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Mage-Knight Schools are special schools designed specifically for Blazers. They are an integral part of the Mage-Knight System.


Mage-Knight Schools are schools that train upcoming student knights, to become full-grown Blazers. There are a number of schools around the world, with just Japan having seven. Most schools do not have entrance exams, and any person with the qualities of a "knight" is accepted. However, some schools like Hagun Academy, do take students selectively, requiring a certain Rank. Most schools require the students to pay tuition fee and other expenses, but there are also schools that do not require these fees.

Most students are either E or D-Rank, with even five C-Ranks in 250 students is considered many. B-Ranks are considered very rare, while some schools never have A-Rank students. There are also special events, in which different schools compete, such as the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival in Japan.



Vermillion Empire

  • Vermillion Magic Institute