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Kaito Ayatsuji vs Kuraudo Kurashiki
Kaito vs Kuraudo
Conflict Dojo challenge
Result Kuraudo is victorious
Kaito Ayatsuji Kuraudo Kurashiki
Power and Abilities
Ayatsuji Itto-ryu Marginal Counter
Great Strength
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Kaito is heavily injured Kuraudo is uninjured

Kaito Ayatsuji vs Kuraudo Kurashiki is a dojo challenge fought between the dojo master Kaito Ayatsuji and the challenger Kuraudo Kurashiki. It takes place in the past.


Kaito Ayatsuji had not accepted Kuraudo's, or anyone's, challenges for a while, as he believed that they should never bet on a fight, as the Ayatsuji style of fighting is to protect not gamble. Kuraudo however refused to give up on his challenge for the dojo, and decided to do something horrific to get Kaito to agree to the challenge. Kuraudo had decided to decimate the students of Kaito's dojo, and did so without much effort or restraint.

Kaito and Ayase began to train at the dojo, when suddenly Sugiwara a senior pupil, came to the dojo baring grim news, as well as scratches. He told Kaito that he and the rest of the students quit his class. He tells Kaito, that there was no point in continuing training with him, as all that training did not help them out at all against Kuraudo.

Kuraudo then comes in scaring Sugiwara. Kuraudo then restates his challenge against the dojo, and even though his code and health were against it, Kaito agreed. The rules of the match was that the person who lands two strikes on their oppenent would be the winner. There would also be no devices allowed instead wooden swords will be used. Kuruado agreed to those terms and got a wooden sword. Ayase, who is refereeing the match, raises her hand and begins the match.


Kuraudo was the first to strike as he was able to shorten the distance between him and Kaito in a matter of seconds, and tried to strike Kaito. He missed but Kuraudo's wooden sword is able to split the floor. Kaito then tries to attack Kuraudo, but Kuraudo is able to stop Kaito with his wooden sword. Kuraudo then begins to attack Kaito violently, continueously attacking Kuraudo not stopping even once. Kaito however sees this as an opportunity as he swings and hits Kuraudo during a middle of one of his attacks. The strike hits and Kaito gains the first point.

Kuraudo laughing decides to take things seriously now, and he is able to shorten the distance once again with just his leg strength. Kaito confident that Kuraudo was just using power in his sword prepared to parry his attack. This however did not turn out like Kaito had thought as Kuraudo disappears some how, and then reappear landing a violent hit on Kaito breaking his ribs in the process. Kuraudo had gained one point. Kaito readied himself, and the third and final round began.

Kaito and Kuraudo's blade struck each other. Kuraudo then tries to use the same tactic that gave him his first point, but this time Kaito was ready for it. Then out of nowhere Kuraudo sword appeared above Kaito's head, an impossible feat. Even though it was impossible, Kaito still had to block it, which he was able to do. Kuraudo then kicks Kaito in the stomach, and begins another violent strike against Kaito, as Kaito is barely able to put up is defenses. Kaito, now covered in blood, uses his final energy for a final attack. This however proved to be too late, as Kaito no longer had the strength for the final attack, and instead Kuraudo was able to hit Kaito breaking his skull, knocking him unconscious, giving Kuraudo his second point, and ending the match.


Kaito apologize to Kuraudo

Kaito apologizes to Kuraudo

Kaito could no longer fight, and the hit was so hard that it caused him to enter a comatose state. Prior to losing his conscious, the last words he could only express after the hit was "I'm sorry". Kaito was taken to the hospital and was now on bed rest, still in a coma, losing his dojo to Kuraudo, who uses it as his own personal hideout.

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