Gender Male
Nickname/s Campione
Device Neptune
Personal Status
Affiliations League of Mage-Knight Nations
Status Deceased
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Carlo Bertoni was an Italian Mage-Knight of the League of Mage-Knight Nations and ranked 2nd in the KOK A-League. he is nicknamed "Campione".

Appearance Edit

Carlo was a middle-aged man with a tall and lean figure. He wears a white fedora and a jacket.

Personality Edit

Carlo can be seen as a polite person, as he gave a terrorist like Naseem a respectful greeting and even acknowledged his power. Carlo was also a proud individual because of his power as a blazer. This pride, however, could be seen as arrogance as well, as he believed he could simply overpower Naseem with his own power. When faced with Naseem's monstrous power, he was shown going into a panic.

History Edit

In the previous year's KOK A-League tournament, Carlo was one of the few people capable of defeating Iris Ascarid, as his own ability allowed him to circumvent Ascarid's ability. He also became the 2nd ranked Mage-Knight of the League, finishing behind Arthur Bright.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Fight Under the Moonlight Edit

Carlo arrived at the battle between Naseem Al-Salem and the forces of the League, who resided at the border between Cradleland and Poland. He arrived at the battle later than the rest of the forces, and had stopped Naseem's Noble Art, Mictlan · Tormenta, and wounded his cheek with an attack. He continued to battle Naseem nearly drowning him in the gigantic pool of water he had created in the sky and even punctured Naseem with his ice. Carlo's power should be a natural counter to Naseem's moisture absorption, but Naseem is able to overpower Carlo and his ability with his monstrous power. Seeing Naseem's insane powers, Carlo becomes terrified and panics, while Naseem crushes his skull.

Abilities Edit

Expert Spearmanship: Carlo has shown being capable of using a spear, launching multiple fast thrusts at his enemy.

Water Manipulation: Carlo is said to be the greatest water user in history. His utilization of the ability is very wide-ranged and very dangerous for everything around him. He was shown being able to destroy a sandstorm created by Naseem with a single attack.

  • Ice Manipulation: Carlo has also shown being able to create and manipulate ice, being able to create multiple ice spears.

Device Edit

Neptune: Carlo's Device is an azure colored spear.

  • Shield Arts - Adrian Blue (lit. "Prohibited Technique - the 8th Ocean"): Carlo stabs the ground with his spear, creating a large magic circle around him. A huge amount of water then erupts from the ground, swallowing up everyone in the vicinity. This technique is prohibited by the League.
  • Corno del Narvalo (lit. "Horn of Narwhal"): Carlo wraps his body in bubbles, which allows him to move at very high speeds in the water.
  • Giavelotto di Nettuno (lit. "Javelin of Neptune"): Carlo creates numerous ice spears, that then pierce the opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • Carlo's Device is named after a Roman god of the ocean and water.

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