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SeigetsuRan01 SeigetsuRan01 3 July

What If... In the alternate timeline, Shizuya killed The Worst One?

Hello, fans of Rakudai Kishi. I'm SeigetsuRan01 and I'm just passing through in this wiki for telling you all about my painful feeling when I watched the series. This post is not even the first or the last, as this relates to my distressful grudge towards the "(Ultimate) Most Hated Bully Character in All of Anime", Shizuya Kirihara, the so-called "God of Hunters and S-Rank Bullies". However, I am not a fan of the anime or this wiki (TBH), which made me thought that Rakudai was a predecessor to Mushoku Tensei, the other anime with an isekai genre that also gave me the "thumbs down". Right now, I am gonna summarize what I have reacted and feel when watching Rakudai Kishi no Kyabaruryi:

During my late adolescent years, I first saw the series …

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 13 February 2021


|Intesu|lit. "Shadow Iron"}}: Ikki's Device takes form as a raven black katana that has a rectangular tsuba. It is called forth at times whenever using the command: Come Forth, Intetsu

  • |Ittō Shura|lit. "One-Blade Shura"}}: Ikki's initial Noble Art. Through amassing all of his bodies' vigor and stamina as well as ignoring his natural survival instincts, he can bring out his full power, then he further magnifies it using his Doubling Physical Powers thus granting him tremendous power for one minute. Having trained with Edelweiss to improve his magic control, he was able to improve his Ittou Shura, but hasn't yet shown to what degree.
  • |Ittō Rasetsu|lit. "One-Blade Rakshasa"}}: His second Noble Art and an improved version of Ittou Shura, where I…
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Astarothfan Astarothfan 18 October 2017

Volume 13 Spoilers

Ok since volume 13 is out spoilers will be aplenty. So I will copy them all down here so we don't have to continuously look through forums to find them.

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Part 1 summary
  • 3 Part 2 summary
  • 4 Part 3 summary
  • 5 Credit

This is the basic summary for the volume

  1. At the beginning of the war, Naseem's technique causes everyone to be separate from each other and it becomes 1-on-1 fights.
  2. Ikki fights against BB and defeats him using an instant kill.
  3. Stella fights against Johann and won. Johann is back to his old self through Stella's slapping and Luna's persuasion.
  4. Yui fights against Ein and it seems to be a gory fight. At the end of the fight, Yui launches a suicide attack. Yui seems to be alive and Ein's fate is unknown but probably dead.
  5. Iris fights again…

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B214 B214 19 December 2015

Please do not add fiance/e as relatives

Fiance and fiancee are not family and won't be considered as family. Both of them aren't married and being engaged could also mean their engagement might get nullified.

Relatives are mainly restricted to parents, siblings, blood related family members and husband or wife. Fiance and fiancee won't be consider as family.

This is a warning blog. The next individual who adds Ikki and Stella as relatives under fiance/fiancee will be banned for 1 day and will extend with consecutive violation. Thank you.

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B214 B214 6 November 2015

LN spoilers

Be noted this is a spoiler blog so proceed at your own risk.

Ikki's tournament opponent:

1st round: He was up against the previous champion
2nd round: He was up against the previous runner-up, though he won easily
3rd round: He was up against Sara, who is C-rank normally but becomes A-rank when she uses her greatest ability
Semi-final: He was up against Amane, who is A-rank and super lucky
Final: He's going up against Stella

(Spoiler from AP24)

Volume 6

  • In order to beat Ikki, Kuraudo asked to be the Last Samurai's disciple and learnt the Ten'i Muhou counter technique.
  • Kuraudo vs Sara, Kuraudo uses Nitouryuu (dual wielding) in that match and put up a good fight but still lost to Sara who wins with her hax ability.
  • Regarding Amane vs Kiriko, Amane use …
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B214 B214 11 May 2015

Anime Discussion

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B214 B214 20 February 2015

Favorite characters

Well just created a blog for people to discuss their favorite characters for this series. ^__^

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B214 B214 13 September 2014

General discussion

Just simply make a place for random discussion on Rakudai Kishi. Like the title discuss anything you want.

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