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Here, with my greatest weakness, I'll defeat your greatest strength!
—Ikki Kurogane's catchphrase
Ikki Kurogane
Ikki profile pic.png
Kana 黒鉄一輝
Romaji Kurogane Ikki
Gender Male
Age 16
Nickname/s Worst OneFailure Knight
Uncrowned Sword KingAnother One
Kuro-bou (Nene)
Seven Stars Sword King
The Heir of Ryouma
Sword God
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Device Intetsu
Personal Status
Relatives Ryouma Kurogane (Great-grandfather) †
Genma Kurogane (Grandfather)
Itsuki Kurogane (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Ouma Kurogane (Older Brother)
Shizuku Kurogane (Younger Sister)
Stella Vermillion (Fiancée)
Affiliations Kurogane Family
Hagun Academy
Team Hagun (Captain)
Team Vermillion
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking F-Rank
Physical A
Luck F
Offense F
Defense F
Magic Cap F
Magic Ctl E
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese)
Clint Bickham (English)
Tiffany Grant (English) (Young Ikki)

Ikki Kurogane is the primary male protagonist of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan. Despite him hailing from a well-respected household that has produced superior Blazers for generations, he was labeled as a failure, even for an F-Rank and born with a useless power becoming known as the Worst One. After leaving home to pursue his dreams, entering Hagun Academy, but he was forced to repeat a year due to the previous staff and the intervention of the Kurogane Household.

After Kurono Shinguuji took the position as the Director and fired all the other staff involved in it, Ikki was promised that if he were to win the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, then she would allow him to graduate. In the finals, Ikki became one of the three Desperados of Japan and became the current Seven Stars Sword King. He also participated in the tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland as a part of Team Vermillion.


There was beauty and kindness in your face, yet one could also clearly see strength within that straight-backed, clean-cut figure… and to add on to that, a robust musculature, honed and trained to unblemished perfection, it's just wonderful. You are, without a doubt, my ideal man.
Sara Bloodlily's explanation of Ikki [1]

Ikki is a young man of average height with spiky black hair and gray eyes. He is described as having a lean but well-built toned physique and cute face, which makes him popular with both younger girls and even older ladies. Both his physical features and gentle looks are one of the reasons why Sara wanted him to be her nude model. Ikki also bears a strong resemblance to both his father and older brother.

There have been situations where Ikki has worn several clothes in the series based on the time or event, he is mostly seen dressed in the standard uniform for Hagun Academy.

After dying at the hands of Or-Gaule and being revived by Shizuku using Aoiro Sekai, Ikki returned to the appearance of a ten-year-old and as such has the physical features and abilities of a child.


Despite his harsh childhood, Ikki has shown to be a strong-willed and noble young man with a caring personality, which has been shown throughout the series as he when he helped others like his classmates improve on all of their abilities with their devices despite everyone prior treating him like a failure. This caused those who met him personally (even for a minute) to question the false rumors Mamoru Akaza spread about Ikki's, having found him to be very kind and polite. This holds true for those struggling to become better on their own, as he understands what a hard road it was. Though Nagi stated this is can also a bad thing since Ikki was too used to being hurt that he wouldn't be able to hear the screams of his own heart, a fact proven before his fight against Kirihara after he had a panic attack and during when Ikki couldn't see through the situation first.

Despite his calming nature, Ikki can lose his temper after witnessing Bishou forcing Stella to strip in front of them to rescue the hostages. He won't even hesitate to maim enemies as he cut off Bishou's arm using Raikou and he was close to wounding Kirihara, but he intentionally missed by 1 millimetre, just to prove that he could maim If the situation called for it, Ikki wouldn't hesitate to kill his enemies as he was forced to kill Iris Ascarid, albeit he did feel bad since she was both a friend and comrade, while understanding that he didn't have a choice.

Ikki is shown to be quite calm in even the most arduous of the situation, as seen when he stayed calm the entire encounter with Kuraudo even brushing off the fact that he was hit with a bottle, trying to avoid the fight even after he was spat on. He can also be cold in battle and doesn't mind enjoying a heated battle with a strong opponent, which is shown several times in the Selection Matches and Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

When it comes to dealing with women of his age and the whole academy in general Ikki is clumsy because Ikki has no prior experience with them outside of respect towards a superior or as a knight. This is shown when he confronts Stella on that subject. Due to his years of being discriminated against for being an F-Rank, Ikki is not entirely used to his sudden rise in popularity and often doesn't know how to best deal with his many female fans.

Despite situations implying otherwise, he is not very perverted. He usually tries his hardest to show restraint and respect to the woman who acts lecherously around him, such as Stella and Shizuku. He also chose not to have sex with Stella in the log cabin they were staying, even though she suggested it, knowing he needed her family's approval first.


Desperado: During the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Finals, Ikki achieved Brute Soul, becoming a desperado, a being who broke the chains of fate. As such, he can increase his magic from training, a feat no normal Blazer is capable of doing. Ikki also has an "attractive force", which enables him to force upon the fate that he desires; just releasing intimidation, he can cause death if they don't put their focus on him. In his fight with Iris, he influenced the causation of "killing" and could cut through her Orichalcos using Oikage.

Doubling Physical Power: Ikki's Blazer ability, as apart of Body Enhancement. Using it, he is able to double his physical abilities, but this has been viewed as useless as an average Blazer could enhance their physical abilities from 5 to 6 times using magic power alone. However, through both his superhuman body control and ignoring his survival instincts, Issei developed Ittou Shura, then Ittou Rasetsu.

Magic Power: Among F-Rank Blazers, Ikki's magic power is the lowest among them, however, he makes up for it through precise magic control enough to create two Noble Arts. However, his awakening allowed him to raise it passed its upper limit enough to use Ittou Rasetsu after Ittou Shura.

Immense Strength: Having undergone a rigorous training regimen to make up for his low magic, Ikki attained an exceptional physical condition that granted him an A in Physical Attributes. Most of the time, he applies this to his sword letting him counter most attacks from other stronger Blazers. Since Ikki is able to ignore his body's survival instincts, he can draw out incredible strength, defeating Sirius in arm wrestling with no effort, despite the former's arm being twice that of his.

Immense Speed: Due to constant training, Ikki has remarkable speed and reflexes to match, being able to react to, dodge and counter fast Noble Arts, Blazers, bullets, etc. After stealing the Twin Wings Style, his speed and reflexes have been honed to where even the Yuudai couldn't see him despite hearing Ikki move.

Immense Stamina: Ikki has incredible stamina and endurance above that of normal people such as Stella, being able to continue fighting despite his injuries. He could endure Yuuri's Violet Pain sharing her sickness with others, which downed both Selection Candidates and trained Guards without resistance. Ikki can handle his inquiries that lasted for hours through the course of weeks while being fed poisoned food bars without much water, but was still able to make it to his match against Touka and used Ittou Rasetsu.

Master Martial Artist: To make up for his low mana, Ikki mastered various martial arts, his most preferred form is swordsmanship. He is, if not, one of the most prominent martial artists in the world, all the styles he learned from sheer observing famous swordmasters such as Kaito Ayatsuji, challenging dojos, and researching ancient sword styles, which aren't taught anymore in modern times from libraries and museums.[2] He was capable of defeating five Blazers armed with their varied Devices unarmed with multiple methods, while holding back, but shocking all his classmates.

  • Ukemi: Ikki mastered Ukemi, letting him receive powerful blows from his opponents, then disperse the force using his body unarmed.
  • Master Swordsman: Ikki is an incredible self-taught swordmaster, learning one-hundred and twenty-six sword styles, including the Imperial Sword Style. Despite being the weakest F-Rank, he has proven to be capable of fighting against Blazers who should outclass him under normal circumstances such as Stella, a genius A-Rank, who honed her swordsmanship too. As a testament to his prominence as a swordsman, Ikki earned praise from the God of War and Twin Wings, the former had noted he surpassed the Samurai Ryouma. His swordsmanship was further cultivated from learning Edelweiss' swordsmanship, which Ikki started adapting to match his one-sword style, letting him fight and defeat the Black Knight, becoming known as the Sword God.
    • Seven Secret Swords: Ikki's seven original sword techniques, a series of seven superhuman techniques that required Ittou Shura. However, upon learning Twin Wings Style, he evoled to the point of not needing it and improved them.
    • Mutou Dori (()(とう)() Mutō Dori, lit. "Weaponless Catch"): Among the Yagyuu-ryuu, where he uses his fingers and wrist to catch his opponent's weapon and snatch it from them.
    • Ten'i Muhou ((てん)衣無(いむ)(ほう) Ten'i Muhō, lit. "Heaven Clad Null Shroud"): Ikki learned the ultimate move of the Ayatsuji Ittou-ryuu, in which the user counters the opponent's attack with minimal movements. Ikki used an imperfect version of this move on Kuraudo.
    • Tsunoou (角王(つのわう) Tsunoō, lit. "Horn King"): A unison technique between him and Stella, where Ikki runs, then jumps onto Lævateinn; at the same time she swings, he propels forward using Saigeki, focusing their combined strength, yielding greater offensive power than normal. Despite being a perfect union attack, their names are different as Stella named it Harmonic Bullet.
    • Amatsu Raikou ((あま)()雷光(らいこう) Amatsu Raikō, lit. "Heavenly Lightning"): An evolved version of Amatsukaze, combined with Raikou, where Ikki launches a continuous barrage of 108 slashes, upon reaching the 90th, the rest of the slashes are delivered in one beat akin to lightning roaring through the skies, something that Iris couldn't counter.
  • Weapon Specialist: Because his martial arts training, Ikki has became skilled in wielding weapons such as kodachi, spears, bow n' arrows to where he could teach those skills to others.
  • Trackless Step (()(あし) Nukiashi, lit. "Without Foot"): He can combine breath control and footwork, letting him slip into his opponent's unconsciousness, making his movements difficult to perceive until it's too late to avoid. Ikki can use this to weave through an entire crowd reading their blindspots undetected, impressing a trained assassin. He can mix Trackless Step and normal footwork against the Necro Battalion messing up their aim, a feat that Nangou and Nene can perform.

Master Marksman: Ikki has incredible aim, firing off small items such as an eraser, bouncing it off the ceiling and wedged it in-between Manabe's Gun Device's hammer and percussion cap to keep it from firing; kicking a lipstick tube knocking a knife from a man's hand; and kicked a small rock into Narukami's scabbard keeping Touka from performing her Raikiri.

Keen Intellect: Ikki is highly knowledgeable and able to pick up on a lot of details even in the midst of battle. He knows a lot about the inner workings and strong points of the human body, letting him improve Ayase's stance so she can use her feminine build to improve her Ayatsuji Ittou-ryuu. Ikki can also figure out most opponents' fighting styles, abilities, and strengths after fighting against them: figuring out Kuraudo's Marginal Counter, the Trackless Step, and even the rare causation manipulation of Amane. In battle, he tries to outsmart his opponents, which is highlighted as he was able to defeat Iris Ascarid, the 4th Ranked Blazer without being in danger.

Insight: As a result of being neglected over the years, Ikki has mastered the skills to see through his opponent's techniques by observation. He can read his opponent's next move, simply through their muscle movement. Ikki's insight has even allowed him to properly sense how dangerous someone really is on the first meeting, being able to tell that Amane Shinomiya was more dangerous than he appeared, something few others notice.[3]

  • Perfect Vision (完全掌握(パーフェクト・ヴィジョン) Pāfekuto Vijon, lit. "Perfect Grasp"): Ikki is able to completely see through his opponents through grasping their fighting styles using his incredible insight to grasp their personalities and tendencies. Using this, it is possible for him to figure out their thought process and predict their moves in advance. It's as though Ikki is able to see everything about the person in question.[4]
  • Blade Steal (模倣剣技(ブレード・スチール) Burēdo Suchīru, lit. "Imitation Sword Technique"): Derived from Perfect Vision, Ikki is able to use his great insight to analyze and steal his opponent's techniques, then he improves by using his swordsmanship.[5] He is able to grasp most styles or techniques after a minute and seconds to surpass it, it isn't limited to swords styles, but it applies to others. Once he understands the style, he is shown to be able to grasp their deepest secrets, it is possible to even reproduce their advanced techniques as shown when he learned Ten'i Muhou through training with Ayase despite not seeing it before.[6]

Body Supremacy: During his rigorous training, Ikki learned to control his body at will, letting him perform various such such as his sense, turning off his color acuity to augment his motion perception. This also became the basis for his Secret Swords, Ittou Shura, and Ittou Rasetsu. After stealing the Twin Wings Style, his body control became sharper to where Ikki could manually make his heart beat. Upon warming up for the finals, his acuity has been strengthened to where he could see the hair strands on Stella's cheeks, feel and count the dust on his skin, understand all his muscle fibers, and feel his blood flow.

Mana Control: Edelweiss praised him for his perfect mana control, letting him use Ittou Shura and controlling his mana emission,[7] which rivaled Shizuku in precision. His training on Edelberg let Ikki improved his method of using it, allowing him to use mana defense to block one of Edelweiss' Testament. As such, this allowed him to improve Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu; focusing the latter's power at the most required parts, while pouring all the excess power into Intetsu, removing the normal backlash. In his ten-year-old form, concentrating magic power inside of Intetsu lets Ikki create a thin blade that can cut through Union soldiers' special fibers and EDY's armor, where he wouldn't be strong enough to do it.


Ikki materializing Intetsu

Intetsu (陰鉄(いんてつ) Intesu, lit. "Shadow Iron"): Ikki's Device takes form as a raven black katana that has a rectangular tsuba. It is called forth at times whenever using the command: Come Forth, Intetsu.

  • Ittou Shura (一刀修(いっとうしゅ)() Ittō Shura, lit. "One-Blade Shura"): Ikki's initial Noble Art. Through amassing all of his bodies' vigor and stamina as well as ignoring his natural survival instincts, he can bring out his full power, then he further magnifies it using his Doubling Physical Powers thus granting him tremendous power for one minute. Having trained with Edelweiss to improve his magic control, he was able to improve his Ittou Shura, but hasn't yet shown to what degree.
  • Ittou Rasetsu (一刀(いっとう)()(せつ) Ittō Rasetsu, lit. "One-Blade Rakshasa"): His second Noble Art and an improved version of Ittou Shura, where Ikki shuts down all his five senses and his bodily functions, mustering all his strength for one second instead of one minute boosting his power a hundred-fold, but this can be used for one swing. Ittou Rasetsu puts a heavier burden on him than Ittou Shura forcing him to remain in bed for a week after using it for the first time. Having improved his magic control, Ikki could concentrate the power granted to the parts needed, the excess power was focused on Intetsu removing the severe side effects.
  • Ikkaku (剣鯨(イッカク) Ikkaku, lit. "Sword Whale"): This is a Noble Art, which belonged to Ryouma Kurogane, which Shizuku and Ikki could use when merged together, where the latter freezes the target the moment the tip of the sword touches the target, then the piercing strike would break the frozen target.
  • Kachiwari (() lit. "Frozen Slash"): This is a Noble Art that has the same principle as "Ikkaku", but it instead freezes and slashes its target.


  • His given name (一輝) means "One Gleam". A name that Ikki interprets as the true words his father wanted to say, However, limited you are, may you shine brighter than any other. Despite him knowing about his low magic power from birth.
    • Like the Kurogane Family, his surname means "Black Iron". This is also a reference to the fact that Intetsu is a black blade.
  • In the anime, it is called forth by Ikki by using the command phrase: Come to me, Intestsu after striking his left palm with his right fist and pulling out the sword as if it came out of his left hand.
  • Throughout the series, Ikki is most known for his lines, which beings with With my…weakness… I'll… based on the situation before facing a superior opponent. Humorlessly, Ikki was deeply embarrassed when Amane Shinomiya quoted him on this.
  • Ikki could be considered a Hybrid Martial Artist, because of him learning over one hundred and twenty-six different martial art styles and different techniques, then accumulating them into his own self-taught one.
  • Ikki does not like sweet foods.
  • Ikki isn't that good with technology, and, as a result, he didn't realize how popular he became after his mock battle with Stella, which was shared all over the Internet.
  • Ikki is often referred to as "Senpai" by his classmates (especially by the female students) since if he wasn't forced to repeat a year, then he would have been a second-year.
  • In Volume 1, Ikki said that to become stronger despite his weak magic declared that he had no other option, but to become a Demon (Shura and Rasetsu), both of which are demonic beings who surpasses humankind that has become the foundation for his Noble Arts. It is ironic as Ikki becoming a Desperado means that he exits right in-between the borders of being a human and demon, which surpasses being humans.
  • Befitting his F-Rank, Ikki has shown to have terrible luck, as shown when he had to fight Shizuya Kirihara in the first round of the Selection Battle Arc; the World's Strongest Swordsman, Edelweiss during the attack of Akatsuki Academy; the previous Seven Stars Sword King, Yuudai Moroboshi; and against the former fourth rank, Iris Ascarid who was close to the Top in the World.
  • Kurono had hinted that through the harshest struggles, Ikki has achieved a kind of enlightenment, which has granted him true harmonization of mind, body, and weapon. As such, Ikki is able to cut down enemies faster than his thoughts to form and his body was able to react to his surroundings without conscious will. This lets Ikki fix himself after Nameless Glory had attempted to make him fail.[8]
  • Ikki is the only F-Ranked Desperado in the series.
  • Ikki is the second Desperado to die then come back to life, the first one being Or-Gaule and the third being Tendou Harima.