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Ikki Kurogane vs Kuraudo Kurashiki
LN Vol 2 Illustration 12 Ikki vs Kuraudo
Conflict Dojo duel
Result Ikki is victorious
Ikki Kurogane Kuraudo Kurashiki
Intetsu Orochimaru
Power and Abilities
Ten'i Muhou Jakkojin
Marginal Counter
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Ikki is heavily injured Kuraudo is heavily injured

Ikki Kurogane vs Kuraudo Kurashiki is a dojo duel, between Ikki Kurogane and Kuraudo Kurashiki, for the ownership of the Ayatsuji dojo.


Ikki, after beating Ayase, find out what had caused his friend, Ayase, so much pain. She had told him about how her father, Kaito, had lost the dojo to Kuraudo, and how she had tried to take it back only to be made fun of and laughed at, as she was beaten down every time by Kuraudo. Ikki then takes it upon himself to challenge Kuraudo to a duel, in her stead, to try and regain ownership, of the Ayatsuji dojo.

Ikki, after training all night for his upcoming duel with Kuraudo, then take Stella with him, as he follows Ayase to the dojo. After going there, they find some guards on the outside of the dojo. Ikki tries to reason with them, to let the group through, but is unsuccessful, as the guards remembered him from the restaurant. The guards then decide to only let them through, only if Ikki is able to beat them in a fight. Ikki agrees to it, and is able to defeat them without much effort on his part, even though they were using devices and he was not.

Kuraudo is then seen, thinking about selling the dojo, as he has gotten bored of it, when a member of Donrou Academy interrupts his train of thought to tell him of some news. The member tells him that the person from the restaurant, Ikki, had actually beaten an A-rank knight, Stella Vermillion. Kuruado, now interested in Ikki, decides to go out and challenge him to a fight, pondering how to force him to agree, but he is soon interrupted by the burst of the door, as it opens to reveal Ikki and company.

Ikki now seeing Kuraudo throws a wooden sword, from his bag, and challenges Kuraudo to a duel. Kuraudo tells Ikki that the only way to face him in a duel, was to fight all of the members of the dojo. As Ikki had no choice, as Kuraudo was the master of the dojo, he decides to take Kuraudo's offer. Kuraudo then tries call his men, through his student handbook, only to find all of the students, including the one he just called, had been beaten and dumped out in front of him, from Ikki's bag.

Kuraudo's men, being angered what they had witnessed, tried to attack Ikki, by pulling out there Devices and ambushing him. This however is stopped by Kuraudo himself, who figured out that they would be useless against a man as skilled as Ikki. He then decides to change the duel in a fight, with Devices instead of wooden swords, and instead of only landing two hits to win, it was to however died first. Ikki agrees to the term, and they both pull out their Devices, and the match begins.


Kuruado is the first to attack, and uses his extreme speed, to shorten the distance within a few seconds of the beginning of the match. He then uses his Device, Orochimaru, to attack Ikki who is able to block Kuraudo. Ikki then counters Kuraudo, but it fails, as Kuraudo is able to stop it with relative ease. Ikki gets an idea in his head, and becomes fearful if this idea had actually been true. He is then pushed back, with one hand.

Kuraudo then extends Orochimaru, and it goes after Ikki, like a snake. Ikki blocks the attack, but finds that Kuraudo had shrunk, and then re-extended it to get close enough to Ikki, and slash him with the whip like Orochimaru. Kuraudo then swings his sword again and again at Ikki, but Ikki is able to lean forward and escape the onslaught of Kuraudo. Orochimaru tries to follow Ikki, but Ikki was able to dodge and go after Kuraudo. This however proved ineffective as Orochimaru had turned right around, and attacked Ikki from behind, as if having a mind of its own.

Ikki is able to side step it, and get in close to Kuraudo, only to have Kuraudo disappear, and reappear, nearly taking off Ikki's head with Orochimaru, but is blocked by Ikki who is able to block it with Intetsu. Ikki then reveals, what has been his thought through out the entire match, and that was that Kuraudo had beyond super human reaction time. This allowed Kuraudo to move as he did, and dodge, while having so many mistakes in his form.

Kuraudo then activated Hebigami, which allowed him to speed up Orochimaru's attack, making it look as though two blades, were coming from the left and right side of him. Ikki is able to block the right and the left, by using a short sword technique. Kuraudo then ups Orochimaru's speed to the point where it looks as though four heads are coming from it.

Ayase becomes worried for Ikki's safety, and begs Stella to stop the match. Stella refuses, and Ayase then sees a smile on Ikki's face. Ikki tells Ayase that Kaito hadn't gone down in regret of loosing the dojo, but loosing, after someone worked so hard to fight against him. He was upset at the fact that he had lost.

Ikki continues to block Kuraudo, who is now showing sign of fatigue. Kuraudo had realized that they were fighting at Ikki's pace, instead of his own like he had wanted. Ayase was happy to see that, but she then finds that Ikki was also tired from just defending. Ikki then decides to end the match with Kuraudo with one final move. Kuraudo understanding Ikki's thoughts, decides to do the same. Kuraudo then unleashes his ultimate technique, which causes Orochimaru to looks so fast that it looked like eight heads were coming after him. Ikki uses a technique he had not been seen using before, which is revealed to be the last samurai's final technique. Although Kuraudo was more then able to dodge it, he decides to find out what would have happened all those years ago, and take the hit on.

The end result of the collision was Kuraudo having been slashed right on the chest area. His blood spills, but Kuraudo does not fall to his knees. Kuraudo then decides to leave, and tells Ikki that he can have the dojo, effectively ending the match, with Ikki's victory over the sword eater, Kuraudo.


Kuraudo leaves the dojo, and is heard by Ikki, in the distance to have fallen, and did not fall while in the dojo, because he didn't want to show weakness to his opponent. Ikki then gives the Dojo, back to its rightful owner Ayase Ayatsuji, and her father Kaito Ayatsuji.

Two days later Ayase admits to cheating during her match with Ikki, and was banned from the competition this year. She was nearly expelled, but luckily Yuuri saved her from such a fate. Ayase also calls Ikki, and Kaito, who had just woken up from a two year coma, and talks with Ikki, wanting him to marry his daughter, embarrassing Ayase. Ayase then removes him off the phone, and thanks Ikki for all of his help.

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