Ikazuchi Saijou
Kana 砕城雷
Romaji Saijou Ikazuchi
Gender Male
Age 16
Nickname/s Destroyer
Device Zanbatou
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical C
Luck D
Offense A
Defense D
Magic Cap D
Magic Ctl E
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Ryouta Takeuchi (Japanese)
Jack Ivy (English)

IKazuchi Saijou is the secretary of the student council of Hagun Academy.


A bald guy of average height with a masculine face. Ikazuchi has a very muscular build, and a very masculine figure, possibly do to the fact that he needs massive strength in order to even use his blazer ability.

He is usually dressed in the Hagun Academy uniform, and has been seen wearing bandages on his waist, possibly do to the intensive training he does physically.


Saijou has shown to be a very kind and wise person.


Little is known about Saijou's history, other then the fact that he joined the student council before the start of the series.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Debut Battle Edit

Saijou is seen with the other members of student council talking to Nene Saikyo, talking about Ikki's victory over Shizuya Kirihara.

Disciple, Encounter and Betrayal Edit

Saijou's defeat at the hands of Stella

Saijou defeated by Stella.

Saijou fought against Stella in her ninth Selection Battle. He used his full strength but was easily overwhelmed by Stella's strength, and was eventually sent flying, loosing the match in the process.

Lorelei vs Raikiri Edit

Saijou is next seen in the messy student council room, when Touka had brought over Ikki and Stella for tea. He, Utakata, Renren, and Touka quickly clean up the room, and Stella and Ikki are invited in. Saijou then thinks Touka brought Stella and Ikki for the job, which eventually leads to Kanata, who had just walked in, explaining they were having troubles with a giant, at Okutama mountain, and Ikki and Stella agree to help them.

Incident of Okutama Edit

The student council, as well as Ikki and Stella, then go to Okutama, and Saijou is eventually paired with Renren, to walk around the area. Everyone eventually reunites at the lodge, where Akaza announces that Ikki and Stella's relationship had been publicized, and demanded Ikki to come with him.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Saijou is seen among one of the supporters for Ikki during his match against Touka Toudou, encouraging him.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Upon arrival the students find that the academy is destroyed finding the people who destroyed Hagun, Akatsuki Academy, on top of the building. Saijou, as well as everyone else, was able to defeat the Akatsuki members, thanks to Nagi. However, they are later revealed to be dolls made by one of the Akatsuki members. After Ikki, Shizuku, Nagi, Stella and the Hagure sisters leave the scene Saijou and the other members of the student council take on the Akatsuki Academy students. They are easily over powered and knocked unconscious by one of the members. Saijou later recovers after the Akatsuki flee.

Rising Spirit Edit

Saijou arrives, along with the other members of the student council, to the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, to watch the finals of the Festival, between Ikki and Stella. Saijou argues with Renren about who will win the battle, he himself believing that Stella will win. Utakata stops their arguing, demanding that they move to a less warm place.

The End of the Festival Edit

He watches the final match together with the rest of the student council. He later attends the awards ceremony and the celebration party at Moroboshi's restaurant after Ikki won.


Accumulation of Power of Slashes: Saijou's ability as a Blazer, revolving his blade. Saijou can make his Device heavier with every slash, to increase its attack force.

Great Strength: Saijou possess considerable strength being able to wield the heavy Zanbatou.


Saijou destroying the golems

Saijou with his Device.

Zanbatou (斬馬刀, lit. "Horse Killing Sword"): Saijou's Device. It takes a form of a zanbatou.

  • Crecendo Axe (クレッシェンドアクス Kuresshendo Akusu): Saijou's Noble Art, by having Zanbatou accumulate the power of slashes, Saijou can release the accumulated slashes by increasing the weight and attack force of his Device.


  • Saijou was initially ranked fourth strongest among Hagun Academy students.
  • Saijou's family are a lineage of doctors.