Blow them away, Mictlan · Tormenta.
—Naseem Al-Salem
Naseem Al-Salem
Naseem color
Gender Male
Nickname/s Haboob (lit. Desert God of Death/Dust Storm )
Strongest Mercenary in History
World's Strongest Warmonger
Hair Color Dark Brown
Device Toxcatl
Personal Status
Affiliations Or-Gaule
Team Cradleland
Status Imprisoned in another dimension.
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Naseem Al-Salem, known infamously as "Haboob" (lit. "Desert God of Death"), is the strongest mercenary in history, who mainly operates in the Middle-East. He is currently working with Or-Gaule.

Appearance Edit

Naseem is a tall well-built man with black unkempt hair. unshaven face and wearing black clothing and sunglasses.

Personality Edit

Naseem is a very confident person, who doesn't take weaker opponents seriously. He also is a very cruel person, having killed thousands of people. Naseem greatly enjoys a good fight.

Despite his mercilessness, Naseem seems to have some sense of honor and respect and would praise strong opponents like Nene Saikyo. He wished to meet a strong enemy that would satisfy his bloodlust and have a battle of life and death with him. Nene sees Naseem as very similar to her younger self.

History Edit

Though Naseem's exact past is not known, he claims to have born from the belly of a woman who got hit with a bomb, in a place where dictators and rebels had fought wars for half a century. These extreme conditions lead him to develop a sixth sense, called Super War Sensitivity, and presumably become extremely strong. During a certain time he reached his awakening (Brute Soul) and became a Desperado. 

Naseem has taken down many countries, as a mercenary, in his past acquiring a vast fortune. It is said that the number of countries he destroyed and the number of people he killed are uncountable. He also faced Edelweiss in the Middle East as a government mercenary, possibly during a certain incident.

At some point, Or-Gaule contacted him to recruit him in destroying Vermillion and Cradleland.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Night of Massacre Edit

LN Vol 11 illustration 1

Naseem, All-Goal, Ein and Big Baby

It's shown in a flashback that Naseem participated in the destruction of Rebellion's headquarters, along with Or-Gaule, Ein and Big Baby. He saved Or-Gaule from Wallenstein by killing him. He scolded Or-Gaule for not taking the fight seriously. They then meet Ein and Big Baby who had killed 7 of the other 12 Apostles. They all then head for Cradleland, which Or-Gaule takes control over.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Naseem later participates in the Battle of Kardia between Cradleland forces led by Or-Gaule and Vermillion forces. He defeats Daniel Dandalion and numerous other Vermillion soldiers, with only his left hand. He then confronts Stella Vermillion and proclaims he will defeat her too with only his left hand.

Naseem manages to overwhelm Stella, even while the latter is using Dragon Spirit. Stella tries to hit Naseem, but her attack has no effect. Stella then claims she has figured out Naseem's ability, which is the ability to manipulate sand, in order to enhance his attacks and turn his body into sand. Naseem though laughs at this, claiming his ability is not something so cheap. He then takes out his right hand and Stella is taken over by a sinister aura, which makes her unable to move. Naseem then attacks Stella, but just then a meteor falls towards Naseem, which he managed to block. This is revealed to be Nene Saikyo's Hadou Tensei, as she has just arrived to the battlefield.

Naseem and Nene then confront each other, with Nene actually managing to hit Naseem by hardening Naseem's body with her gravity manipulation. Naseem then activates his true ability of moisture absorption, which destroys all things. Before Naseem and Nene can continue their battle though, they are interrupted by Lunaeyes' declaration that the tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland will be held to decide the fates of the two countries.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After the announcement, Naseem angrily charges at Or-Gaule, who is there along with Lunaeyes. Naseem questions why Or-Gaule agreed to the tournament, blaming him for stopping his fight. Or-Gaule though notes that Naseem will be able to fight Nene in the upcoming tournament without anyone intervening. This calms Naseem down, as he then leaves the battlefield. Naseem, along with Or-Gaule, Ein, Big Baby and Johann, is announced as Cradleland's representatives in the tournament.

Fight Under the Moonlight Edit

LN Vol 13 illustration 2

Naseem fighting Carlo

On the day of the tournament, 300 thousand soldiers of the League gather on the border between Cradleland and Poland, lead by a Polish general named Daluege. It has been planned, that if Vermillion's representatives lose the tournament, Ascarid will use one of the knives of Norman Creed to teleport the forces into the capital, to apprehend Or-Gaule and his allies. The forces are, however, met by Naseem, who has come to tell them to leave. Daluege and his forces refuse, instead opening fire on Naseem. However, they are unable to even wound Naseem who can turn to sand at any movement. Naseem then goes on annihilating the League forces, even overpowering the special Blazer unit with his Mictlan · Tormenta, which creates a sandstorm that turns the Blazers to sand by absorbing all moisture from them. Just then a flash of blue appears, destroying the sandstorm and wounding Naseem on his cheek. This attack was fired by an Italian Blazer named Carlo Bertoni, who is the "trump card" of the League forces and the 2nd ranked in the KOK A-League.

Naseem then engages Carlo, who uses his banned Noble Art, Shield Arts - Adrian Blue, to create a giant whirlpool to trap Naseem. Due to Carlo being the greatest water user in history, he has a natural advantage against Naseem's moisture absorption ability. However, despite the disadvantage, Naseem manages to push through Carlo's attacks, showing his unstoppable power by overpowering Carlo's ability. Naseem's monstrous power terrifies Carlo, causing him to panic, with Naseem using this opportunity to crush his skull and kill him. Naseem then destroys a quarter of the entire League forces.

LN Vol 13 illustration 3

Naseem vs Nene

Imperial War Outbreak Edit

When the day of the tournament finally arrives, Naseem, along with the rest of Team Cradleland confront Team Vermillion in the capital of Cradleland, Lucier, that is used as the setting of their battle. As the tournament begins, Naseem uses his abilities to create a sandstorm that sends everyone flying all over the city except him and Nene. Naseem then faces Nene, their clash alone creating giant shockwaves.

Showdown between Demonic Beings Edit

Naseem and Nene trade blows, matching each other's techniques. Naseem is able to intercept Nene's combat dance style, while Nene is able to avoid Naseem's powerful strikes through her Noble Art, Yaksha Kagura, while being able to counter his Super War Sensitivity, by controlling her emotions. Their battle causes the land around them to be turned into a wasteland within a 3-kilometer radius.

LN Vol 14 illustration 4

The demonic Nene licking Naseem's wounds, playing with him

Naseem declares that he and Nene are similar, monsters covered in human skin without moral feelings, with Naseem being thrilled to have found a person capable of killing him. Naseem then activates his Excessive Awakening, a transformation which even Nene thought to be a rumor. In his Excessive Awakening state, Naseem is able to overpower Nene due to his powers increasing greatly. Nene is even forced to cut off her own arm to avoid her body being completely dried. In the end, Naseem's Mictlan · Tormenta is able to overwhelm Nene's Hadou Tensei, with him hitting Nene directly with Dead End Blow and breaking her Device. However, instead of killing her, Naseem's attack breaks her ego as a human, causing Nene's own Excessive Awakening to manifest, something which greatly excites Naseem.

Nene, now without restrains, then clashes with Naseem, managing to match his power. Nene is eventually able to exceed Naseem's power, which shocks Naseem, due to him believing that Nene grew up in a much less dangerous environment.

Memory that Can't be Casted Away Edit

As Nene continues to beat up Naseem, she remembers her early days and her first meeting with Kurono, causing her to deactivate her Excessive Awakening form. Naseem is confused by her actions, but Nene says that the Excessive Awakening form is not how she wants to win her fights. Nene resorts to using a brand new Noble Art, Kanamegaeshi, which causes Naseem to be drawn in a special Calabi-Yau space where he will be trapped forever. Realizing his fate, Naseem pleads for Nene to spare him, but ultimately completely disappears.

Abilities Edit

LN Vol 14 illustration 2

Naseem entering his Excessive Awakening

Desperado: Naseem is a Desperado, a being that has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado Naseem has far greater magic power than ordinary Blazers. As he exists outside of fate, Naseem also is very capable of influencing other people and the world itself, being able to completely stop opponents in their tracks and overtake them with fear.

  • Excessive Awakening: Naseem has access to the rare secondary transformation of Desperados. The transformation grants him enormous power, greatly increasing his mana amount, while abandoning his humanity, turning him into a demon. Naseem gains black skin, horns, wings and a tail, as well as growing in size. The power Naseem has while in this transformation is said to be at the level of Arthur Bright, Abraham Carter, and Tyrant, the three strongest Blazers in the world.

Super War Sensitivity: A sixth sense Naseem developed due to his harsh living conditions. It allows him to sense the killing intent of his opponents, even before it is inside their head to send commands to their body, effectively allowing him to predict the future. It is nearly impossible to avoid this technique.

Immense Strength: Naseem possess monstrous physical strong, launching Stella through multiple walls with just a finger flick while she was using Dragon Spirit. He is capable of breaking a person's skull with his bare hands and has strength equivalent or even superior to Nene. He was also capable of withstanding Nene increasing the gravity a hundred times without even flinching.

Immense Durability: Naseem is incredibly durable, even surviving an attack from Nene, with only slight bleeding .Due to his battle with Carlo he was able to push and powered through all of his attacks despite Naseem disadvantage in his abilities. Duríng his final battle against Nene was able to survive the great loss of blood by exposing his internal organs from the Nene surprise attack

Immense Speed: Naseem is extremely fast, being able to move in front of Stella, without her even noticing. He is also capable to send quickly barrage of blows in very short time.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Naseem is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, though he mainly relies on his monstrous strength when fighting. He seems to prefer box-style fighting with his right hand in his pocket if he just plays with his opponent or if they are weak, but he's fighting serious against strong opponents. He was capable of repelling Carlo's extremely fast thrusts with his fists.

Expert Marksmanship: Naseem has shown being able to wield firearms, blowing away the heads of his opponents with great proficiency and no mercy.

Mana control: Naseem has shown that he has superior magic control that surpasses that of even Shizuku. When he turn his body into sand demonstrate that he has absolute control over his form and how he can put his body together well without any bad side effects, or creating things and weapons, including full-featured guns, without any mistakes. After transforming to his Excessive Awakening form, his control over his mana increased.

Sand Manipulation: Naseem's secondary ability as a Blazer. It's in fact just a side effect of his true ability. This ability though gives Naseem the power to manipulate all sand for both offensive and defensive purposes.

  • Attack Enhancement: Naseem is capable of coating his fists with sand, which increases the power of his attacks greatly.
  • Sand Body: Naseem is capable of turning his body into sand, making all hits inflicted on him, simply pass through him. This also allows him to reconstruct his body, healing even major injuries.

Drying: Naseem's true ability as a Blazer. It lets him destroy all things in his vicinity by absorbing moisture from them and turning them into dry sand. He can even absorb all moisture from the earth's crust, causing the ground beneath him to collapse. This ability can also be used on human beings, turning them into sand very quickly.

Device Edit

Toxcatl: Naseem's Device is a black gauntlet, with golden decorations, that he can seemingly wear on either hand.

  • Alquimia · Hierro (lit. "Dust-Metallurgy"): Naseem uses dust to create any kind of objects, including fully functional handguns or iron walls.
  • Mictlan · Tormenta (lit. "Dust-Wind of Corpses"): Naseem creates a black sandstorm around him, which blows his opponents high into the air and protects him from attacks. However, its main ability is to rob all of the moisture from the surroundings. It can turn humans into sand in a few moments and can extend its area of effect greatly. However, a strong enough attack can destroy it.
  • Dead End Blow: Naseem's finishing move. He empowers his right fist with his moisture adsorption ability and then punches the opponent, which will turn them into dust. The technique is claimed to have destroyed countries and is said to be capable of destroying Hadou Tensei in a single hit.

Trivia Edit

  • Naseem's Device is named after a festival held by the Aztecs. The name is often thought to literally mean "wither from thirst" meaning "drought".
  • The names of Naseem's Noble Arts are in Spanish.
  • Naseem's fortune from his work as a mercenary is so much that he is one of the ten richest people in the world.
  • Naseem is classified among Top 5 most powerful in the entire world

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