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But I am the leader of this nation. Its direction is mine to determine. I will not allow anyone to get in my way.
—Bakuga Tsukikage
Bakuga Tsukikage
Kana 月影 獏牙(つきかげ ばくが)
Romaji Tsukikage Bakuga
Gender Male
Device Getten Houjuu
Personal Status
Affiliations Akatsuki
Hagun Academy (Former)
Status Alive
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Bakuga Tsukikage is the current prime minister of Japan and the board chairman of Akatsuki Academy.


Tsukikage is a middle-aged man with a fit body. He also has glasses and a beard.


Tsukikage seems to be a devious man, purposely distorting facts and truths with rumors all to push his plans along. He also seems to be very arrogant as he is assured that Akatsuki academy will trump all who oppose it.

Later it's revealed that he is a man who cares deeply for his country, and is ready to do anything for the well-being of the people of Japan. Despite his controversial goals, he still acts friendly and warm. Tsukikage himself claims that due to his job requiring superficial acting for years, even he doesn't know his own true intentions.


Tsukikage was previously the board chairman of Hagun Academy prior to retiring from that post and becoming a politician where he became the eventual prime minister of Japan. During his time becoming a politician, Tsukikage witnessed the young Ikki training alone in the Kurogane house.

At some point, Tsukikage received a vision of a dark future, where the League of Mage-Knight Nations and Union are driven into a war, which will lead to the destruction of Japan. He told about this vision to only a couple of people, including Edelweiss. In order to prevent the destruction of Japan, Tsukikage made a deal with Rebellion, establishing Akatsuki with the help of his old friend Kouzou Kazamatsuri, which would include members and associates of Rebellion, who would then participate in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc

The Eighth School

Tsukikage reveals himself as the board chairman of the Akatsuki Academy after the attack on Hagun Academy, using his position to allow the Akatsuki Academy to formally entered the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival as the eighth school.

Party Crashers

Tsukikage is seen at a hotel room, talking with his old student and now chairman of his old school Kurono Shinguuji. They discuss what his true intents are and Kurono is able to figure out that Tsukikage wants to separate from the League of Mage-Knight Nations. He leaves the room looking forward to the fight Hagun students will provide for Akatsuki Academy.

A Fresh Bloody Truth

Tsukikage later talks with Ikki, before his semifinal match against Amane Shinomiya. Tsukikage tells Ikki about Amane's past so that Ikki can provoke Amane. He does this so Amane won't withdraw from the Festival, because of his respect for Ikki.

File:LN Vol 8 illustration 11.jpg

Tsukikage and Nene confront each other

Tsukikage's intentions work to a point, as Amane doesn't withdraw, but he is defeated by Ikki. Ouma Kurogane is also defeated in the semi-finals by Stella. This leads to all Akatsuki members being eliminated from the Festival, leading to Tsukikage's plans failing. He later confronts Nene, who had just spoken to Amane. She suggests that Tsukikage actually told Ikki about Amane's past due to wanting to save him, which Tsukikage neither confirms nor denies. Nene also questions if Tsukikage used his ability to find out about Amane's past.

Rising Spirit

Tsukikage is later seen with Rinna, Charlotte, and Sara, who apologize for Akatsuki's failure. Tsukikage, however, says that it's fine, as he will just need to come up with something else, hoping that Rinna and the others will be helping him. Tsukikage also meets with the world's strongest swordsman, Edelweiss, who has come to watch the finals match between Ikki and Stella. Edelweiss explains that there are others who have arrived at the Festival, including an agent from the US.

The Final Match

Tsukikage watches the finals between Ikki and Stella, witnessing Ikki becoming a Desperado and defeating Stella. After the match, Edelweiss notes that Ikki and Stella have the possibility of preventing the dark future Tsukikage has seen.

Vermillion Empire Arc

The Festival Is Over

Tsukikage, along with Nene, Kurono and the fourth ranked in the KOK A-League Ascarid, meet with Ikki and Stella. Tsukikage tells them that with his ability he has seen a vision of the future where Japan is being destroyed if the League of Mage-Knight Nations and the Union go to war. He had planned to break ties with the League of Mage-Knight Nations and join the Union, but the loss of Akatsuki lead to the public being satisfied with the League, and not wanting to split from it. Tsukikage then tells Ikki and Stella that he hopes they can change the future.

A Night of Massacre

Tsukikage appears at the destroyed headquarters of Rebellion and meets Kouzou Kazamatsuri. Tsukikage uses his Device to reveal that Or-Gaule with the help of others had destroyed the headquarters. Tsukikage and Kouzou are then informed that Abraham Carter, the strongest in the Union, is heading to the headquarters with armed helicopters.

Swooping Down Justice

Tsukikage and Kouzou are confronted by Carter and soldiers from PSYON. Carter asks whether or not Tsukikage is an enemy of the world. His status is currently unknown.


Fate Perception: Bakuga's ability as a Blazer allows him to see the fate surrounding the planet, which was kept a secrete the moment it manifested from the League. However, he has noted that this is within the lines of cause and effect meaning that the fate he sees can also be changed. Similar to other Causation Manipulation powers, it is impossible to see the fates involving other Desperado.

Willpower: He has remarkable will, being able to proceed with the goals he has set to protect his homeland and the world from the future he perceived to the point of using Blazers from the Underworld. As a true testament to his mental fortitude, Bakuga endured the attempting brainwashing of Abraham, the strongest among one Adam's clone and a mass-produced Desperado for two days without faltering.


Getten Houjuu (月天宝珠(がってん ほうじゅ) Getten Hōju, lit. "Moon Jewel"): Bakuga's Device, which takes form as a fist-sized crystal ball decorated with golden metal. His Getten Houjuu is able to float around him as he desires and records whatever he sees from the past and future.

  • Past Sight: He is able to perceive the pasts of people and locations based off a defined range.
  • Prophetic Dreams: From time to time, Tsukikage receives prophetic dreams about events that will occur in the future, which is exists on the present line of cause and effect, meaning that the future he sees isn't absolute and it can be changed.


  • His first name means "Tapir Fang", which references a spirit from Chinese, Korean, and Japan that feads on dreams and nightmares.
    • His surname means "Moon Shadow".
  • Since his Blazer ability was kept secret from the rest of the League aside from the Japanese officials, there are a few number of poeple who knows about it.