Magic also known as Mana is the source of every Blazers' powers.


Magical power is tied to fate, as such a Blazer's power is fixed from birth and is officially impossible to increase. However, some individuals are capable of going through an 'awakening' and become Desperados, beings that have broken the chains of fate and possess massive magical power.


A Blazer can use their magic in many ways. Blazers can use their magic to increase their strength and speed by concentrating their magic at the fix part of their bodies, and it varies depending on the amount of magic an individual possesses. Blazers use Mana to power their Noble Arts and can also act as as a barrier. A Blazer constantly shielded with magic couldn't be beaten without an attack empowered by equal magic or more.

Training Edit

There are multiple ways to train areas of one's magic. Some train their mana control by using their magic to mold a special clay. Some train mana emission by pushing the pistons of huge press machines with their whole body. There are also methods of trainings that are difficult to do. One example is running on a pool with raging current while creating scaffold that extends to the bottom of the pool with their mana, which is considered one of the most difficult ways to train mana control. Some Blazers also devised their own original method of training. Edelweiss devised a method to greatly improve mana control by training on the top of a snow mountain with harsh conditions which helps Ikki able to use mana defense effectively while performing superhuman physical movements at the same time.

Techniques Edit

Mana Defense: A technique where the user uses their mana to protect themselves from physical attacks. The defensive power and the amount of area covered by the technique varies, depending on the power and control of one's mana.

Mana Emission: A technique where the user releases their mana to accelerate and improve themselves. It's a basic enhancement technique that many Blazers use unconsciously.