Nickname/s Great Sage
Personal Status
Affiliations Shinryuu Temple
Status Active
Blazer Status
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Great Sage is the head of Shinryuu Temple and the current "God of War".

Appearance Edit

The appearance of the "Great Sage" is currently unknown.

Personality Edit

The appearance of the "Great Sage" is currently unknown.

History Edit

5 years ago, the "Great Sage" won the God of War League, being the current winner.

The "Great Sage" is also currently chasing Fu Xiaoli, one of the Four Sages, as she escaped from her imprisonment.

Plot Edit

The "Great Sage" is yet to make an appearance.

Abilities Edit

Desperado: The "Great Sage" is a Desperado, a being that has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado, the "Great Sage" has far more magic power than ordinary Blazers.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combat: Though not much is known about the abilities of the "Great Sage" it can be presumed they are very skilled in the martial art of the Shinryuu Temple, Shishou.

  • Kirinkou (lit. "Qilin Achievement"): A secret technique of Shishou, which only the "Great Sage" and Fu Xiaoli are capable of using. It's a breathing technique, that releases the user's full power for a short time.

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