Levi Ascarid
Gender Female
Nickname/s Bayonet
Personal Status
Affiliations League of Mage-Knight Nations
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Levi Ascarid is the League of Mage-Knight Nations' France Branch Leader. She is nicknamed "Bayonet".

Appearance Edit

Levi is a tall woman with an eye patch covering one of her eyes.

Personality Edit

Levi has shown being rather inspiring and even possibly manipulative, having been responsible for igniting Iris Ascarid's hate for her brother, even lying to her. However, it is later shown that she does actually care for Iris. She is very knowledgeable and likely responsible, due to being a Branch Leader.

History Edit

Levi met with the young Iris-Gaule after the La Croix Sanglant incident, where she was controlled by her brother, Orleus-Gaule, to kill the people of her village. She and her brother both reached their Awakening, becoming Desperados, which worried Levi even more. Levi talked directly with Iris, managing to convince Iris that it is her responsibility to take down her brother, lying to her that she had become a Desperado to stop her brother, which made this Iris' goal for her life. However, Iris had actually achieved her "Awakening" due to wanting to protect her brother, which Levi guessed. She lied to Iris due to not wanting her to get hurt by knowing her true actions and hoping that the sense of responsibility bestowed on Iris would overwrite her true emotions.

Levi took Iris under her protection and likely helped her become stronger and eventually become the 4th ranked Blazer in the KOK A-League. Iris also took Levi's last name for herself. Levis' current condition is unknown.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Unpermitted Wish Edit

Levi is watching the broadcast of the tournament between Vermillion and Or-Gaule's foces, where Iris was also participating on Vermillion's side. Levi witnesses as Iris finally realizes her true feelings towards her brother, deciding to betray her own team.

Abilities Edit

As a Branch Leader, Levi likely has at least some significant power. She is mentioned being very respected in teh League and has shown having knowledge of Desperados. Her nickname, "Bayonet", could allude to her utilizing bayonets as weapons.

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