powers. Upon gaining awareness of his powers, Amane started to abuse it using it to enjoy being the best at everything without having to work hard. With time, however, people start to fear and become jealous of Amane's natural talent and was even put in suspicion of being the instigator when he rescued people from a school fire.

Despite having the support of his mother, Amane who has doubt himself enough stops using his powers for one day and was handed the painful truth of his bad luck, starting with his family business going bankrupt to having his mother subjected her anger towards Amane with violence. Realizing the truth that he was worthless to his mother without his ability, Amane failed to reactivate his Noble Art having lost all concerns for his mother which started his hellish days of getting abused by his mother.

Half a year later, Amane was rescued by his father who murdered his mother to "rescue" him, but allowed Amane to see the truth behind his ability; Nameless Glory will grant him all the wishes he has but with the greatest curse in return, everything he had obtained by using Nameless Glory never truly belonged to him due to his powers.

Amane was eventually brought to Rebellion by Edelweiss, who saw that Amane didn't want to live on the light side of the world, and thought that Rebellion would be a better place for him. Later, Amane was assigned to join Akatsuki.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

LN Vol 4 Illustration 03 Ikki meets Amane

Amane meets Ikki

Training Camp and Scheme Edit

Amane is first seen when he tried to stop a deranged electrician from assaulting someone and was almost assaulted back in return due to a presumed lack of a plan. He was rescued by Ikki who happened to notice the deranged electrician's state of mind. Upon being rescued, Amane thanks Ikki and reveals himself to be a huge fan of Ikki and decides to treat both Ikki and Stella to dinner before leaving after asking for an autograph from Ikki. Before leaving, Amane wishes Ikki the best of luck before saying they'll meet again with a grin. Despite Amane acting very nicely towards Ikki and Stella, Ikki still feels something weird about him.

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Amane is seen along with the other members of Akatsuki heading towards Hagun Academy, with the intention of destroying it.

After having done so, the participants of Hagun Academy arrive and Amane and the other members of Akatsuki are stopped by Nagi, who had betrayed them and were cut down by the Hagun Academy students. Amane is then seen stabbing Nagi with ten swords through the back, in Illusionary Form, as the Hagun Academy students find out that thanks to Amane's ability, they could prepare for Hagun Academy's attack.

As Ikki, Shizuku, Stella, and the Hagure sisters leave the scene, Amane, and the other Akatsuki members defeat the student council with ease. Amane himself brutally defeated Utakata Misogi., who is knocked into a coma. Amane decides that they should just go after Stella and the Hagure sisters, as he was confident that Ikki and Shizuku would succumb to the person that was in their direction.

Akatsuki Academy finds the Hagure sisters and Stella but was stopped by Nene Saikyo who was able to stop most of the Akatsuki Academy students, besides Ouma. Amane and the others decide to retreat as they had completed what they came to do.
LN vol 6 illustration 05

Amane's wicked expression.

The conclusion of the First Match Edit

Amane appears after Stella's victory of Block B. He meets Ikki once again, but also Shizuku Kurogane and Nagi Arisuin are present. Amane tries approaching Ikki but is stopped by Shizuku. Amene then meets Kiriko Yakushi, who will be Amane's opponent in the first round of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Amane though says that he will not be fighting her, and at the same time Kiriko gets a phone call that all of her patients are in critical condition. Because of this Kiriko is forced to give up the match.

Ikki then figures out from this that Amane has the ability to make anything he wishes to happen, into reality. Amane confirms this, also claiming that he wants to see Ikki break while he keeps on fighting fate.

A Fresh Bloody Truth Edit

Amane having made it into the quarter-finals, is in the waiting room, waiting for his match to start, when Shizuku and Nagi attack him. They do this in order to defeat him, as Amane's Noble Art, Nameless Glory makes him unbeatable, so only a surprise attack would work. Shizuku launches ice spears that pierce Amane's limbs and skull. Amane still survives, due to his Nameless Glory. Nagi then tries using Shadow Bind to bind Amane, but the lights of the room temporarily go out, rendering Nagi's abilities useless, leading to Amane stabbing Nagi with multiple swords, taking him out. Shizuku then tries attacking Amane, but her attacks can't hit him, because of Amane's Nameless Glory. Amane then stabs Shizuku with multiple swords ending their fight. Amane then reveals to everyone Shizuku's love for her brother, humiliating her. Shizuku is also disqualified for attacking Amane.

Dark Clouded Semi-Final Edit

In the semi-finals of the Festival Amane faces Ikki. Amane's attacks, despite being very clumsy, manage to buy luck come from angels where they are the hardest for Ikki to block. Amane then tries throwing his swords at Ikki, but Ikki manages to use his clothes to block the swords. This confuses Amane and leaves him open for Ikki to attack, which leads to Amane being wounded. It is explained that Ikki is countering Amane's Nameless Glory, by continually keeping on attacking, and thus it becomes an inevitability for Amane to get hurt. Amane then uses Nameless Glory to stop Ikki's heart, but Ikki manages to start his heart again, with using Edelweiss' technique and cuts Amane again. The referee then declares Ikki as the winner of the fight when Amane is unable to keep fighting.

Amane then remembers his own past, and angered attacks Ikki with his Dark Aura, despite the match being already over. This Aura has the ability to kill anything it touches, because of it being powered by Amane's hatred for Ikki. Despite this Ikki defeats Amane by using Ittou Shura and his Second Secret Sword, Rekkou. Ikki is still wounded by the Aura, but he survives with help from Kiriko. Amane is eliminated from the Festival.

Later, as Amane is resting in the hospital, he is visited by Nene Saikyo. Nene tells Amane that Kiriko has healed Ikki as payback for the first round between her and Amane. Nene then explains that Amane will receive a heavy punishment, due to tampering with the Festival, and Nene will personally make sure that he will no longer interfere with his ability. Amane though says that he no longer has a reason to continue his activities, having given up on his chaotic ways.

Abilities Edit

Fate Manipulation: Amane can control the outcome of events in his favor by simply making a wish. His wishes will become the outcome of the events, but he cannot control the processes which lead to the outcome. This made Ikki have short periods to correct the outcome of their sword fight.

  • Dark Aura: With his own will, Amane can generate and manipulate dark aura which takes the form of several hands. This aura can transform its targets to the desired outcomes directly without the process itself. In Ikki's case, Amane desired death and destruction. Therefore, the aura can turn everything it touched to ashes and kill Ikki by merely touching him. As this ability comes from Amane taking control of his Fate Manipulation, therefore his good luck was sacrificed at the same time.

Swordsmanship: It's noticeable that Amane has small proficiency of dual-wielding Azures which made him capable of blocking Ikki's Intetsu for an instant. As he relies on the effect of "Nameless glory" instead of his own swordsmanship.


Nagi being stabbed

Amane's swords stabbing Nagi

Azure: Amane's Device is multiple short silver cross-like swords. They can be used as projectile weapons and he can also dual-wield them in melee combat. By combining the power of Nameless Glory, they will aim to his enemies own weaknesses even if Amane throws it unintentionally.
  • Nameless Glory (過剰なる女神の寵愛ネームレスグローリー, Nēmuresu Gurōrī, lit., "Goddess' Excessive Favor"): The strongest ability of causation manipulation system so far. Amane covers this ability as an ability to predict the future. In fact, it was him who affected the possible outcome of the future. Amane managed this by praying for a wish, which will become a certain outcome in the future. According to himself, it has made every wish he has made come true.


  • Amane is currently the only known Blazer with S-ranked criteria.