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Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 01

Cover of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 1 featuring Stella Vermillion
Kana 落第騎士の英雄譚(キャバルリィ) 1
Romaji Rakudai kishi no Eiyūtan
Release Information
Release Date July 12, 2013 (JP)
November 16, 2019 (EN)
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7973-7468-1
ISBN 978-1-9488-3820-7 (EN)
Pages 320 (JP)
196 (EN)
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Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Light Novel 1 is the first installment of the Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry light novel series, written by Riku Misora and illustrated by Won. It was released in July 12, 2013.


After returning from his daily training, Ikki Kurogane, a F-Rank Blazer widely known as the Failure Knight by his peers, stumbles upon a half-naked girl inside his room. The chaotic situation which leads to a series of events as Ikki ends up dueling the said girl, Stella Vermillion, the princess of the Vermillion Kingdom and an A-Rank Blazer and Knight that was said to be a one in a decade genius. The fateful encounter which changes Ikki's life as he strives to reach the peak of Seven Star Sword Art Festival and becoming a real Mage Knight while facing pressure from his family and rivals who tries to hold him back.


Prologue: A Morning Encounter

After finishing his daily run, Ikki Kurogane enters his room, only to find a girl in her underwear. Noticing Ikki, the girl nearly starts screaming, only for Ikki to stop her, saying that he has no excuses and saw the girl's bare skin. Ikki declares that as payment, he will take off his own clothes. This however, only shocks the girl even more, causing her to release a terrified scream.

Chapter 1: Prodigy Knight and Failed Knight

Blazers, special people who wield magical abilities through Devices, are then introduced. They have existed since the medieval times, being called magicians and witches, and had a variety of power, with some even being capable of manipulating the flow of time. In the present day, Blazers are deployed by national militaries and police forces. TheBlazers are monitored by the Mage-Knight System, which requires a student knight to graduate from a internationally recognized school in order to become a Mage-Knight. Hagun Academy is one of these schools, being one of the seven academies of Japan. And here in Hagun Academy, Ikki Kurogane a student of the academy is standing in the office of the board chairman Kurono Shinguuji, being accused of molestation.

Ikki attempts to explain the situation, telling that he thought that by removing his own clothes it would atone seeing the half-naked body of the girl, though he admits that he act without thinking. Ikki also recalls that he knows the girl, her name being Stella Vermillion, the 2nd Princess of Vermillion, a talented 15 year old knight, who has arrived to Japan to study. Stella then enters the room, being dressed in the school uniform, and looking rather desperate.

Ikki immediately apologizes, seeing how badly Stella was affected by the event, telling that he is ready to take any punishment inflicted upon him. Seeing his resolution, Stella tells that she will keep quiet about the incident, saying that she'll forgive Ikki if he commits harakiri (ritualistic suicide). Shocked by Stella's demands, Ikki refuses, which inrages Stella even further, as she even manifests her Device, 'Laevateinn', summoning flames and being ready to strike down Ikki. Ikki manifests his own Device, a katana named 'Intetsu', although his flimsy weapon pales in comparison to Stella's flaming broadsword. In order to save himself, Ikki declares that he was unable to take his gaze off Stella, as she was far too beautiful. This quells Stella's anger, as she becomes embarrassed by Ikki's declaration. Using this opportunity, Ikki brings up that it was Stella who was in the wrong room, but Stella claims that that was her room. Kurono then reveals that Ikki and Stella are actually roommates, shocking both of them.

Stella immediately refuses this, not wanting to share a room with a pervert like Ikki. Kurono explains that this is part of her new policy as the new board chairman. Kurono tells them that Hagun hasn't produced any notable knights in a while, and have been on a losing streak in the inter-school tournament Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, where all of the academies of Japan participate in. Kurono has been made the chairman to reorganize the academy, and the room assignment is the first step. By putting students with similar skill level in the same rooms, which will naturally spark competition between students. Ikki though claims that then putting Ikki and Stella in the same room is even weirder, since Stella is an A-Rank prodigy, while Ikki is an F-Rank who is repeating his first year. Hearing Ikki's rank and that his repeating shocks Stella even more, making her even angrier about sharing a room with him. Kurono however explains that there's no one as amazing as Stella, and no one as miserable as Ikki, making them leftovers, who can be paired with only each other. Despite their protests, Kurono refuses to change Ikki's and Stella's rooms. This causes Stella to accept living with Ikki, although she has three rules, which include not speaking, not opening his eyes and not breathing. Hearing these rules, Ikki protests, as they are simply ridiculous. Kurono then suggests that they should have a mock battle to decide the argument between Ikki and Stella. Ikki accepts the suggestion without hesitation, shocking Stella, due to the fact that an F-Rank like Ikki won't have a chance against a powerful knight like Stella. Stella too accepts the battle, and it's decided that the loser will become a slave to the winner, and will need to follow their every command. Ikki also discusses the upcoming mock battle with Kurono, with Ikki being somewhat nervous about the battle, while Kurono reminds him that Ikki will meet opponents like Stella in the Festival, which intends on participating in.

As Stella and Ikki are standing in the arena where the mock battle will be held, the other students whisper about them. Stella speaks to Ikki, saying that he would probably be better off if he gave up becoming a Mage-Knight, and would take up regular jobs. Ikki though is not bothered by this, as he has made the effort to face Stella. Hearing Ikki speak of effort, Stella thinks about how she hates people who think that hard work can overcome raw talent, as when they lose to talented people like Stella, they always claim how they worked hard, but couldn't beat talent, as if the talented didn't work hard. The match is then declared to start, with both combatants manifesting their Devices.

Stella dashes towards Ikki, delivering a powerful strike powered by flames, which Ikki manages to evade. Ikki attempts to back off and create distance between them, but Stella quickly catches up to him, by using her magic to increase her speed. Ikki notes that this kind of monstrous power and speed can only be achieved by an A-Rank, noting that even most of the winners of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival have been B-Ranks or C-Ranks. They then clash their blades, with Ikki being pushed back, barely defending against Stella's fierce attacks. However, Stella senses something strange about the situation, as Ikki shouldn't be able to stand up to her powerful attacks, but Stella herself is sweating. Stella then realizes that she is actually being set up. Ikki then uses the force of one of Stella's slashes to leap backwards, creating distance between them. Seeing Ikki's calculative gaze, Stella realizes that he is attempting to understand Stella's Imperial Sword Style. Stella says that Ikki won't be able to see through her swordsmanship, but Ikki responds that he has already seen through it.

Ikki then charges at Stella, his first attack in the match. Ikki's attack shouldn't be strong enough to face Stella, but surprisingly Stella gets pushed back. Stella realizes that Ikki has copied her swordsmanship, which has increased his strength. Ikki explains that when he was young, no one would teach him anything, so he was forced to steal the techniques of other people. This is Ikki's tactic, which involves copying the swordsmanship of his opponent, and then overcoming that swordsmanship and fixing it's errors. This technique is called Blade Steal. Ikki notes that Stella's technique is extremely precise, as it took Ikki two minutes to copy it, and thirty seconds to overcome it.

Using Stella's swordsmanship, Ikki manages to push Stella back. Stella though is not helpless, as she decides to use the fact that Ikki knows her swordsmanship in her advantage, by using a move not belonging to her normal style. Stella then performs a faint, which tricks Ikki, opening him up for an attack. However, as Stella attempts to hit Ikki, Ikki manages to block the strike with the hilt of his sword. Ikki notes that the move was unnatural for Stella, as he then pushes her back and slashes her. However, Ikki's attack is stopped by Stella's magic which forms a shield around her, called 'Empress Dress'. Stella is disappointed in herself, as she wished to defeat Ikki with just skill, without using her magical abilities. However, Ikki has forced her to rely on them. Stella recognizes Ikki's skill, intending on swiftly end the battle out of respect. Stella then raises her sword, intending on using her strongest Noble Art, 'Katharterio Salamandra', transforming her blade into a pillar of flames. Ikki tells that his sister always said that he could be anything else except a Mage-Knight so he should aim for that. Ikki thinks that maybe his sister was right, as he clearly lacks any talent, but he cannot step down, as becoming a knight is his dream, and if he gave up he couldn't forgive himself for breaking the promise that binds them. Ikki then declares that he will defeat Stella's with his greatest weakness.

Suddenly; Stella senses that Ikki's power has begun to increase. Stella attempts to slash Ikki with Katharterio Salamandra, but Ikki suddenly disappears, moving too fast for Stella to see. Attempting to launch another attack at Ikki, the boy evades again, with none of Stella's attacks being able to hit him. Ikki explains that his ability is to double his magical power, which is normally a near useless ability. However. Ikki has managed to create a Noble Art, which allows him to put all of his strength into a single minute. This technique is called 'Ittou Shura'. Ikki then charges for Stella, using his increased power to slash through Stella's 'Empress Dress', and winning the match. Stella collapses after being hit by Ikki's Device in it's "Illusionary Form", which cuts her stamina.

Stella later wakes up in the hospital room, where Kurono is also present. As Stella is disappointed over losing, Kurono assures her, saying that Ikki defeated even her, although with a handicap. Stella asks how Ikki is, with Kurono telling that he's fine, as he was able to leave some energy in reserve. Stella questions how someone like Ikki could be ranked F, to which Kurono explains that the current ranking system evaluates one's Blazer abilities, and not physical abilities and skills, which makes a knight like Ikki ranked low. Stella though asks why Ikki was unable to graduate, as a country would appreciate a strong Blazer like him. Kurono however tells that Ikki is part of the Kurogane Family, a powerful Japanese Blazer family, established by the hero Ryoma Kurogane. The family doesn't want to make it widely known that they have an F-Rank knight in their ranks, which is why they have been pressuring the academy to not let Ikki graduate. Stella thinks how she believes that believing in one's own values and striving for what you dream of can be very hard, something she herself knows. Stella asks what is pushing Ikki to try so hard, but Kurono is unable to answer. Kurono then reminds Stella of why she came to Japan, that being to not forget that there's still a level above her. Kurono believes that she might be able to reach this level by chasing Ikki. Kurono also suggests that Stella should get to know Ikki better.

Stella enters hers and Ikki's room, where Ikki is currently asleep. Driven by her intrigue, Stella approaches Ikki, touching his body. Touching Ikki's back, Stella feels that Ikki's body is really strong. However, Ikki turns around in sleep, causing Stella's hand to get stuck under him. Stella is forced to climb up on the bed, to move Ikki away from atop her hand, also noticing Ikki's well trained chest and belly. Unable to fight her curiosity, Stella touches Ikki's abdomen. This causes Stella to sweat, and feel a bit dizzy, being unable to stop. However, Ikki soon wakes up, questioning what Stella is doing. This causes Stella to jump up and injure her head. After treating Stella's injury, Stella tells Ikki that she heard about the situation with his family, asking why he wishes so hard to be a Mage-Knight. Ikki explains that when he was a child, he met with Ryoma Kurogane, who encourages Ikki to not become a boring adult, who gives up and calls it maturity, but instead become a person that never gives up. Hearing this, Stella is amazed, although uncertain if Ikki will ever reach his dream. Ikki then reminds Stella that since he won the duel, Stella will now be his slave. Remembering this, Stella gets nervous, worried about what Ikki will do, calling him a pervert and an idiot. However, Ikki only requests for her to be his friend, which Stella accepts. as they shake hands. Ikki then notices that he overslept, as the dining halls have already closed. Stella suggests that she'll make something, since she is Ikki's slave, which Ikki accepts due to Stella's persistence. As they head to the supermarket, Stella also orders Ikki to call her just Stella instead of Stella-san, which Ikki reluctantly agrees with.

Chapter 2: Visitor from that Former Home

Ikki and Stella have just finished their twenty kilometer run, with Stella doing far better, as she previously passed out and threw up. Ikki offers Stella a water bottle, which he previously drank from, which causes Stella to be flustered, as drinking from the bottle would be an indirect kiss. Despite this, Stella still drinks from the bottle. Ikki then notes that the opening ceremony will be held shortly, which makes Ikki happy. Stella questions his good mood, with Ikki telling her that his sister is coming to attend the school. Stella quickly asks if they are related by blood, to which Ikki says yes, calming Stella.

The first year students are then greeted by their teacher, Yuuri Oreki, who is very enthusiastic. Oreki informs them of the new way of selecting representatives for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. The students will face each other in selection matches, with the students needing to win at least ten matches to become representatives. The students are allowed to withdraw from the matches, but Oreki encourages everyone to participate, as the new system gives everyone a chance to compete in the Festival. Suddenly, Oreki starts vomiting blood, with Ikki helping her and explaining the Oreki is very unhealthy and sick. Ikki carries Oreki to the hospital room, telling her that she probably disturbed the students more than encouraged them.

As Ikki returns from taking Oreki away, he is met by Kagami Kusakabe, the head of Hagun's newspaper club, who says that she's a fan of Ikki. This shocks Ikki, as he has been largely unknown up to this point. Kagami revels that the duel between Ikki and Stella has been posted to the internet, and gained a lot of attention, which has made Ikki pretty popular, especially with the girls of his class. Kagami wishes to make an article about Ikki, with Ikki being against the idea. Kagami attempts to persuade Ikki into doing an interview, even pressing herself against Ikki. However, a bunch of boys from the class approach Ikki wanting to talk with him. The boys are annoyed at Ikki, for garnering so much attention, trying to intimidate him. The boys then manifest their Devices, and attack Ikki. Ikki however, easily fends them off, managing to disarm all of them. Just then, a girl comes in, applauding Ikki's performance. This girl is in fact Ikki's sister, Shizuku Kurogane.

Ikki rushes towards his little sister, greeting her. Shizuku tells that she has wanted to see him for a long time, kissing him, shocking everyone present, especially Stella. Ikki questions Shizuku's actions, with Shizuku saying that there's nothing weird about the action, as they have a strong bond between siblings, and showing their love is normal. As Shizuku attempts to kiss Ikki again, Stella stops her, who demands that Ikki get a hold of himself. Stella and Shizuku argue, with Shizuku saying that, even if her actions were weird, Stella has no business in a matter between Shizuku and Ikki. Stella declares that she is Ikki's slave, and she won't allow her master to become a perverted and shunned individual. Shizuku is shocked by the revolution, refusing to believe Stella. However, as Ikki tells that it's true, Shizuku instead starts believing that Stella has manipulated Ikki. Shizuku and Stella then manifest their Devices, and clash with each other, resulting in the classroom getting destroyed. The other teachers quickly stop the fight, with both Stella and Shizuku being put under one week of house arrest.

Later, in Ikki's and Stella's room, Stella accuses Ikki of previously not doing anything about Shizuku trying to kiss him. Ikki admits that he was captivated by Shizuku, as she has grown so much since their childhood. Ikki the decides to take a shower to cool himself off. Stella though, being nervous that Ikki isn't interested in girls like her, decides to also enter the shower, wearing a bikini, wanting to wash Ikki's body. Despite Ikki's objections, he is forced to agree, with Stella starting to wash him. As she washes Ikki, both of them are very embarrassed by the situation. Stella then asks if Ikki likes girls with breast, which greatly shocks Ikki, although he answers positively. Hearing Ikki's response, Stella presses her breasts against his back, before quickly running away, and leaving Ikki confused.

Chapter 3: Rebellion

Shizuku thinks about how her love for Ikki has grown in the past four years, that they have been separated. This is due to further seeing the distaste of the Kurogane Family towards Ikki, with even Ikki's parents completely ignoring him. Realizing this, Shizuku now wishes to give Ikki all of the love, that his family won't give. However, Shizuku's plans had been threatened by the presence of Stella Vermillion, who Shizuku knows also has feelings for Ikki, and is attempting to seduce him. Even now, when Shizuku invited him to movies with her, Stella has butted in. Currently, Shizuku is preparing for the "date", with the help of her roommate Arisuin, who is combing Shizuku's hair. Despite Shizuku being rather shy and mistrusting towards others, she has told Arisuin about her feelings for Ikki, trusting him. Shizuku asks Arisuin, if it's weird for a sister to love her brother. Arisuin says that under common sense it is, as society will never accept it, but if Shizuku loves her brother despite that, then her love is real, and answer which satisfies Shizuku. Arisuin notes that Shizuku is at a disadvantage when it comes to gaining Ikki's affection, as she will need to become a woman in his eyes instead of a sister, but Stella on the other hand also has a disadvantage, due to her social status. Arisuin also says that he will support Shizuku and even asks to accompany her on her meeting with Ikki and Stella, jokingly saying that if Ikki turns out to be as interesting as Shizuku has said, Arisuin might try for him too. This momentarily worries Shizuku, but Arisuin quickly explains that he was just joking.

Ikki and Stella are waiting for Shizuku and Arisuin to go to the movies. Ikki notes that Stella was rather aggressive about coming with them, with Stella saying that she needs to make sure that Ikki doesn't do anything immoral with Shizuku. Stella says that Ikki has been captivated by his younger sister, which Ikki attempts to deny. Just then, Shizuku arrives, wearing a beautiful dress and having a fantastic appearance. Stella is shocked by Shizuku's beautiful appearance, claiming that she must have a stylist, but Shizuku explains that she simply got help from her roommate. Arisuin then also arrives, shocking both Ikki and Stella, as contrary to their beliefs, Arisuin turns out to be a boy instead of a girl. Arisuin introduces himself as Nagi Arisuin, Shizuku's roommate. Ikki and Stella are very confused, Nagi is very girlish, but still clearly a male. Nagi explains that he is a maiden born in a man's body, though this further confuses Ikki and Stella. Nagi though says that people are often troubled when meeting him, although Shizuku wasn't bothered by this. They then decide that they should spend some time together, before going to the movies, with Stella and Shizuku immediately staring to bicker about Ikki.

They go to a shopping mall, with Nagi serving as the guide, due to him being knowledgeable about the area. Nagi, Stella and Shizuku quickly bond together, while Ikki is sadly left out, due to not knowing much about the topics they discuss. When they are all eating some sweets, Shizuku accidentally slips some cream on her cheek, which Ikki brushes away with his finger, embarrassing Shizuku. Seeing this, Stella attempts to get Ikki do the same thing to her, covering her face in cream. However, Ikki simply goes to get a towel, as there is so much cream. They attempt to decide a movie to watch, eventually settling on an action movie after much discussion. Ikki and Nagi then head to the washroom, while Stella and Shizuku stay to buy the tickets. On the way to the washroom, Nagi teases Ikki about them now finally being alone, which makes Ikki a little nervous. Ikki says that he wanted to talk about Nagi's relationship with Shizuku, and what she told about Ikki. Nagi tells that Shizuku told about Ikki's past, and how he was shunned by his family. Nagi notes that he believes that Ikki is a person who is used to pain, something that Nagi has experience in himself. Suddenly however, Nagi's expression hardens, telling Ikki to quickly follow him to the washroom. As they run, Ikki starts hearing gunshots.

Two men bare into the washroom, and shoot everything there. Ikki and Nagi however are protected by Nagi's ability to control shadows, which lets them hide in the shadows. After the men leave, Nagi guesses that the men are soldiers of the terrorist organization, Rebellion, who enforce the superiority of Blazers over normal humans. Ikki then contacts the director of Hagun Academy, Kurono, informing her of the situation. Kurono reveals that she is already aware of the situation, telling Ikki that a number of Rebellion soldiers have taken everyone in the mall hostages, and allowing him and the other students to use their Devices. Nagi then uses his Noble Art, 'Shadow Walk', to transport him and Ikki above the hostages. Stella and Shizuku are also with the hostages, waiting for a time to act.

Suddenly, a young child charges at one of the soldiers, telling him to not bully his mom, accidentally spilling ice cream on him. The child's mother then attempts to protect her child, as the soldier fires his gun at them. Luckily Stella steps in, blocking the bullets with her 'Empress Dress'. The soldiers are shocked by the presence of a Blazer, but Stella tells them to calm down, wanting to speak with their unit leader, who she guesses is also a Blazer. The leader, then reveals himself, introducing himself as Bishou. Bishou then threatens the life of the child that dropped ice cream on one of the soldiers, purposely luring Stella into attacking. As Stella attacks, Bishou uses his Device 'Judgement Ring' to absorb the force of Stella's slash and releases it, launching Stella away. Bishou then suggests that if Stella wants to save the life of the child and the other hostages she will have to take all of her clothes off.

Hearing Bishou's suggestion, Ikki is very angered. Stella though agrees, as long as the other hostages are saved. As she begins to remove her clothes, Ikki attempts to attack the solders, only to be stopped by Nagi's Noble Art, 'Shadow Bind'. Nagi explains that Shizuku is preparing a water barrier, which will protect the hostages. If Ikki were to intervene now, everyone would be in danger. Shizuku then manages to complete her preparations, activating her Noble Art 'Shouha Suiren', which protects all of the hostages with a water barrier. This allows Ikki to jump down, and activate 'Ittou Shura'. Ikki uses his seventh secret sword technique, Raikou, to cut off Bishou's arm with the 'Judgement Ring'. Meanwhile, Nagi and Stella take care of the other soldiers. Ikki quickly rushes at Stella, apologizing for not being able to help quicker.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers is still revealed to be standing, taking one of the people hostage, pointing a gun at them. However, the soldier is pierced by a magic arrow, fired by another Blazer. This Blazer is revealed to be a second year student of Hagun Academy, "Hunter" Shizuya Kirihara, Ikki's former bully. Kirihara is also one of the most famous students of the school, although he is very unfriendly. He taunts the other students, especially Ikki, calling him a coward, which infuriates Stella. Kirihara then proposes a wager, revealing that he and Ikki will face each other in their first selection match. Kirihara suggests that if Ikki wins, Kirihara will take back everything he said about Ikki, but if Kirihara wins, Stella will become Kirihara's girlfriend. Ikki is uneasy about the wager, but Stella immediately accepts it. After Kirihara leaves however, Ikki reveals to Stella that Kirohara is possibly the worst opponent for him.

Chapter 4: Debut Battle

The Hagun selection battles, have begun with Shizuku easily defeating her opponent Shigenobu Suga, by using ultra-pure water that is resistant to lightning, and Stella winning her match against Takeshi Momotani, without even fighting. Nagi also wins his match against an E-Rank student in ten seconds. Ikki congratulates Stella on her victory, although he was unable to watch it, instead watching Shizuku's and Nagi's matches. Ikki is currently watching a record footage of Kirihara's first match in the previous Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, which he won thanks to his 'Area Invisibility', which makes Kirihara invisible to his opponent. However, Kirihara withdrew from th Festival during the second round, as he would have faced an opponent that used wide-range attacks, which 'Area Invisibility' is weak against. These tactics gained Kirihara his nickname, the "Hunter". Kirihara is the worst opponent for Ikki, as Ikki doesn't have many ways to deal with 'Area Invisibility', although he does have a plan. Ikki and Stella then head to the dining hall to eat.

During the night, Ikki wakes up to a terrible dream, about his past year. Ikki thinks about his past in the school, remembering how he was shunned by everyone, especially by Kirihara who spread gossip about him, harassed him and even attacked him once, trying to persuade him into attacking, which would get Ikki expelled. Kirihara's actions were the main reason for Ikki's bad treatment among the students. Ikki reminds himself that everything is different from that time, as no one is now hindering Ikki.

As the selection battles continue, Ikki enters his waiting room, before the match, wanting to concentrate on the battle. As the match is about to begin, Ikki is greeted by Nene Saikyo, a teacher of Hagun Academy and one of the front runners of the KOK A-League. Nene tells Ikki that she has been looking forward to meeting Ikki, having come to Hagun Academy for that reason. Nene then suddenly moves next to Ikki, without him noticing, and suggests that they'd have a special lesson in Nene's room. However, Kurono then enters, apologizing to Ikki for Nene's behavior and demanding Nene to leave. Ikki then focuses on the upcoming match. As the match starts, Ikki still gets nervous, with his vision shaking and seeing flashing colors. Luckily. Ikki manages to regain his consciousness, stepping on the arena.

The announcers, one of them being Nene, introduce the combatants and declares the match started. Both Ikki and Kirihara manifest their Devices, with Kirihara using a bow named 'Oborotsuki'. Kirihara immediately activates his 'Area Invisibility', turning himself invisible for Ikki. Kirihara attempts to shoot Ikki, but Ikki blocks the attack, and charges towards the spot where the arrow was fired. It's revealed that Ikki's plan is to trace the arrows, to find Kirihara. Kirihara though manages to barely dodge Ikki's slash. Kirihara is not intimidate by Ikki's tactic, revealing that he can actually make his arrows invisible as well, using this to shoot Ikki. This new ability leaves Ikki with no ways to counter.

In the audience, Nagi, Shizuku and Stella are watching the match, commenting on Kirihara's powerful ability. Stella though says that there's something weird about Ikki, questioning why Ikki didn't attack immediately as the match started, before Kirihara used 'Area Invisibility'. Shizuku believes that Ikki wanted to act carefully, but Stella responds by noting that the strain from constantly trying to dodge attacks, he cannot know the angle of will be very exhausting, something Ikki should have known. Nagi then explains that Ikki must be very nervous about the battle, something he isn't used to, which in turn causes Ikki to make mistakes. Realizing this, Stella blames herself for not noticing this, although being so close to Ikki.

Ten minutes pass, with Ikki being unable to hit Kirihara, while himself getting repeatedly shot. Ikki attempts to come up with another strategy, but is unable to regain his composure. Kirihara mocks Ikki, starting to call the parts of Ikki's parts that he will shoot. Kirihara begins to taunt Ikki in front of the crowd, making fun of him and making everyone doubt Ikki. Hearing people laugh at him, Ikki almost gives up, but he is encouraged by Stella, who shouts above the crowd. She tells everyone to stop making fun of Ikki, and judge him by his own actions, and not the words of others, even declaring her love to Ikki. Stella then yells at Ikki, to always be cool in front of her. Hearing Stella, Ikki regains his courage, standing up to fight Kirihara.

Ikki activates his Noble Art, 'Ittou Shura', ready to fight Kirihara. Ikki then uses a new technique, called 'Perfect Vision', which lets him figure out the placement of Kirihara and his arrows, by observing everything around him. Ikki then catches one of Kirihara's arrows, shocking everyone. Ikki then charges at Kirihara, blocking and dodging all of his arrows. Kirihara even uses another Noble Art, 'Million Rain', which shoots hundreds of livers of iron at Ikki, though none of them can hit Ikki. As Ikki approaches, Kirihara starts to panic, begging Ikki not to hit hurt him, as he is afraid of pain. Ikki then reaches Kirihara, slightly touching his skin with his sword, which causes Kirihara to fall unconscious. Ikki is then declared the winner of the match. Kirihara's embarrassing defeat, makes the audience see him in a new light, realizing that he is a coward. Ikki is also taken into the hospital room.

Nagi talks with Shizuku, being surprised that she isn't going to the hospital room, like Stella. Shizuku though lets Stella to go alone, as she helped Ikki win. Nagi and Shizuku then head out, to get a drink. Nene Saikyo is then seen with the Hagun student council, talking about the match. The student council includes, the vice-president "Fifty-Fifty" Utakata Misogi, the treasurer "Scharlach Frau" Kanata Totokubara, the secretary "Destroyer" Ikazuchi Saijou and the general affairs manager "Running High" Renren Tomaru. They note that it's unfortunate that the president isn't there, as she would probably be interested about Ikki, although she is far stronger than he currently is.

Epilogue: A Moonlight Vow

Ikki wakes up in the hospital room, with Stella snoozing on a chair beside him. Wandering how long Stella has been there, Ikki notices some drool dripping down her. mouth. Ikki pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the drool of, accidentally waking up Stella. Stella quickly realizes the situation, and gets embarrassed for being in such a state. To add to her embarrassment, Stella's stomach starts growling, as she is hungry. Ikki then apologizes for making Stella worry, noting that Stella must have been next to him the entire time he was unconscious. Stella though says that it's her duty as Ikki's slave, claiming it's not a big deal. Despite this Ikki still thanks Stella, and tells her that he too loves her, in response to Stella's claim during his match. This shocks Stella, man her fall off her chair, embarrassed, and pointing out that nothing can become of their love, as Stella is a princess of a foreign country, while Ikki is a commoner shunned by his own family. Ikki though tells that he knows this, but still wants to admit his feelings. Stella then orders Ikki to close his eyes, and kisses him on the cheek. Stella tells that she too loves Ikki, and doesn't care about their social statuses. Ikki and Stella decide to become a couple, although not in public. They also make a promise to go to the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival together, and face each other in a rematch.