Big Baby
Big Baby
Gender Male
Age 5
Nickname/s BB
Personal Status
Affiliations Rebellion (former)
Team Cradleland
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Big Baby, also called by his nickname "BB", is a former member of Rebellion, and currently is following Or-Gaule, until he was taken in by the League of Mage-Knight Nations.

Appearance Edit

Big Baby wears a black hooded coat. His size gets altered by his ability.

Personality Edit

Big Baby, being a 5-year-old, is very childish and easily scared. He hates all other adults, except for Or-Gaule, because he lets him do whatever without getting mad. However, after his battle with Ikki, Big Baby seems to begin to consider his choices more.

History Edit

While only being a child, Big Baby was taken from his parents by a terrorist group, most likely due to his power. He was treated coldly there, being subjected to horrible physical alteration to make him a perfect combatant for them. The terrorist group was destroyed by Rebellion, they took Big Baby in instead. Due to their actions, Big Baby began to hate all of them, only liking Or-Gaule, as he always let him do whatever he wanted.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Night of Massacre Edit

Big Baby joins Or-Gaule in his uprising against Rebellion. They, along with Ein Abgrund and Naseem Al-Salem destroy the Rebellion headquarters and kill 8 of the Numbers, one of them being Wallenstein. They then head for Cradleland.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Big Baby later participates in the Battle of Kardia between Cradleland, ruled by Or-Gaule, and Vermillion. Big Baby fights Ikki Kurogane, and almost crushes him. Ikki though is saved by Iris Ascarid, who scares Big Baby away. This makes Big Baby retreat from the battle.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After the announcement of a tournament by Lunaeyes Vermillion and Or-Gaule, Big Baby is chosen as one of the representatives of Cradleland, along with Or-Gaule, Naseem, Ein and Johann, for the tournament.

Imperial War Outbreak Edit

On the day of the tournament, Big Baby and the rest of Team Cradleland face Team Vermillion in the capital of Cradleland, Lucier, where the battle will take place. As the battle starts, Naseem creates a sandstorm that sends everyone, apart from Nene, flying in the air. In the air, Big Baby transforms into his 300-meter tall form and attempts to crush the nearby Ikki. However, Ikki manages to survive by using his jacket as a parachute, to ruin the timing of Big Baby's attack.

As Ikki and Big Baby land on the ground, Ikki declares that he doesn't want to hurt Big Baby, only wanting to teach him to choose his friends better. Big Baby attempts to hit Ikki, but is unable to even touch him, due to Ikki using the unevenness of Big Baby's body to dodge his attacks. Ikki then slashes Big Baby's Achilles tendon, causing him to fall. Ikki then uses his first sword technique, Saigeki, to pierce the thinnest part of Big Baby's skull, causing him to start falling unconscious. Before losing his consciousness, Ikki tells Big Baby that he must think carefully what kind of an adult he wants to be. Big Baby also thinks that Ikki reminds him of a warmth he received before he was taken from his parents. Big Baby then loses consciousness and is taken by the relief squad of the League.

Abilities Edit

Size Alteration: Big Baby's ability as a Blazer is to increase his size at will. Initially, he was shown growing 30 meters tall, but later grew to 300 meters tall.

  • Immense Strength: In his giant form, Big Baby was easily able to crush a helicopter.
  • Immense Durability: In his giant form, Big Baby has greatly enhanced durability.

Device Edit

None. Due to his age, Big Baby hasn't yet manifested a Device.

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