Mamoru Akaza
Akaza smirking wickedly
Kana 赤座 守あかざ まもる
Romaji Akaza Mamoru
Gender Male
Nickname/s Red Tanuki
Device Unnamed Hatchet Device
Personal Status
Relatives Kurogane Family
Affiliations League of Mage-Knight Nations Japan Branch Ethics Committee (Former Chairman)
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese)
James Belcher (English)

Mamoru Akaza is a branch member of the Kurogane Family. He was previously a part of the League of Mage-Knight Nations Japan Branch Ethics Committee and was the committee's previous chairman.


Akaza is an obese middle-age man with an Ebisu-like face.


Akaza has shown to be very cruel, greedy and uncaring person, having basically tortured Ikki in a very heinous manner, in order to gain a promotion from Ikki's father Itsuki, not even caring if Ikki had died or not. He has also shown to be very ruthless in his strive to gain a promotion, as he had tried to take Ikki's life where he went as far as to use drugs.


Not much is known about Akaza's past except he joined the League of Mage-Knight League Japan Branch becoming the chairman of the Ethics committee.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Incident at Okutama Edit

Akaza had first appeared in Itsuki's office, and had offered Itsuki a way to get Ikki out of the tournament, and suppressing Ikki's efforts to becoming a knight.

Akaza is then seen at the inn where the student council, as well as Ikki and Stella were staying during their investigation of Okutama. He had brought news about public knowledge of Stella and Ikki's relationship, and had told Ikki to come with him, to which Ikki agreed to.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Akaza had taken Ikki to the ethics committee where they had put him through torturous arrangements, giving little food as well as poisoning the food they gave him. Due to Akaza's efforts as well as showing Ikki there was no way around it, Ikki had agreed to the fight against Tohka as his final selection battle, even in the poor state that he was in.

Akaza had arrived at the match and had watched as Ikki was able to defeat Tohka in one swing, much to Akaza's dismay. Akaza had, in desperation, tried to make an attempt on Ikki's life by trying to fight him, directly after Ikki's match with Tohka. He was, however, unable to as Stella had slapped him through the ring entrance and to the ring, leaving him unconscious. He was later ousted from his position.


Unnamed Hatchet Device: When attempting to attack the unconscious Ikki, Akaza materializes a hatchet Device.