A weakling who cannot enjoy such a heated, deadly battle will never be called the Last Samurai.
—Kuraudo Kurashiki
Kuraudo Kurashiki
Kana 倉敷蔵人
Romaji Kurashiki Kuroudo
Gender Male
Age 17
Nickname/s Sword Eater
Sword Killer
Ace of Donrou
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Device Orochimaru
Personal Status
Affiliations Donrou Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical B+
Luck D
Offense B
Defense B
Magic Cap D
Magic Ctl F
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)
Andrew Love (English)

Kuraudo Kurashiki is a third-year student at Donrou Academy.


Kuraudo is a well-built man, with light brown eyes, which he wears yellow sunglasses over. It appears that he also wears a black fur coat, wearing a half buttoned up shirt underneath it, which reveals that he has a smiling skull tattoo on his chest, as well as having scars on the back of his neck. He also wears black pants and a white belt. He has long, wild, unkempt light brown hair, which covers some of his ears, as well as having a small bang sticking out and covering a little bit of his forehead.


Kuraudo has shown to be a very crude man, as he continually cusses at every chance he gets, during his first encounter with Ikki and friends. He is also very sarcastic, and cruel as he mocked the feelings of hate Ayase had for him, even calling out her name, as though they were actually friends, knowing what he did to Ayase's beloved father.

Kuraudo has also shown to be very aggressive, and ruthless for no apparent reason at all, as it has been stated that he actually attacks other students, from different academies, just to cause a fight, as seen when he attacked Ikki even though Ikki was trying to stay calm the entire time.

Kuraudo, a number of times, has been shown to be disrespectful to anyone, or anything that doesn't fight him, as shown when he came on to a sacred dojo, with his shoes on, as well as spitting on Kaito Ayastuji, for not accepting his challenge, even calling him a coward. He also has an insatiable lust for a fight against strong opponents, as shown when he used many terrible methods, just to get a fight with Kaito.

Although it is proven that he is very disrespectful to many, and is willing to do horrible things just to cause a fight, he does have a great respect for his opponents, especially strong ones like Kaito and Ikki, as he is able to fight using all of his strength. He even proved to have a good eye for skills and can understand just how strong a person really is. This was seen when he was able to tell that Ikki was not only a swordsman but that he would participate in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival after their first meeting.


2 years prior the main story, Kuraudo challenged the Ayatsuji Dojo to a fight but was refused by the Dojo's master, Kaito Ayatsuji. In retaliation, Kuraudo attacked all 7 of its students injuring them heavily. Kaito Ayatsuji then agreed to face Kuraudo in a match where Kuraudo injured him badly. A year after that Kuraudo participated in the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, representing his school in that tournament, successfully reaching the Top 8.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Disciple, Encounter and Betrayal Edit

Kuraudo is first seen in a family restaurant, where he and his friends harass Ayase. He then tries, to goad Ikki into attacking him but he fails, as Ikki finds a more peaceful resolution as he does not fight back.

LN Vol 2 Illustration 12 Ikki vs Kuraudo

Kuraudo vs. Ikki.

Impossible Victory, Decisive Battle and New Beginnings Edit

Kuraudo is next seen at the dojo, contemplating whether to sell it or not, when Ikki bursts into the dojo challenging him. Kuraudo accepts the challenge with a few stipulations, where they fight with their Devices to the death, to which Ikki accepts.

They begin to fight, and throughout the match Kuraudo is able to dominate, using his Marginal Counter to overwhelm Ikki with continues attacks. This eventually changes, however, as Kuraudo soon finds himself out of stamina, due to Ikki's strategy of just defending. Both of the combatants, however, begin to enjoy the battle, starting to respect each other. Kuraudo is finally beaten by Ikki, who is able to use the Kaito Ayatsuji's final technique, Ten'i Muhou, to finish him off. Kuraudo then leaves the dojo, leaving it to Ikki to do as he pleased with it. He also tells that his gonna look forward to facing Ikki in the future.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Party Crashers Edit

Kuraudo is seen at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival party, where he warns Yui Tatara to wait her turn, against Ikki, as she had tried to attack him and his sister, scaring Yui off.

Seven Stars Sword Art Second Round, Begins Edit

After winning in the first round, Kuraudo advances into the second round. After a brief discussion with Ikki, Kuraudo begins his match against Akatsuki Academy's Sara Bloodlily.

LN vol 6 color illustration 4 Sara vs Kuraudo

Kuraudo fighting Sara.

Kuraudo reveals his Device's new form, two skeletal blades, with the same abilities as his old Device. At the start of the match, Kuraudo has the advantage, overwhelming Sara, who manages to barely defend with her Color of Magic. Sara then uses her Purple Caricature, to create various weapons, such as a missile and muzzles. Kuraudo counters with his newly learned technique, the ultimate move of Ayatsuji Itto-ryu, Ten'i Muhou. It was taught to him recently by Kaito Ayatsuji. When it looks like Kuraudo is about to win, Sara uses her Purple Caricature to create copies of Ikki Kurogane. Kuraudo manages to defeat one of the copies, after hearing encouragement from Ikki, but Sara summons more copies. These copies use Ittou Shura to overwhelm Kuraudo, and he is defeated.

The End of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Edit

Kuraudo attends the awards ceremony and is seen standing next to Ayase.


Master Swordsmanship: Kuraudo fought in a very savage fighting style with a sword. His attack had a great deal of brute strength behind them and is able to cover his openings with his superhuman reflexes. When using his Device with these attributes he could overpower Ikki, a master swordsman who can copy his opponents fighting style. These are what earned him his nickname "Sword Eater". However, after getting beaten by Ikki, Kuraudo learned the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu style of swordsmanship from Kaito. This changes his fighting style into one which emphasizes on discipline. This change is great enough to change the form of his Device.

  • Ten'i Muhou (天衣無縫, lit. "Heaven-Clad Null Shroud"): The ultimate technique of the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu style. Kuraudo used this technique against Sara Bloodily, in the second round of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.
  • Immense Strength: Kuraudo is shown to possess pure brute strength which Stella and Ouma are probably the only student knights in Japan able to overcome. When he infuses this strength into his fighting style he was able to push back Ikki with ease, despite Ikki own well-honed strength. Kuraudo was even able to stop thrusts from Yudai Moroboshi´s spear by biting the blade tip before grabbing the shaft and pulling Moroboshi towards him.
  • Immense Durability: Kuraudo is rather durable, withstanding many attacks from a copy of Ikki.
  • Immense Speed: Aside from his Marginal Counter, is capable of keeping up with considerably fast Ikki  on his own and his speed is also enough to fight with Yudai Moroboshi himself.
Kuraudo dodges Ikki's attack with Marginal Counter

Kuraudo uses Marginal Counter to dodge Ikki's attack

Marginal Counter (神速反射マージナルカウンター, Mājinaru Kauntā): Due to his reflexive sensitivity, Kuraudo is known to possess reflexes that surpass that of a normal human. (Ikki estimated his speed of reflex at 0.05 seconds, twice the speed of Stella and Ikki's reflex, and six times the speed of a normal human's reflex.) This allows him to perform an action at a much faster rate than most others would. This allows Kuraudo to dodge attacks at come at him swiftly and yet strike fast. The Marginal Counter, however, consumes more stamina than usual because must do more moves in order to be more effective, thus disabling Kuraudo from fighting long battles while using it.


Orochimaru (大蛇丸): Kuraudo's Device, a sparkling white bone-colored Nodachi with the blade-like saw. In the anime, upon calling forth Orochimaru, the sword acts hostile towards Kuraudo. Later during the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Kuraudo's Device took the form of two swords with blade-like saws on both edges, instead of one, due to his soul evolving.

  • Jakkojin (蛇骨刃): Kuraudo's Noble Art, allows him to extend, and shrink his sword at will, in the blink of an eye. However, the true strength of this noble art lies with the fact that Kuraudo can use it to control Orochimaru, as if Orochimaru had a mind of his own, at will.
    • Hebigami (蛇咬): Is a technique that allows Kuraudo to move Orochimaru so fast that it looks as though four heads are attacking at the same time. Later Kuraudo upgraded this technique to eight simultaneous strikes.
    • Yamato No Orochi (八岐大蛇): Is a technique that allows Kuraudo to move Orochimaru so fast that it looks as if it has eight heads. Later Kuraudo upgraded this technique to sixteen simultaneous strikes.


  • Kuraudo has been known to smoke.