For entangling my own student on my own territory in their design, I'll have them regret it until they die.
—Kurono Shinguuji
Kurono Shinguuji
Kurono comments on Ikki's blunder
Kurono in the anime
Kana 新宮寺黒乃
Romaji Shinguuji Kurono
Gender Female
Nickname/s World Clock
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Takumi Shinguuji (Husband)
Unnamed Child
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A-Rank
Physical A
Luck A
Offense A
Defense B
Magic Cap B
Magic Ctl A
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Mariko Higashiuchi (Japanese)
Kelly Manison (English)

Kurono Shinguuji is the current director of the Hagun Academy and formerly the third ranking Mage Knight in the KOK A-League.


Kurono is a slender yet curvy woman who is usually seen wearing clothing expected of a staff administrator, which consists of a dark blazer, a white button up dress shirt underneath, which she wears a black tie around the collar, also sporting a long dark skirt. She also has short dark hair, which covers her entire forehead, as well as having a single bang that reaches down to her nose, as well as two other side bangs covering up some of her ears. She is also seen wearing her hair short hair in a ponytail.


Kurono is shown to be a laid back person with signs of playfulness as seen when she enjoyed the initial bickering between Ikki and Stella. Kurono also shows great signs of care for her students. She went as far to refer to all the teachers involved in holding Ikki back trash and dismissed them as soon as she became Director. When Kurono was a middle school student, she looked like a young lady that grew up in a warm home. She was initially polite and more gentle, but she seemed to have developed a rather cold personality after her first meeting with Nene Saikyo.


Kurono's Blazer ability first manifested during her 3rd year of middle school, which caused her unable to attend Japan's Little or Senior Leagues. Kurono’s rare ability caused her to receive special education from the League’s Japan branch and Hagun Academy in less than a year. Kurono first met her rival, the "Yaksha Princess" Nene Saikyo, when they were at the end of their 3rd year in middle school. They had a mock battle which resulted in Kurono easily overpowering Nene and won. She then enrolled in Hagun Academy soon after. When she was a Hagun Academy student, Kurono faced off against Nene from Bukyoku Academy in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival which is still famed till date, after Kurono countered Nene's Hadou Tensei in that match. After graduating, Kurono enters the King of Knights (KOK) and climbs her way up to the third ranking in the KOK A-Leagues before retiring after she married her husband, Takumi Shinguuji, and became pregnant.

A year before the current story, Kurono returns to her former school, taking over the Director position from the previous director, Bakuga Tsukikage. She also dismissed the teachers who were involved in holding Ikki, and promising the boy that if he wins the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, she will allow him to graduate. Ikki also managed to beat Kurono in a battle, although she was handicapped in some way.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Failure vs. Prodigy Edit

LN vol 1 illustration 02 Ikki and Stella bickers as Kurono watches

Kurono looks on in amusement as Ikki and Stella bicker

Kurono is first seen sitting in her office talking to Ikki after an incident she had with a new transfer student, Stella Vermillion. Being nonchalant over the issues of the two students, Kurono reveals that both Ikki and Stella are roommates, much to their surprised and further suggested that they do a mock battle to solve their issues. She then serves as the judge between Ikki and Stella's duel. After the duel concluded with Ikki's victory, Kurono visited Ikki and Stella's room, where she reveals Ikki's past and how Ikki's family stopped him by having Ikki hold back a year. She then leaves after asking Stella's goals and tells her to chase after Ikki.

Lorelei vs Raikiri Edit

Kurono is next seen at the match between Shizuku and Touka, along with Nene. She then asks Ikki to explain what ability was Touka using, which Ikki explains perfectly. She then watches as Shizuku falls to Touka's Raikiri. It is then revealed by Kanata Totokubara that Kurono had asked the student council president to find some students to help deal with the issue regarding a giant causing problems in the Okutama mountains, as the staff was busy dealing with the preliminary rounds of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Kurono was up in the stands along with Nene, Torajirou Nangou and Mamoru Akaza, watching as Ikki fought and defeated Touka, with only one swing of his sword. She had then announced the six participants of the Sword Art Festival and had given Ikki the title of captain of the Hagun Academy Team.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Kurono, during Akatsuki's strike against Hagun, was out of town, but quickly came back, along with Nene, in order to deal with the situation. Upon arriving at Hagun the two had decided to split up with Kurono going to try and save Ikki. Upon arriving at Akatsuki Academy Kurono had seen a battered unconscious Ikki and an unscathed Edelweiss. She had at first become angered at the scene, but calmed down before doing anything to Edelweiss who quickly leaves. As Edelweiss leaves Kurono realizes that Ikki managed to actually damage Edelweiss, cutting her with her own technique.

After Akatsuki's attack, Kurono informs both Ikki and Shizuku that Stella won't be around for an entire week as well as that some participants of Hagun Academy's seven sword team had dropped out for various reasons and told Ikki he didn't have to win to pass anymore. After Ikki's refusal to take the easy way out, Kurono then asks Shizuku if she would like to participate in the festival to which Shizuku states she would.

LN Volume 5 illustration 04 Kurono confronts Bakuga

Kurono meets Bakuga

Party Crashers Edit

Kurono is seen at the hotel room with Bakuga Tsukikage and through their talk finds what his true intentions are, which is to separate Japan from the League of Mage-Knight Nations, as they don't have the resources to continually help other countries in need. He then states that Akatsuki will prove the League of Mage-Knight Nations flaws and that he is right, to which Kurono tells him that the Hagun Academy students will beat them. Bakuga leaves looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Battle of Kings Edit

Kurono appears during Ikki's battle with Yudai Moroboshi and explains to Shizuku, Nagi, and Kiriko that Ikki wasn't able to finish Yudai because his subconscious was using a different style, the style of the world's strongest Edelweiss. She then watches on as Ikki is able to finish off Yudai.

One vs Four Edit

Kurono watches Stella's match against Mikoto Tsuruya, Yui Tatara, Rinna Kazamatsuri and Reisen Hiraga. She also protects the audience from Rinna's maid Charlotte Cordé's attacks. Kurono is impressed by Stella's showings, as she easily wins the match.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

Kurono saves the life of one of the contestants of the Festival, Renji Kaga, whose heart had been crushed by Ouma Kurogane, during their match. Kurono froze his body in time, allowing him to be healed.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival FinalEdit

Kurono is talking with Nene on the terrace of Stella's hotel room regarding the upcoming match between Ikki and Stella. They both agree that they will have to be the ones to take care of things if the match becomes too dangerous. They then watch the final match, which Ikki wins. Kurono is later present at the awards ceremony, handing Hagun's school flag to Ikki when he is being crowned the champion.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Festival is Over Edit

After the finals of the Festival between Ikki and Stella, which Ikki wins, they are both asked to come to a meeting between Kurono, Nene and Bakuga. Kurono stops Ascarid's battle against Ikki and Stella, telling that the skilled Mage-Knight wanted to test their strength.

Ikki and Stella are then told about Desperados, with Nene teasing Kurono about being too afraid to become one, as well as the terrible visions that Bakuga has seen about the future of Japan. It's revealed that these visions are the reason Bakuga wanted to split from the League of Mage-Knight Nations, but as Akatsuki was defeated in the Festival, the people of Japan still have faith in the League. The meeting then ends with Bakuga wishing that Ikki and Stella could prevent the horrible future he has seen.


Master Marksmanship: Kurono wields her handgun Devices with great aim and speed. She can knock down dozens of deflected projectiles in mid-air with ease after using her Blazer ability to stop time. This feat amazed everyone present, with Ikki Kurogane saying her abilities haven't rusted at all since her time as the 3rd rank in K.O.K. League.

Time Manipulation: Kurono possesses cause and effect interference type ability which can affect and control time. The ability is extremely powerful, which immediately caught the attention of the country's important officials immediately after manifesting.

  • Time Reversal: Kurono has the ability to reverse the time of objects, returning them to their previous form.


Propator and Ennoia: Kurono's Device is a pair of one-white-one-black handguns.

  • World Crisis (時空崩壊ワールド クライツス, Wārudo Kuraishisu lit. Time-Space Collapse): Kurono twists the space she shoots at into nonsensical state, destroying objects exposed to it and its full range is powerful enough to blow away Nene's Hadou Tensei. Because the space destroyed by World Crisis can never be restored, it was banned from usage due to the danger it poses to the world.
  • Clock Draw: Kurono stops time for an instant then shoots her target with a hail of bullets.
  • Clock Lock (lit. "Time Freeze"): Kurono shoots a bullet which freezes anything that it hits in time. This not only can immobilize her opponent but can also be used to save the life of a person, by freezing them in time.
  • Clock Up (lit."Time Increase"): Kurono accelerates her own time, by extending her own time within one second of the world. In youth, she was capable of moving 10 times as fast as normally.
  • Rush Hour: A combination technique of Clock Lock and Clock Up, where Kurono uses both of the techniques simultaneously. It causes the time difference between her and the target to become even wider, allowing Kurono to attack the target without them being able to even see her.


  • Kurono and Nene came from the same year.
  • After Ikki and Stella's first match, Kurono told Stella that Ikki had managed to defeat her in a straight fight albeit with a handicap. No other details have been revealed about the fight.