I am the demise who comes from the distant summit, the one who splits earth and sky with two blades. My name is Twin-Wings Edelweiss. Childish lad, you will learn how wide this world is.
Edelweiss profile pic
Kana エーデルワイス
Romaji Ēderuwaisu
Gender Female
Age Late 20's to Early 30's (she was a teenager 15 years ago)
Nickname/s Twin-Wings
Hair Color White
Eye Color White
Personal Status
Status Alive
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Edelweiss is the strongest swordsman in the world. She is considered to be the worst criminal, whose capture is abandoned due to her monstrous strength.


Edelweiss is a beautiful voluptuous woman. She has a cold ice like stare in her crystal clear blue eyes. She has ice cold, snowy white hair, that is long enough to reach down all the way to the back of her shoulders. Her white hair is also long enough in the front to reach and covers her entire forehead, with her middle bang slanting down to the right, but then shifting slightly to the left as it goes down.
LN Vol 9 illustration 02 Edelweiss in her casual outfit

Edelweiss in regular clothing

During battle, Edelweiss usually wears a dress akin to a bikini with breast plates and a garter belt on her waist with feathers on its side. She also wears a beautiful white crown-like bonnet that has beautiful white feathers coming out of the left and right ends of them. She also wears white shoulder pads, which holds in place a snowy white short cape, that waves in the breeze. Edelweiss also wears a silver necklace around her neck that is sort of shaped like a ribbon in the middle.

Her more ordinary outfit includes a white top and pants, with her hair being loose.


Edelweiss is a calm, cool and collected woman. Despite being a criminal, Edelweiss is very honorable, respectful and gentle. This is all shown during her first appearance when she offered to let Ikki and Shizuku Kurogane live if they chose to not to fight, partly because they were children and because she was in debt to Akatsuki, thus was not there willingly and held no particular interest in Akatsuki's plots.

She has taken an interest in Ikki Kurogane after their first fight. This is out of respect and admiration for his strong, noble will to protect others and his ability to leave a wound on her despite his young age, even more so for being able to see through and replicate her techniques in under a minute. Before leaving, she told Kurono Shinguuji (calling her "World Clock") to tell Ikki to become a worthy opponent for next time they meet.

Edelweiss suffers for not having a reason to fight, despite all of her power. After she protected her country during the Baltic Crisis, Edelweiss became isolated, not knowing what she should do. She thus is still searching for a reason to wield her sword, in other words, her chivalry. Edelweiss also enjoys making sweets.


During her childhood, Edelweiss constantly made sweets, becoming rather overweight. In order to lose weight, Edelweiss started learning swordsmanship from a Japanese man (possibly Ryoma Kurogane) living nearby. She proved to be extremely talented in swordsmanship, becoming one of the most talented swordsmen in the world. 15 years ago, when Estonia was about to become the stage of a war between the League of Mage-Knight Nations and Union, the teenage Edelweiss defeated all of the 30,000 soldiers of the League and Union. This incident became known as the Baltic Crisis. This marked her as the world's most wanted criminal and the world's strongest swordsman. Edelweiss moved to live on top of Edelberg mountain, located over 9,000 meters above sea level.

Edelweiss was also mentioned having been part of an event in the Middle East, during which she likely faced Naseem Al-Salem. At some point Edelweiss introduced Amane Shinomiya to Rebellion, seeing that he didn't want to live on the light side of the world. She also stopped the leader of Rebellion, Tyrant from killing Ouma Kurogane, during their battle. Presumably because of these actions or other ones, she was left in Rebellion's debt, and by extension Akatsuki Academy's. She also was informed of the dark future seen by Bakuga Tsukikage with his ability.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

LN Vol 4 Color Illustration 2 Edelweiss

Edelweiss first appears on top of the Akatsuki building and points her blade at Ikki. Ikki makes Shizuku leave him, recognizing the massive difference in their abilities (citing their encounter as premature by several years at least), and his resulting inability to protect her, barely managing to protect himself. Edelweiss gracefully comes down the building. She is able to easily beat Ikki in swordsmanship, power and speed, even with Ikki activating Ittou Shura. Edelweiss is eventually impressed by Ikki's strong will and decides to take him seriously and decides to kill him. She however fails to do so as he is able to stop her attack, by using Edelweiss' own swordsmanship against her, with Edelweiss later expressing her amazement at the degree to which Ikki was able to see through her technique. Ikki however, does lose consciousness, suffering grievous, but non-fatal wounds as a result of being unable to fully repel her attack, as well as having Intetsu broken.

Edelweiss is then met by an angered Kurono who was about to shoot her guns at Edelweiss but thought better of it. Edelweiss leaves Kurono with a message of wanting to fight Ikki again after he becomes a worthy opponent and then takes her leave, expressing terror for Ikki's sake at the realization that he will likely face Amane Shinomiya at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Rising Spirit Edit

Edelweiss later arrives to the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, where she meets with Bakuga Tsukikage, who is accompanied by Rinna Kazamatsuri, Charlotte Cordé and Sara Bloodlily. Edelweiss explains that she has come to see the final match between Ikki and Stella, noting that the battle is attracting a lot of attention around the world, as there are many other powerful Blazers present. Edelweiss is also interested in Ikki, believing that she will face him again in the future.

Edelweiss also watches the Finals of the Festival, between Ikki and Stella. She explains how Stella's faith is greater than Ikki's, and thus she is stronger than him. Edelweiss is then impressed when Ikki reaches an "awakening" and wins the match. After the battle, Edelweiss tells Tsukikage that Ikki and Stella have the possibility of preventing the dark future he has seen.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

White Summit Edit

Edelweiss later meets with Stella Vermillion, who has come to challenge her, along with Ikki, Ascarid and Yui Tatara, in preparation for the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland. On top of Edelberg, where Edelweiss lives, Stella tries approaching Edelweiss, but she is unable to move and is even damaged, by Edelweiss' aura alone. Edelweiss explains that this aura is the result of being a Desperado, and Stella can only face her by becoming a Desperado herself.

Stella then asks Edelweiss to train her, to which she agrees, on the condition that Stella guards her home for six days. Ascarid warns Stella that Edelweiss' Noble Art, Rule of Grace makes its target unable to break their promise or they die. Despite the warnings though, Stella decides to agree to Edelweiss' condition. Edelweiss also forces Ascarid and Yui to swear that they won't help Stella, while Ikki comes with Edelweiss.

LN Vol 12 illustration 5

Edelweiss with an apple pie.

Intense Cold Trial Edit

After the confrontation with Stella, Edelweiss takes Ikki to her cabin, where she makes him all kinds of sweets. Ikki remarks how delicious her cooking is, with Edelweiss telling that she has enjoyed making sweets since her childhood. After Ikki asks, Edelweiss tells him about her past before becoming the world's strongest swordsman. Ikki then asks Edelweiss to train him in swordsmanship. Edelweiss though mentions that she can't teach Ikki much in swordsmanship, as the gap between their skills is far smaller than Ikki might think. She even mentions that Ikki has begun to make his copy of Edelweiss's swordsmanship his own technique. Edelweiss then says that she could teach Ikki in something he is sorely lacking.

Edelweiss takes Ikki to the peak of the mountain, where Edelweiss tells Ikki that his weakness is his immature and wasteful use of his magic. Edelweiss tells Ikki that if he can remain balanced on the pointed tip of the mountain's peak using just one finger, his magic abilities will increase greatly. Ikki decides to take the challenge, though he initially experiences great difficulty in the task.

The Assassin from Shinryuu Temple Edit

Standing outside of her home, Edelweiss senses a powerful Desperado approaching. This Desperado is revealed to be Fu Xiaoli, one of the Four Sages of Shinryuu Temple. She then heads out, knowing that Stella is going to encounter Xiaoli. When Edelweiss finally does find Xiaoli, she is already fighting Stella. Edelweiss attempts to stop the fight, seeing that Stella is going to lose. However, Ikki then arrives, stopping Edelweiss from interrupting Stella's fight. Edelweiss briefly clashes with Ikki, with Ikki showing his new ability of mana defense and deflecting her attack. Stella eventually defeats Xiaoli and completed her task of protecting Edelweiss's home for six days. Edelweiss then says that Stella can now fight with her. Stella though refuses, wanting to return to Vermillion and Edelweiss respects Stella's decision.

Vermillion's Sword Edit

After Stella and her group leave, Edelweiss is alone, thinking about the state of the world. She theorizes that after the issue with Or-Gaule is resolved, it won't be long before the terrifying vision seen by Bakuga Tsukikage will start to come true. She then leaves her home because she can't let a thing like that happen as it's the responsibility of those with power.


Desperado: Edelweiss is a Desperado, a being that has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado she has far greater magic power than other normal Blazers. Edelweiss is even able to wound or kill others with her aura alone.

Edelweiss' fast slashes

Edelweiss' slashes

Master Swordsmanship: Edelweiss is a tremendously skilled master in dual wielding swordsmanship, as it's her main form of combat and she is renowned as the world's strongest swordswoman. In fact, her swordsmanship skills greatly surpassed even that of Ikki Kurogane who is a master swordsman himself, and she remains superior to him even after he had acquired a version of Edelweiss's swordsmanship. Edelweiss's swordsmanship is immensely fast, her strikes being faster than the eye can perceive. Four of Ikki's Seven Secret Swords Techniques used in their initial fight couldn't even harm her.

  • Speedy Swordplay: Edelweiss' swordsmanship is extremely fast, delivering dozens of strikes in seconds. Edelweiss is able to instantaneously accelerate her slashes from 0 to 100, a fearsome and deadly ability. She was able to overwhelm Ikki even when he was in Ittou Shura during their first fight. The speed can also be used for other purposes than attacks, such as movement, allowing her to move faster than the eye can see.
  • Vacuum Slashes: Edelweiss is capable of using a technique similar to Ayase's Noble Art Mark of the Wind. When Edelweiss slashes, she can leave behind a vacuum in the air, which can cut the opponent.
  • Vibration Attacks: Edelweiss was shown using a technique very similar to Ikki's Dokuga-no-tachi. Like Ikki's technique, Edelweiss' technique is capable of delivering damage to the opponent by sending vibrations through their weapons and armor. Edelweiss was able to even use the ground beneath to opponents feet to send these vibrations.

Immense Strength: Edelweiss possesses a vast amount of physical strength. During her first fight with Ikki, all of her attacks were able to easily overpower his attacks while he was using Ittou Shura. She easily blocked Ikki's Sixth Secret Sword, and in the same manner intended by Ikki's own technique, caused massive injuries to both of his arms. Her leg strength is great enough for her to casually jump down from the top of the Akatsuki Academy safety and back up in a single leap for both.

Immense Speed: Edelweiss possesses amazing levels of speed. She was easily able to keep up with Ikki who was using Ittou Shura and even surpassed him in speed during her first fight with him.

Contract Administration: Edelweiss's ability as a Blazer is to form "contracts". These contracts cannot be broken, as the one who breaks them will be instantly killed, The ability though is not very useful for combat, as remarked by Edelweiss herself.


Edelweiss wielding her Device

Edelweiss wielding her Device

Testament: Edelweiss' Device, which takes the form of a pair of wing-like swords.

  • Rule of Grace (lit. "Flawless Pledge"): Edelweiss' causation manipulation type Noble Art. Any promise made by the one affected by the ability must be kept, or otherwise, they are killed. Though the ability lacks combat effectiveness, its binding power is unrivaled.


  • Edelweiss is likely named after a European flower, mainly met in the Alps.