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Hagun Academy was one of seven mage-knight academies in Japan, a school said to span more than ten times the area of Tokyo Dome. Here, young Blazers spent day after day diligently polishing their skills as student knights.
—Ikki Kurogane

Hagun Academy (破軍学園, Hagun Gakuen) is one of the seven Mage-Knight Schools in Japan and the school Ikki attends.


Hagun Academy (Front)

Hagun Academy is one of the seven knight academies located in Japan, spanning an area said to be more than ten times that of Tokyo Dome. Unlike many other academies, Hagun has no intuition fees or other kinds of expenses that the students need to pay, making it ideal for poor students. However, Hagun is also stricter on taking in students, as new students require at least a general level of abilities and capabilities.

Compared to the other six academies, Hagun Academy hasn't produced any strong assets in the past recent years and is on a losing streak in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, a competition sponsored once a year by the seven schools to select the strongest apprentice knight. However, this has recently changed, with two Hagun students, Ikki Kurogane, and Stella Vermillion, making it to the finals of the most recent Festival, which Ikki won.


The third battle arena

  • Battle Arenas: For training purposes, Hagun Academy is equipped with several dome-shaped arenas dotted around Hagun Academy's campus. The interior of each dome included a space for combat with a roughly hundred-meter diameter, with audience seats built on a bowl shape around that space.


First-Year Students
Name Rank Nickname Status
Stella Vermillion A Crimson Princess Alive
Shizuku Kurogane A Lorelei Alive
Kagami Kusakabe Alive
Nagi Arisuin D Black Thorn Alive
Ikki Kurogane F Worst One

Another One

Second Year Students
Ikazuchi Saijou C Destroyer Alive
Renren Tomaru C Runner's High Alive
Shizuya Kirihara C Hunter Alive
Third Year Student
Touka Toudou B Lightning Cutter Alive
Kanata Totokubara B Scharlach Frau Alive
Shigenobu Suga C
Kikyo Hagure C
Ayase Ayatsuji D Alive
Utakata Misogi D Fifty-Fifty Alive
Botan Hagure D Alive
Takeshi Momotani Heavy Tank Alive


Name Rank Nickname Status
Kurono Shinguuji (Director) A World Clock Alive
Nene Saikyo (Teacher) A Yaksha Princess Alive
Yuuri Oreki (Teacher) C Jolly Roger Alive
Bakuga Tsukikage (Director) N/A N/A Retired


  • Hagun (破軍, lit. Army Breaker) comes from the Chinese name of the seventh star of the Big Dipper, Alkaid, which references to the name of the Seven-Stars Sword Festival.