Super huge scandal!
—Kagami Kusakabe
Kagami Kusakabe
Kagami witnesses Ikki and Stella's match
Kagami in the anime
Kana 日下部 加々美
Romaji Kusakabe Kagami
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair Color Peach Blonde
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yuuka Aisaka (Japanese)
Shannon Emerick (English)

Kagami Kusakabe is a first year student from Hagun Academy and a member, and founder, of the newspaper club.


Kagami is short in stature, with peach blonde short hair. Her short hair is long enough in the front to be able to cover her forehead, as well as long enough on top, to make sort of an single antenna on the top of her head. She also ties a red ribbon on both sides of her hair. She is usually seen wearing glasses, along with her official, Hagun Academy school female uniform.


Kagami is very flirtatious, as shown when she was seductively asking Ikki for an interview after his victory over Stella Vermillion. She is willing to do anything to get the latest scoop for the school newspaper willing to spy and stalk to get her lead. She is also known to have a wild imagination as she began to heavily fantasize and fabricate Stella's "servitude" to Ikki when she revealed it.

Despite these humorous qualities, Kagami is very informative and a master at gathering information about others. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of many Blazers and has compiled their strengths, weaknesses, and rankings into informative cards showing she has a very keen analytical mind.


Nothing is known about her history, but apparently her love of journalism, photography, and reporting began at a young age. This interest in these hobbies have made Kagami train in the art of espionage and concealment as she's capable of spying on high raking Blazers without being noticed.

Apparently, at one point, she compiled a great deal of information on a multitude of Blazers and created cards detailing them.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

New Term, Reunion and Rebellion Edit

Kagami is first seen during the class orientation day. After Yuuri Oreki had to end the homeroom early due to health issues, Kagami approaches Ikki, hugging him while revealing that his match with Stella was shown in the internet. When Ikki was confronted by a group of male students, Kagami claimed that she will vouch for Ikki's action as self defense, but the incident ended swiftly due to Ikki instantly defeating the male students, without the use of his device. She was later seen evacuating the class when Stella and Shizuku starts a battle inside the classroom.

Impossible Victory, Decisive Battle, New Beginnings Edit

Kagami is revealed, two days after Ikki had beaten Kuraudo, to have followed Ikki, Stella and Ayase, to the dojo, without being noticed by any of the people who were originally there, where she takes pictures of Ikki and Kuraudo's duel, and releases a story that reveals that Ikki had beaten Kuraudo.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Kagami was seen along with Shizuku and Stella, cheering Ikki on as he had fought against Touka. After Ikki's victory over Touka, Kagami had asked why Shizuku would not go and congratulate him, and realized that Shizuku was still frozen in her feet.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Training Camp and Scheme Edit

Kagami is seen during training camp compiling data and news stories of all participants of the training camp. She, along with Alice, also met with fellow reporters from Bukyoku and Tonrou, Yagokoro and Komiyama. Kagami is later contacted by Ikki who asks about Amane, but unfortunately Kagami did not have any information, however it does lead her to do a bit more research on him then she initially did.

Kagami on the last night of training camp had snooped around for a bit and was able to find out that students from all different academies were gathering to become one naming themselves Akatsuki Academy. Before she could reveal their schemes however Kagami was stabbed through the back by Nagi, causing her to lose consciousness. She was later found by Torajirou Nangou, inside a warehouse, tied up.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Second Round Edit

Kagami meets up with Ikki, Stella, Shizuku and Alice where they talk about the change in the tournament's schedule. Kagami cheers Stella up who was feeling down from being responsible for the change in schedule that puts Ikki at disadvantage. They then discuss about the true form of Amane's ability. Later she watches the match between Sara Bloodlily and Kuraudo.

After the Festival Edit

Kagami shows up to the awards ceremony and takes a picture of Ikki and Stella standing close together on the winners podium. She also attends the celebration party held after the Festival.


Presence Concealment: Kagami has mastered the art of stalking by hiding her presence. In fact, she is so skilled that even Ikki, Stella and Ayase didn't notice Kagami was trailing them.


Unknown Device

  • Unnamed Noble Art: Kagami's Noble Art creates clones of herself. It has been shown that the clones would disappear like smoke if they make contact with other people.


  • In the light novels, Kagami serves as the profiler outside of the story, providing the information about the characters of the series as well as making her own impressions of them.
  • In the dubbed anime, she is known as kagmean(or kagamin like in the manga) by Nagi "Alice" Arisuin.