Gender Male
Nickname/s Raging Waves
Device Unnamed Zanbatou
Personal Status
Affiliations Murder Entry
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Guile is the leader of the mercenary group Murder Entry.

Appearance Edit

Guile is a rugged man. He usually rides a motorcycle.

Personality Edit

Guile is very arrogant and violent.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

White Summit Edit

Guile along with the rest of Murder Entry, have arrived to a small village near the Edelberg mountain where Edelweiss lives. Guile wants to kill Edelweiss to gain her title as the world's strongest swordsman. Guile and his mercenary group meet Stella, Ikki, Yui and Ascarid. They almost engage in a conflict, but are stopped by Ranbalt Raab and Yoshikazu Kiba.

Intense Cold Trial Edit

Guile and his group later are driving towards Edelweiss' home. Stella, who is guarding her home, uses Dragon Stomp, destroying the ground beneath them, sending them tumbling down.

Abilities Edit

Great Strength: Guile is a strong individual, being able to wield a large zanbatou.

Device Edit

Unnamed Zanbatou: Guile's Device takes the form of a huge zanbatou.

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