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Hagun Academy Students vs Rebellion
Stella attacks Bishou
Conflict Rebellion's attack
Result Hagun Academy students are victorious
Ikki Kurogane
Stella Vermillion
Nagi Arisuin
Shizuku Kurogane
Darkness Hermit
Judgment Ring
Power and Abilities
Ittou Shura
Empress Dress
Shouha Suiren
Shadow Bind
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Hagun Academy Students are uninjured Bishou is disarmed and captured

Hagun Academy Students vs Rebellion is a battle fought by four Hagun Academy Blazers, Ikki Kurogane, Stella Vermillion, Shizuku Kurogane and Nagi Arisuin, as the go against a group of Rebellion believers, and their apostle, Bishou.


Ikki, Shizuku, Nagi, and Stella all go on an outing together as friends. They enjoy each others company and even go out for some food, before they go to a movie. Ikki and Nagi then split up, leaving Stella and Shizuku by themselves, as Ikki and Nagi go to the bathroom. Ikki and Nagi, are then met with explosions and gunfire, while in the bathroom, from the terrorist cell known as Rebellion.

Ikki and Nagi run, as the believers from Rebellion begin to fire their guns, at innocent bystanders of the mall. Ikki and Nagi stay down low, and are able to hide thanks to Nagi's device, darkness hermit, which allowed them to hide in the shadows. Ikki and Nagi then receive a call, on their student card, from their principal Kurono Shinguuji. She confirms that the Believers have taken hostages, and that they were in fact the group known as Rebellion, a terrorist cell bent on "cleansing" the world of humans, and making it a paradise for blazers only.

Ikki and Nagi then go to the top level of the mall, thanks to Nagi shadow ability once again where they are able to see the hostages. In the hostages Ikki and Nagi see two familiar faces among them, Stella and Shizuku. Ikki and Nagi decide to stay and find the rest of the members of the Rebellion, when suddenly a kid tries to protect his mother, from a believer. The believer becomes angered at the assault and tries to kill the kid, the kid's mother begs for forgiveness but the Believer says that it was of no use.


The believer then proceeds to shoot the mother and child, but they are saved by Stella, who uses her flames manipulation, to block the oncoming bullet from the child. The believers then fire bullets at her, only to have her own flame princess dress, block her from the on coming bullets. Finding out that they had a blazer in their midst the hostages began to try and revolt, to get out of their predicament, but Stella tells them to calm down, not wanting to risk their lives. She then asks the believers for their leader, as she wants to negotiate with him, while thinking that the leader of the believers has to a blazer as well, as well as knowing that there would only be one of them since the group of believers were very small.

The leader of the group, as well as the apostle, comes forward, wearing a robe that only rebellion members who are apostles wear, introducing himself as Bishou. He then turns his attention away from Stella, and turns it to the man who tried to shoot the woman and child, being very angered at his actions. The shooter tried to explain that they had soiled his clothes, but this explaination only proved to anger Bishou as he began to yell at him frustartedly at his actions, knowing if they had started to kill hostages they would loose the only upperhand they had on the police.

While berating the Believer he then gets an idea in his head, to which he acts on by taking a out a gun, and pointing it to the woman and child. When questioned by his actions, he tells Stella that this was the only proper course of action, as the child would not keep quiet. This proved to anger Stella, and she attacks him with her device, only to have realize that she was goaded into it, as Bishou is able to block it with little effort. He then hits Stella in the stomach causing her to be knocked down on to the ground. Bishou then explains, to a confused Stella, that his Device, Judgment Ring, allows him to absorb the attack, and direct back at the attacker.

Bishou then decides that she was a very worthy princess, as she would hesitantly throw herself into the battle and protect the child and woman. He then decides that if she was so willing to do such a thing, then she would have no problem apologizing for the kid herself, by stripping, knowing that Stella could not say no to such a request. Stella accepts the request and disengages her device, making sure the hostages will remain safe, she then strips off her clothes, while doing so she begins to cry, from the shame and embarrassment of showing her bare body in a public area.

Shizuku is able to activate a water barrier which allows Ikki to then jump down from the third story of the mall, and activate his Device's Noble Art, Ittou Shura, and then uses his seventh sword technique, Raikou, to slash off Bishou arms, causing him to be unable to use his Device, ending the battle between the Hagun Academy students and Rebellion.


Bishou is then seen writhing in pain, as he feels the pain of loosing both his arms, but Ikki seems less then remorseful as he was about to kill Bishou, but his actions are stopped by Nagi. Ikki then thanks Nagi for being able to beat all the rest of the believers, but he tells Ikki that he was not the one who did anything, revealing that Stella was the one who saved everyone. Ikki then rushes to Stella comforting her, and apologizing for making her go through the shame of showing her bare body in public.

Shizuku then walks to the latter, and gives Stella back her clothes, and reveals that she looks up to Stella a little bit. Ikki then asks her to use her healing abilities on Bishou, who was about to bleed out, over the fact that his arms are chopped off, but this action is stopped by another member of rebellion, who was actually hiding in the crowd. Bishou then orders that his arms be healed by Shizuku. Seeing no other choice, Shizuku is forced to heal Bishou's arms, only to be interrupted by another blazer, who is able to shoot, and take out Bishou, and his men.

The shooter introduces himself as a student from Hagun Academy, as well as a class mate last year of Ikki, Shizuya Kirihara. Seeing Nagi with the police, Ikki then sits down as he was tired from the event that had transpired, which causes Kirihara to mock Ikki, as he stated that his strength was weak. This causes Stella to be angry, as she believed Ikki to be far stronger then Kirihara, but this only seemed to make Kirihara laugh. He then tells Stella that Ikki was a coward, and ran away from a fight he and Ikki had. Stella does not care and still proceeds to defend Ikki, giving Kirihara an idea of a little wager. He then tells Ikki to turn on his student notepad which Ikki does, only to show that his first opponent was none other then Kirihara. He then tells about the wager, that if Ikki is able to beat him, Kirihara would apologize, but if Ikki looses to him, Stella would become his girlfriend. Although Ikki initially disagrees with it, Stella speaks up louder and agrees to the wager. Kirihara then leaves, and Stella turns to Ikki, hoping to a confident Ikki only to see a worried and scared Ikki instead.

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