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Ikki Kurogane vs Manabe & 4 Freshmen
Ikki faces off against a group of freshmen
Conflict Confrontation in the classroom
Result Ikki Kurogane wins
Ikki Kurogane Manabe
4 Freshmen unnamed
Intetsu 5 unnamed Devices
Power and Abilities
None None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Ikki Kurogane uninjured Manabe is scared
4 Freshmen are uninjured

Ikki Kurogane vs Manabe & 4 Freshmen is a minor fight between the failure knight Ikki Kurogane, and five up upcoming freshmen, who don't really think much of Ikki, going as far as to call his own win against Stella a fluke.


Ikki Kurogane, is excited about his sister coming to Hagun Academy, as he hasn't seen her since he was eight. He then enters, with Stella, into their home room where Yuuri Oreki, their teacher, addresses the freshmen, and Ikki. She then coughs up blood, and is escorted to the nurse by Ikki.

Ikki returns to his homeroom where he is greeted with a hug, by Kagami, who is a big fan of his for his match against Stella. Ikki finds out that she is not the only one, as he is then surrounded by girls, who are envious of his victory over the A-rank Stella. Kagami then tells Ikki that she wants to make a school News paper for Hagun Academy and that she wants to make Ikki's match the school's first news article. She then seductively asks Ikki to tell her all about himself, to which Ikki blushes.

They are then interrupted by Manabe and some of the other Freshmen. Manabe called Ikki's win a fluke, or that he must have cheated in order to beat him. Ikki takes offense to this not because of Manabe statements on him, but the fact that Stella might be angered by these comments. Manabe then decides to fight "train" with Ikki, as four freshmen draw out their devices.


The battle begins and the Freshmen surrounds Ikki. Kagami states that it was against school rules to deploy their devices without consent, but Manabe and his gang brushed it off. Kagami then tells Ikki that she would testify for his innocence if he deploys his device, although Ikki state that there would be no need, as he takes a stance ready to fight the freshmen.

Ikki then concentrates on the contingencies of the freshmen's movement, stating that doing so would make their movements, as dull as in distilled water. He then figures out the one with the Katana is the fastest so he would strike first, and he was correct as the freshmen tries to slash Ikki, Ikki is able to block his katana, and bat it to the side. The Katana wielder is then tripped by Ikki, and falls on to one of the other freshmen, knocking them both out of the fight simultaneously.

Ikki is then attacked by two other freshmen, with axes, and had helms on, simultaneously. Ikki, though, is able to duck underneath their devices, causing them to clash with each other. The impact of the devices clashing into each other was so great that it damaged their hands, causing to be unable to hold on to their weapons, as their arms had gone limp from the shock of the clashing of their devices.

Ikki then turns his attention, towards the leader of the gang, Manabe. Manabe shocked at what he had just witnessed hesitates a moment, before pulling out his device, a large caliber revolver. He then tries to fire his gun, but Ikki was far quicker then him, as he grabs an eraser from atop a desk, and flipped it up the ceiling. The rubber from the eraser, the bounces from the ceiling and wedged it self in to the space between the gun's hammer and its percussion cap. Manabe device had become useless.

Manabe now understanding his situation, lets out a voiceless scream, in terror of his opponents strength. Ikki then, moving very fast, is able to get right in front of him, and clap his hands together. Manabe then falls backwards scared of what would happen to him. Ikki then stands straight and tells the freshmen that they should get along since they were going to be classmates for the year. Manabe nods vigorously in agreement, and the battle concludes.


Ikki is then stunned at the cold silence in the classroom. Stella then tells him it was to be expected as he had just taken down five blazers, who were using their own devices, single-handed, without his device. Manabe is pale as a ghost as he still can not believe at what happened. The class then hears clapping, as they turn around to see a petite young white haired girl. She then calls Ikki her older brother, and Ikki is surprised as he sees the new Shizuku.

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