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Ikki Kurogane vs Shizuya Kirihara
Ikki's match with Kirihara is about to begin
Conflict Selection Match
Result Ikki Kurogane is victorious
Ikki Kurogane Shizuya Kirihara
Intetsu Orborotsuki
Power and Abilities
Ittou Shura Area Invisibility
Million Rain
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Ikki is heavily injured Kirihara is uninjured

Ikki Kurogane vs Shizuya Kirihara is a preliminary match fought between two Hagun Academy students, Ikki Kurogane and Shizuya Kirihara.


Ikki Kurogane had woken up from a dream he was having about his first year at Hagun Academy, and painful history with Kirihara, who was revealed to be a bully to Ikki. It is revealed during Ikki's freshmen year at Hagun Academy, Ikki was already a social pariah, as many horrible rumors were started about him, which Kirihara had done himself. This only worsen when Kirihara, had approached Ikki for the first time, with mind set of getting Ikki into trouble.

During the conversation, Kirihara had continuously mocked Ikki, and kept on goading him to attack. These tricks, however didn't work as Ikki calmly kept his composure. Due to this reaction, knowing Ikki would not fight him, Kirihara had decided, to pull out his device trying to make Ikki draw his. This still didn't work as Ikki decides to walk away from it. Kirihara did not care though that Ikki had not drawn his device, and had decided to fire arrows at him anyways, while he was walking away. Knowing if he fought he would surely be kicked out, Ikki had taken the hits to the back.

Ikki, present time, is then seen inside the battle arena, hours before his match with Kirihara. He decides to go ahead and go to the locker room, instead of watching the matches. He then enters the Hagun academy locker room, after registering, and sits down. Ikki was very nervous, so nervous that he could not even drink a bottle of water, and before Ikki had realized it his match had already came.

Kirihara is the first to enter the ring, and having good face with the school, he was met with a wild uproar of cheers. Ikki had made his way to the ring, still suffering from an uneasiness of facing his opponent Kirihara. Kirihara had begun to mock before the start of the match, as he was surprised that Ikki had actually shown up, but Ikki decided not to talk to his opponent. They the both raised their auras and drew their Devices, as the match begins.


Kirihara begins the match by using Area Invisibility, the moment the match had started, and began to fire his arrows out of nowhere, although Ikki is able to block it. Ikki then tries to attack Kirihara, calculating where the arrow had come from, but no avail as Kirihara is able to easily dodge it. Kirihara then, after they converse a little, is able to hit Ikki, and explains that he is able to stealth-ed his arrows, much to Ikki's shock and horror.

Ikki receives a fatal blow from Kirihara

Ikki shot in the organs

After ten minutes, of the stealth-ed arrows, Ikki is seen brutally cut up by the arrows shot by Kirihara. Kirihara started to mock Ikki even further, by actually telling him where he was going to shoot, and even though Ikki tried, his movements were too slow to dodge them. Kirihara, further mocking Ikki, then reveals to the entire student body, that he must become the sword star king, in order to graduate. At this the entire student body, had laughed some had tried to defend Ikki, but soon turned, after some convincing by other students, furthering Ikki's descent. The laughter had continued until Stella had quieted them down. She then cheered Ikki on, and Ikki had regained his confidence.

Ikki had stood back up, and activated Ittou Shura. Kirihara, having the intent to kill, then stated he was going to aim at Ikki's head, but ended up shooting his heart as a faint, but this was stopped by Ikki, who was able to stop it with left hand, shocking Kirihara. Ikki had then revealed that all the marks that Kirihara left, left him exposed.

Ikki wins his first selection battle

Kirihara then, in a final act of desperation against his opponent, uses a second Noble Art, Million Rain, which fired hundreds of arrows at his opponent. This, however, proved ineffective, as Ikki is able to side step all of the arrows. Ikki then charges at Kirihara, but then stops, as Kirihara pleas for Ikki not to attack, giving up the match, and giving Ikki the victory.


Ikki is knocked unconscious due to the blood loss, which was caused during the match. Ikki is then taking out of the arena and placed into the hospital. Kirihara having lost, both the match, and the admiration of his fans, had slumped off the arena. The student council, then meets up with Nene, who had started to take note of the Failure knight, who had just defeated Kirihara.

Ikki is then seen awakened in his bed, at the hospital, with a sleeping Stella at his side. Stella then awakens, and Ikki and Stella began to argue, after which they had revealed their feelings for each other. Stella and Ikki then promised to go all the way unbeaten, in the seven sword festival, where they will both meet up as each others last opponents, and fight to see who was stronger.

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