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Ikki Kurogane vs Stella Vermillion
The duel begins
Conflict Match
Result Ikki Kurogane is victorious
Ikki Kurogane Stella Vermillion
Intetsu Laevateinn
Power and Abilities
Ittou Shura Empress Dress
Katharterio Salamandra
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Major exhaustion Exhaustion

Ikki Kurogane vs Stella Vermillion is a fight between 2 first year students of Hagun Academy, Ikki Kurogane and Stella Vermillion.


Ikki and Stella surprised to know that they are roommates

Ikki and Stella surprised at the fact that they are roommates

Following an incident between Ikki and Stella, the two of them were summoned to the director, Kurono Shinguuji's, office where Ikki and Stella continues the bickering to the point where Stella summoned her Device to attack Ikki who also does the same to defend himself. Amused by the situation Kurono reveals that Ikki and Stella are roommates as per her new ruling of putting 2 students who are of equal level into the same room. Stella refusing to get along with such ruling especially with a F-Rank like Ikki to be placed as equal level with her was given an option to return to her country or accept it. Deciding that it would be best for Ikki and Stella to have a mock battle, Kurono suggested it to both of them with Stella claiming that it wouldn't be a battle while Ikki claiming that he wouldn't know until he fight. Angered by Ikki's comment, Stella changed the mock battle into a duel with a ruling where the loser submits to the winner for life before storming off.


Stella breaking the ground

Stella showing the strength of her attack

The two were later seen in the third battle arena for their duel as more students gather to see the fight. As Ikki and Stella materialize their Devices, Kurono signals the start of the duel. Stella immediately dashed towards Ikki, swinging her flaming sword downwards as Ikki parries it by receiving the blow and jumping backward to reduce the impact. Stella continues his assault with Ikki continue to being on the defending side until Stella realizes that none of her attack has landed on Ikki who has been parrying all her attacks by receiving the attack and using the force to leap backwards furthering their distance.

Ikki strikes back

Ikki counters Stella attack

Deciding her next move, Stella's attack was countered by Ikki who for the first time in their match, launched an attack as the tide immediately turned into Ikki's favors who has copied Stella's Imperial sword who started to corner Stella until he creates a huge opening in Stella.

Ikki beats Stella

Ikki wins the duel

As Ikki prepares to land the finishing blow, Ikki's attack was suddenly stopped. Knowing that their difference in magic is too wide resulting in Ikki being unable to strike through Stella. Stella now realizing that Ikki is superior to her in swordsmanship, decides to end the fight with her Noble Art, Katharterio Salamandra, which started to break the battle arena as the students who were watching runs away from the danger. In response to that, Ikki also activates his Noble Art, Ittou Shura, as Stella notices the increase in mana within Ikki. Paying to heed to it, Stella attacks using her Noble Art which much to her surprise was dodged by Ikki continuously as Ikki explains his ability as a Blazer and the nature of his Noble Art. Starting to move at god-like speed, Ikki appears at Stella's blind side landing a decisive blow, winning the match.


After the duel ended, Ikki walked back to him room while Stella who was unconscious was carried back. Kurono then visited Stella who woke up from the duel and the 2 started a conversation with Kurono revealing Ikki's family situation and the hardship Ikki endured as Stella started to have a change of opinion on Ikki. Curious over Ikki, Stella climbed to Ikki's bed and started touching him, only to be surprised when Ikki woke up. While tending to Stella's injury that she received prior, Stella starts to ask Ikki about his desire to become a Mage Knight as Ikki tells her about his frustration over the years and the hope that he received from his great-grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane. Doubting Ikki's way of life, Ikki asks Stella would she have given up if someone told her she can't do it, realizing that her way of life is the same, Stella gains further respect for Ikki.

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