Don't try to play make-believe with an adult, brat.
—Nene Saikyo
Nene Saikyo
Nene greets Ikki
Kana 西京寧音
Romaji Saikyou Nene
Gender Female
Nickname/s Yaksha Princess
Device Beniiro Ageha
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Bukyoku Academy (Former)
Team Vermillion
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A-Rank
Physical A
Luck A
Offense A
Defense A
Magic Cap A
Magic Ctl E
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yuka Iguchi (Japanese)
Hilary Haag (English)

Nene Saikyo is a teacher of the Hagun Academy and is the current third-ranking Mage-Knight in the KOK A-League. She is also one of the only three Desperados of Japan, along with Torajirou Nangou and Ikki Kurogane.


Nene has the appearance and stature of a preschooler, being very small, for her age. She has long dark back length hair, which consists of bangs that cover her forehead. She is usually seen wearing cherry blossom kimono, and an eye-catching red haori, that is too long for her, both low cut and hanging off her shoulder. she also wears clogs, that are heard when she is walking.


Befitting of her stature, Nene has a child-like personality. She is also sharp-tongued, having no problem making fun of and insulting other people including her own students, although this may be because she is a little absent-minded not knowing that some may take insult to her words. She is also very flirtatious with her students, as seen when she flirts with Ikki. However, when angered she emits an enormous amount of killing intent that causes most people to tremble before her. Few people can withstand her bloodlust such as Ouma Kurogane.

Nene can sometimes be quite dishonest with how she really feels about certain topics, something her friend, Kurono Shinguuji enjoys teasing her about. One of these topics being in regards to how she thinks of her master, Torajirou Nangou.

She is also somewhat lewd and immodest. Her outfit is low cut and exposes her shoulders and a small amount of cleavage, She openly flirted with Ikki and Naseem, partially opening her Haori for the latter even though they were in the middle of a fight. She also constantly groped Stella's breasts during training, so much so that the other girl developed a habit of roundhouse kicking anyone who snuck up on her. 

Beneath all this, Nene has a side of a brutal demon not much different from Naseem Al-Salem, as she capable of killing other people without killer intent because she doesn't value life just like him. After killing her stepfather in a fit of anger when she a child, she found she enjoyed using power on whomever whenever she wanted, becoming a delinquent while she was in middle school. It was because she was so sadistic and violent that she earned the nickname Yaksha Princess. Combine with her immense power, even law enforcement was so terrific of her that they couldn't arrest her out of fear of the destruction she would cause if they even so much as slightly upset her. 


It has been revealed that Nene had trained under the same master as Tohka Todo, Torajirou Nangou, the rival of Ryoma Kurogane nicknamed the "God of War". Nene, who was from the Bukyoku Academy, eventually faced off against her rival, Kurono Shinguuji from the Hagun Academy, in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival which ended with Nene's being disqualified for using Hadou Tensei, a technique that could have put a hole in the middle of Japan.

After graduating from high school, Nene starts to join sports tournaments like King of Knights (KOK) a tournament between Blazers, and at one point even joined the Olympics.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Debut Battle and Vow Edit

Saikyo is seen narrating the match between Stella and Momotani, explaining Momotani's actions on giving up. She is then seen at the reception counter, telling Ikki the rules of the participation match. She then comments on Ikki and Kirihara's match.

Raikiri vs Lorelei Edit

Nene and Kurono appear during Shizuku and Tohka's match using the Trackless Step on Stella before testing Ikki on his knowledge on the Trackless Step and confirming with Ikki that Shizuku won't be able to break the trackless step.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Nene was then seen at a spectators booth, along with Kurono, and other distinguished guests, and had watched as Ikki was able to defeat Tohka with a single swing of his sword.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

LN Vol 4 Illustration 13 Nene uses Jibakujin on Akatsuki

Nene uses Jibakujin.

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

During the beginning of Akatsuki Academy's invasion, Nene was out of town but Kurono and her had quickly came back when they heard of what was happening at Hagun.

Upon arriving, Nene and Kurono split up, with Nene chasing after Stella and the Hagure sisters. She was able to catch up and save the sisters and Stella by stopping most of the Akatsuki members by using her gravity Noble Art, Jibakujin, with the exception of Ouma Kurogane, who was unfazed by her power. Before she had to fight against Ouma, Reisen Hiraga was able to convince her to allow them to retreat.

After Akatsuki had attacked them, Nene is asked by Stella to train her. She agrees but decides not to tell her anything but instead just keep attacking her and let Stella herself figure things out, to which Stella agrees. During the training, Nene continually attacks Stella for the entire week, with Stella being barely able to keep up with her. Eventually, on the final day, Stella finally awakens the true nature of her abilities, the ability to manipulate the very concept of a "dragon". Nene also notes that what Stella needed, was pride in herself and her own abilities.

A Pair of Dragons' Rivalry Edit

After Stella's training, Nene appears as a commentator in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. She is the commentator during Stella's match against Ouma Kurogane. During the match, Nene thinks back to her training of Stella, and when Stella gained access to her Dragon Spirit. She then watches as Stella beats up Ouma and win the match.

Dark Clouded Semi-Final Edit

Nene later also commentates during Ikki's match against Amane Shinomiya, which Ikki wins. Later Nene meets Bakuga Tsukikage, and she questions if Tsukikage's abilities are the reason he has joined up with Rebellion, to which Tsukikage doesn't give a direct response.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Festival is Over Edit

Nene along with Kurono and Tsukikage, meet Ikki and Stella after the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. They explain to Ikki and Stella about Desperados and Tsukikage shows them a terrible future, which he has seen with his abilities.

LN Vol 11 illustration 6

Nene's confident expression.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Nene later appears during the Battle of Kardia, between Cradleland, controlled by Or-Gaule, and Vermillion, on behalf of the League of Mage-Knight Nations. She saves Stella from Naseem Al-Salem by using Hadou Tensei. After brief banter, Nene freezes Naseem with her gravity manipulation and kicks him through a building. Nene then tells Stella the true ability of Naseem, which is to absorb moisture, just as Naseem rises up from the rubble. Before they can continue their battle, Lunaeyes demands that everyone stop fighting and declares that there will be a tournament held between Cradleland and Vermillion, to decide the fate of the two countries.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After the announcement, Nene confronts Or-Gaule, who is there along with Lunaeyes. Nene agrees to the tournament, saying that she will persuade the Vice-Leader of the League, Norman Creed, into agreeing to its terms.

As only League members already in the country are allowed to enter, Nene is chosen as one of the representatives of Vermillion, along with Stella, Ikki, Ascarid, and Yui. Nene also tells to Stella, that she needs to greatly improve her strength for the upcoming tournament, as currently, she can't engage Desperados in combat. Stella and the other Vermillion representatives, apart from Nene, decide to head to Edelberg, a mountain in Estonia, where Edelweiss lives, in order so Stella can learn from her. Nene herself heads back to Kardia, as she too needs to hone her skills for the upcoming tournament.

Vermillion's Sword Edit

When Stella and the others return back to Vermillion, Nene tests Stella's strength with her aura. Nene is pleasantly surprised that Stella has indeed grown, being able to repel Nene's aura.
LN Vol 13 illustration 3

Nene vs Naseem

Bad News Edit

On the day before the tournament, Nene is seen partying and drinking a lot, which makes Stella worry. Nene though tells her that kids shouldn't worry about adults, although speaking in the wrong direction.

Imperial War Outbreak Edit

On the day the tournament finally begins, both Team Vermillion and Team Cradleland face each other in Lucier, the capital of Cradleland where the tournament will be held. As the tournament starts, Naseem uses his powers to create a large sandstorm that blows everyone, apart from Nene high into the sky. This leaves Nene and Naseem to face each other, their clash creating huge shockwaves and destruction.


LN Vol 14 illustration 3

Nene's Excessive Awakening

Desperado: Nene is a Desperado, a person who has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado, she has far greater magic power than regular Blazers. She was even able to face a fellow Desperado, Naseem Al-Salem and is able to exert a demonic aura.

  • Excessive Awakening: During her fight with Naseem, Nene managed to enter the rare secondary transformation. Due to crossing the line between humans and demons, she gains enormous power at the cost of losing her humanity, becoming a literal demon. Nene gains horns, demonic eyes and partial black skin in her transformation. Whether or not she can access the transformation at any time is yet unknown.

Combat Dance Style: Nene's style of fighting is a mix of her mastery of dance moves and swordsmanship. The style doesn't require thought intervention and only uses her senses, allowing her to attack extremely fast. However, Nene's style is also very unpredictable, as it doesn't require a fixed pattern of movement.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Nene has been shown being able to combat other Blazers without her Device.

Immense Strength: In oppose to her stature, Nene is extremely powerful, capable of being a top player in the KOK where extremely powerful Blazer’s battle with each other. She can damage extremely powerful Blazers, like Naseem.

Immense Speed: Nene is capable of keeping up with the extremely fast Naseem Al-Salem and deliver a fast series of attacks like Ouma Kurogane's Amatsukaze.

Trackless Step (抜き足 Nukiashi): This technique combines the users breath control and footwork at the same time to decrease the distance from the user and the target in an instant, This technique actually does not accelerate the user's movements, but by making one's movement difficult to perceive as dangerous and seeping into the opponent's rhythm, the opponent becomes unable to react until too late. Saikyo has been seen being able to come close to someone within an instant with this technique.

Gravity Manipulation: Nene's powers as a Blazer. Nene is a natural interference type which allows her to control gravity. The ability is very variable, with Nene showing a multitude of ways to use it.

  • Immobilization: Nene is capable of completely immobilizing her opponents by manipulating the gravity around them.
  • Spatial Distortion: Nene can distort the space-time around her, deflecting all incoming attacks and projectiles.
  • Floating: Nene can use her ability to float, by weakening the effect of gravity on her.
  • Gravity Energy: Nene is capable of manipulating gravity into a form of energy, which she can use to attack her opponents. This energy can be molded into different shapes.


Beniiro Ageha: Nene's device consists of a pair of iron fans.

  • Hadou Tensei (覇道天星はどうてんせい): An ability that allows Nene to pull debris from outer space and strike in the next second, with cosmic speed. It has a destructive force that can destroy a country and was banned from usage after her match against Kurono Shinguuji.
  • Jibakujin (地縛陣 lit. "Earthbind Formation"): One of Nene's Noble Art where she increases the gravity of everything within twenty meters of her surrounding by ten times. She is also capable of increasing the gravity much more, being able to increase it at least one hundred times.
  • Black Sword ・ Yatagarasu ( 黒刀・八咫烏, Kokutou ・Yatagarasu): By charging her magic into her Device, Nene can create a pure, enormous gravitational energy blade that can be sent as projectiles towards her opponents.
  • Kokushichou (黒死蝶, lit. "Black Death Butterfly"): Nene launches a wave of gravity from one of her iron fans, that is shaped like butterflies. Its power is comparable to getting hit by a moving truck.
  • Yaksha Kagura: A Noble Art Nene developed based on the techniques of her teacher, Nangou. It allows her to circulate the force of the opponent's attack and return it back while in a dance, in a manner similar to Ikki's Madoka. However, Nene can also accumulate the force of multiple absorbed attacks and then release the accumulated force, thanks to the combination of her dance movements and gravity ability.
  • Kanamegaeshi (lit. "Point Return"): By affecting Calabi-Yau space with her gravity manipulation, Nene causes the things around the area she is affecting to be trapped in the Calabi-Yau space, as the world corrects itself. The technique is extremely powerful, with even Nene herself being unable to stop it once it has been activated.


  • Nene and Kurono came from the same year.