Area Invisibility
Area Invisibility
Kana 狩人の(エリアインビジブル)
Romaji Eria Inbijiburu
Type Conceptual Manipulation (Hunting)
Wielder Shizuya Kirihara

Area Invisibility is the Noble Art of Shizuya Kirihara.


Area Invisibility allows Kirihara to create a flawless stealth camouflage that completely isolates a person's senses. He can also camouflage his arrows to make them harder to dodge and to avoid giving away his position.

In the Anime, Area Invisibility creates a forest for Kirihara to hide himself in.

Weakness Edit

Area Invisibility is weak against wide-range attacks, as camouflaging the user has little use against such attacks. Skilled combatants can also figure out Kirihara's location, despite not seeing him.

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