Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Wiki

Magic is also known as Mana is the source of every Blazers' power.


Magic is a power, which surpasses logic and is the power to change the world, though a person's magic power is determined and fixed at the moment of birth and it can't be increased no matter the kind of training a Blazer does in their life. Their limit in magic is also explained as being the potential that the world would permit them with and Blazers who reach the peak of their potential wouldn't be able to get stronger than that, a number of them would even witness black chains holding them back. Though Edelweiss had further elaborated that despite all Blazers being prisoners of their fate, they were also protected by it and would be able to continue living their normal lives.


However, there are individuals who ignored their fate and are described as, ignoring the warning of the gods and stepped outside of their fate; stepping into the domain of demonic beings through reaching their own Brute Soul or Awakening becoming a Desperado, beings who exist outside of the fate and as such are able to increase the upper limits of their magic power based on their training.

Pseudo Mana

Although normal Blazers cannot increase their magic unlike Desperados, Blazers who are apart of the Natural Interference System are able to do so through amassing magic power from their respective elements turning it into pseudo-mana, allowing them to use more magic then they normally could.


Blazers are able to use their magic power in a number of ways, like being able to increase their physical attributes such as their strength and speed through applying their magic power based on the magic power they possess. An example of this would be Stella who has thirty times the amount of a normal Blazer and was could multiply all her physical attributes by five to six times and even more. Magic Power is also required to power their Noble Arts.

There are also two known basic techniques Blazers are able to use:

Mana Defense: A technique, in which a Blazer is able to protect themselves from physical attacks and its overall effectiveness as well as its usage is based on the amount of magic power a person and/or their control. A Blazer that is almost constantly shielded by their magic power cannot be harmed unless struck by a person with equal or greater magic power.

Mana Emission: A technique, in which a Blazer releases their magic power in order to accelerate and improve themselves. This is a basic technique, which Blazers use unconsciously.


Though there isn't any method for increasing ones' magic power, there are several other methods for training their magic control. Several of these methods include using their magic to control to mold a special clay and a method to train their mana emission by pushing the pistons of a huge press machine using their whole body, which is one of the basic training methods.

There are several difficult training methods. One example is running on a poll with the raging currents while also creating a scaffold that extends to the bottom of the poll using their magic, which is among the most difficult to do.

There are Blazers who devise their own original training method.

Edelweiss devised a training method on the peaks of Edelberg, which has extreme frigid conditions 9,350 meters above seal level, where one concentrates their magic power inside of their body, then balance on the pointed end sharpened from the permafrost or else the point will pierce their flesh and bond. Edelweiss trained Ikki using this method so that he could regulate Ittou Shura, although, he couldn't hold for the full hour, she stated that he was able to increase its power threefold.