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Blazers: a special being who can manifest one's own soul as armor and control superpowers with one's magical power.
—Ikki Kurogane

Blazer (伐刀者(ブレイザー) Bureizā, lit. "Strike Blade Person") are a special breed of humans born with magic.



In the past, they were first referred to as magicians and witches, Blazers are irregular people found in one-in-a-thousand born with magic, they are able to materialize their soul as a weapon referred to as Devices. The strongest of them could control time such as Kurono Shinguuji using their abilities, which science is unable to explain, even the weakest among them were considered superhuman.

Nowadays, all national militaries and local police force require Blazers, but as a result of the laws referred to as the Mage-Knight System, in which a Blazer would need to graduate from an internationally improved vocational school to receive their license and social status as Mage Knights thus receiving approval to use their abilities.

Though the magic of a Blazer is stated to be fixed at birth and it couldn't be increased no matter their training. It is later stated to be the limit that the world would allow and reaching the full extent of their potential would mean that they couldn't get improve anymore, however, if they were to break those chains would result in them stepping into the domain of a demon.


In order to both evaluate and manage Blazer, their traits are determined and placed among the most appropriate spots among their hierarchical system to maintain balance. As such, things such as their ranks and attributes are fixed and rarely changes unless the situation called for it.

The ranks are determined from six attributes:

  1. Offensive Power
  2. Defensive Power
  3. Mana Quantity
  4. Mana Control
  5. Physical Ability
  6. Luck

Each of the Blazers' attributes is rated from A to F with A is the highest and F is the lowest with Amane Shinomiya who has an S rating in Luck being the exception. These ratings are used to determine whether or not a Blazer will be ranked as either A to F Rank.

C-Rank Blazers and above are considered to be Rare especially an A-Rank. It has been mentioned that there are at least five C-Rank students present among the 250 students and for at least one Mage-Knight Schools in Japan to have even one B-Rank student is considered lucky. B-Rank and A-Rank Blazers are generally considered very talented, as they are born with greater fates. Along with possessing greater magical potential, they are also faster learners.

Known Blazers

A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank
D-Rank E-Rank F-Rank

Unknown Ranks


  • Mundane skills such as martial arts aren't included in the evaluation since they are viewed as being useless against magic and noble arts. As such, normal humans who practice swordsmanship such as Kaito Ayatsuji don't receive recognition for their accomplishments, while Blazers who practice martial arts are rare and are viewed as "oddballs" such as Yuuri Oreki by other Blazers.
  • The League has theorized that the "demons" from ancient times must've been desperados who lost their humanity, which means that Blazers existed for much longer than they initially thought.
  • Blazers are called "Psychics" in the US and "Warriors" in China.