I won't run away. I'll be with you until the end, Touka-chan.
—Kanata Totokubara
Kanata Totokubara
Kanata color 16
Kana 貴徳原 カナタ
Romaji Totokubara Kanata
Gender Female
Age 17
Nickname/s Scharlach Frau
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Device Francesca
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking B-Rank
Physical D
Luck A
Offense B
Defense C
Magic Cap B
Magic Ctl B
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yōko Hikasa (Japanese)
Shelley Calene-Black (English)

Kanata Totokuarar is the current Treasurer of the Student Council and a third-year student of Hagun Academy. She is regarded as the second strongest student in the school after Touka Toudou known as Scharlach Frau.


Kanata is a young buxom girl with blue eyes, who has more of a mature woman look, who has long golden blonde hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, it also covers some of her ears as well. Her hair also covers most of her forehead, having some of it in the middle cover most of her forehead. She is usually seen wearing a white sundress, as well as a white sun hat.


Kanata has a calm and mature ladylike personality, befitting her appearance who can speak about dangerous topics rather casually at times. Kanata is very loyal to her friends, refusing to abandon them or leave their side. She even forfeits her place in the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival to stay by Touka and Utakata side after they were defeated by Akatsuki.

Kanata has admitted to having a more childish side to her, one that enjoys pulling pranks on her friend.


Kanata had originally met her two friends, Utakata and Touka, at the orphanage that her family had owned, although she herself wasn't an orphan, she came and went as she pleased.

Kanata is known to have been summoned to real battles and has successfully destroyed many organizations and bases of the Rebellion army, despite being a student.


Selection Battle Arc

Debut Battle

Kanata is first seen along with her student council friends talking with Nene Saikyo about Ikki Kurogane's victory over Shizuya Kirihara.

Disciple, Encounter and Betrayal

Kanata is next seen in the restaurant, where she promptly introduces herself to Ikki, Stella, and Ayase, although she was already known. She thanks Ikki for not starting a fight with Kuraudo and leaves with Utakata Misogi, after he heals Ikki's cut.

Lorelei vs Raikiri

Kanata and Utakata both appear as spectators for Touka's match against Shizuku in the selection battle.

Kanata is next seen explaining, to Ikki and Stella, about the mission the student council was tasked with by Kurono Shinguuji, which was to deal with the problem a giant was causing in Okumata mountain. Touka then asks if Ikki and Stella would join them, as Touka was tasked to bring other students along, to which Ikki and Stella accept.

Incident of Okutama

The student council goes to Okutama mountain, and while each member of the group gets paired off to walk around the area, Kanata stays at the camp. Kanata is called by Ikki who asks her to get medical help for Stella, to which she complies with.

The groups eventually come together at a lodge and are then met with Akaza, where he reveals that Ikki and Stella's relationship was publicized and that Ikki must come with him.

Siege, Reunion and Trap

Kanata was seen at the ceremony, where Kurono had announced that Kanata was going to be participating with five others, in the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. She had also heard that Ikki would be captain of the team, during this year's Festival.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival

Akatsuki Strikes

Kanata along with the other participants of Hagun Academy's training camp arrived at a destroyed academy in which they are met with the members of Akatsuki Academy. Kanata and the other students were able to defeat the Akatsuki members easily, thanks to Nagi's betrayal. However, Nagi is then stabbed by Amane and the true Akatsuki members reveal themselves while also revealing that the students that were defeated were simply wooden dolls.

After Ikki, Shizuku, Nagi, Stella and the Hagure sisters left the scene Kanata and the other members of the student council faced off against the members of Akatsuki. They were, however, easily overpowered and defeated by them. Kanata herself fought Yui Tatara and was unable to even damage her.

After the attack by Akatsuki, Kanata decides to drop out of the tournament so she could be by Touka's side who was still unconscious due to her fight with Ouma.

LN Volume 5 illustration 09 Tohka and Kanata watches Ikki's match

Kanata and Tohka watching the Festivals

Battle of Kings

Kanata is later sitting next to Touka's bed when she wakes up. They together watch the start of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival and see that Stella is yet to arrive. They are relieved when the judges declare that the match will be postponed, and Stella won't be disqualified.

Kanata then tells that Ikki will be fighting Yuudai Moroboshi, the Seven Stars Sword King, and the one who defeated Touka in the last year's Festival, in his first match. They are worried about this, although Yuudai's Noble Art, Tiger Bite, is useless against Ikki. Despite their worries, Ikki still prevails and defeats Yuudai.

Conclusion of the First Match

Kanata and Touka are later interrupted when Utakata, who has also been in a coma, suddenly wakes up. Utakata frantically tells them to warn the Hagun Team about Amane Shinomiya, who defeated Utakata in their fight with Akatsuki. Utakata tells Kanata and Touka about Amane's ability to make all of his wishes reality. They then call the Hagun Team to warn them, but they are revealed to already know about Amane's power.

Semifinal and Final Matches

Kanata, along with Touka, later arrives at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival to watch the semifinal match between Stella and Ouma. She and the student council also watch the final match of the tournament between Ikki and Stella. Kanata also attends the awards ceremony.

Vermillion Empire Arc

The Festival is Over

Kanata later participates in the party held after the Festival. She speaks with Rinna Kazamatsuri and her maid Charlotte Cordé. She questions Rinna, on why she joined the Akatsuki and involves herself with the activities of Rebellion. Charlotte explains that Rinna's father Kouzou Kazamatsuri is an affiliate of Bakuga Tsukikage, the founder of Akatsuki. Kanata then threatens to censor Rinna's favorite manga if she didn't stop involving herself with criminals and Rinna quickly complies with this. She then goes to a bathhouse with the other girls at the party.


Diamond Manipulation: Kanata's ability as a Blazer. She is able to manipulate the concept of "Diamonds", thus letting her fire off fragments at her opponent.

Expert Swordsmanship: She is known to be highly skilled with a sword.


Francesca: Kanata's device is a rapier formed from transparently pale glass.

  • Diamond Dust (星屑の剣ダイヤモンドダスト, Daiyamondo Dasuto): Kanata's Noble Art, which scatters tiny fragments of her sword around, allowing the fragments to get into the eyes of her opponents. The scattered fragments can also tear her opponent's insides if they breathe the fragments in.
  • Diamond Storm (星屑の斬風ダイヤモンドストーム, Daiyamondo Sutōmu): By manipulating the tiny fragments of the Diamond Dust, she can control the fragments into performing millions of slashes on her opponent.


  • Kanata's surname Totokubara means "valuable" (貴) (toto), "virtue" (徳) (ku) and "field, plain" (原) (hara/bara).
  • Kanata's family are the leading elite celebrities in Japan.
  • It is rumored that Kanata always holds a parasol because of how much her enemies bleed.
  • Kanata's nickname Scharlach Frau originates from the German term and translates to the "Scarlet Woman".
  • Kanata is the only student council member who participated in the Hagun Selection Battles who didn't lose against either Ikki Kurogane or Stella Vermillion.


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