I seek power, power inexorable. I seek defeat, defeat inevitable. For an A-Rank knight like me, the only one who can give this to me is Stella, who possesses that absolute magic. And… if I can overcome it… if I can do that, then perhaps this hand of mine will tremble no more.
—Ouma Kurogane
Ouma Kurogane
Ouma profile pic
Kana 黒鉄王馬
Romaji Kurogane Ouma
Gender Male
Age 17
Nickname/s Sword Emperor of Wind
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Ryoma Kurogane (Great-Grandfather)
Genma Kurogane (Grandfather)
Itsuki Kurogane (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Ikki Kurogane (Younger Brother)
Shizuku Kurogane (Youngest Sister)
Affiliations Akatsuki
Kurogane Family
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A-Rank
Physical A
Luck C
Offense A
Defense A
Magic Cap B
Magic Ctl C
Voice Actor

Ouma Kurogane is the older brother of Ikki and Shizuku Kurogane. He is a member of Akatsuki.


Ouma is a young man with very long black hair, which covers most of his forehead, and all of his back. He has yellow eyes that seem to have no life in them as they seem dead. He is seen wearing a black shitagi, as well as a white Haori, with black sleeves, which give the impression of having gray stripes on each sleeve. Ouma is also seen with a large, x-shaped, scar across his face, although underneath his clothing it is revealed that he has a plethora of scars and marks due to his training with Akatsuki.

His face and physique greatly resembles his younger brother Ikki. However, Ouma lacks the gentleness that Ikki gives off and instead comes off a sharpened strength which deviates from normality according to Sara.


A man of few words, Ouma has little interest in anything besides fighting strong opponents to test the limits of his strength. His younger brother, Ikki, described Ouma as an incredibly stoic person who is only interested in becoming stronger. Because of this, Ouma became interested in fighting Stella, a fellow A-Rank, and was disappointed when she lost so easily against him.

Ouma has an immense amount of confidence in his abilities to the point of arrogance. He even stated the reason why he didn't enter the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival was that there are no opponents worthy of him. However, he usually backs up his boast with his overwhelming power. Ouma also seems to get bored and lose interest in battles when they get intruded.

Despite his distant and arrogant behavior, Ouma isn't evil and, according to Stella, is a very honorable and honest person worthy of respect. In this regard, she compared Ouma to his younger brother Ikki, who too wishes to be the strongest for nothing more than his own sake.


Ouma left the Kurogane household 5 years prior to the story after winning the Little League and U-12 World Tournament in elementary school feeling that he couldn't overcome his limits in a warm environment. He then left Japan and travel to places with real battles such as slums and underground arena. During that time, Ouma met the Tyrant, the leader of Rebellion, and was almost killed if not for the interference of Edelweiss. Following the incident, Ouma's was struck with fear and realized that in order to be in the same area as the Tyrant, he needed an ‘evolution’ as he started to seek out a worthy opponent for that purpose, wanting to stop the tremble he has had in his hand ever since. Ouma was also a rival of both Yudai Moroboshi and Renji Kaga during their youth.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Incident at Okutama Edit

Ouma appears along with Reisen Hiraga who was sent to test the ability of Tohka Todo. Ouma, however, was having more interest in Stella, claiming that she's the only reason he joined them and if Stella isn't up to the level then he isn't interested in her. Hiraga also notes that Ouma is rather troublesome, preferring his brother, Ikki.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Ouma is seen with his fellow Akatsuki members attacking Hagun Academy, being able to destroy the school quite easily.
LN Vol 4 Illustration 08 Ouma activates Kusanagi

Ouma activating Kusanagi.

The Hagun representatives of the Festival training but quickly arrive, being able to defeat Ouma and the others easily. It's revealed however that the Akatsuki members were all illusions created after Amane had seen the future, telling that Nagi would betray them. He is later challenged by Stella to a duel, easily overpowering her Katharterio Salamandra with his Kusanagi. He was then challenged by Tohka, after the other Student Council members had fallen, who tried to halt Ouma from chasing Stella and the Hagure Sisters but was easily defeated by Ouma.

Ouma and the other Akatsuki members eventually catch up to the Hagure sisters and Stella but they are stopped by Nene who is able to stop all the Akatsuki members except Ouma who planned on taking on Nene. He is, however, stopped by Hiraga who is able to persuade Ouma from attacking Nene, as they had already done what they had planned to do. Ouma and the others then retreat.

Dinner and Confrontation Edit

Later just before the Festival, Ouma is noticed by Ikki, while Ouma was stalking Ikki and his companions during their outing. After Ikki is able to separate himself from the others he calls out Ouma. Ouma explains that he wants Ikki to quit the tournament as he is a blocking stone of Stella, keeping her from her true potential. When Ikki refuses to drop out of the tournament, Ouma decides to use force and draws out his Device and in response, Ikki does the same and a battle between brothers ensues.

Ouma has the advantage in power over Ikki having far more magic and physical power than him. Ouma quickly becomes tired of fighting against Ikki and uses Mukuu Kekkai to force Ikki to end the fight in less than sixty seconds. Ikki was nearly able to cut Ouma but for some reason stopped at the last moment allowing Ouma to hit Ikki with the full force of his blade, causing Ikki to lie helpless as Ouma charged up for his all-powerful Noble Art, Kusanagi.

Ouma unleashes Kusanagi, however, it is destroyed, along with Mukuu Kekkai, before it can hit Ikki. It is then revealed that Yudai Moroboshi, the current Seven Stars Sword King, had come to Ikki's aid, and used his magic destroying Noble Art, Tiger Bite, to save Ikki. Ouma decides he has enough fighting and decides to leave.

Conclusion of the First Match Edit

Ouma wins his first round match in the Festival, advancing to the second round.
LN vol 6 illustration 09

Ouma and Ikki.

Ouma later meets with Ikki again, in the hotel where the competitors are staying. Ikki, who is being chased by Stella and Sara Bloodlily, asks to stay in Ouma's room for the night, which Ouma begrudgingly accepts. As Ouma and Ikki settle down, Ouma notes that Ikki probably has another reason for coming to him, which Ikki admits. Ikki tells Ouma that he used to admire his older brother, because of his grit and dedication, knowing that Ouma could never be satisfied with fighting weak opponents. This, however, makes Ikki question Ouma's reasons for associating with a crooked organization like Rebellion, that is leading Akatsuki. Ouma corrects Ikki, saying that he is just a guest and not an associate of Rebellion. He is helping them because of his and Ikki's father, Itsuki Kurogane, asked Ouma to, as Itsuki is supporting Akatsuki's leader's, Bakuga Tsukikage's, ideas of splitting from the League which would bring more power to the Kurogane Family. Despite this, Ouma's main reason was still facing Stella, wishing to fight a strong opponent.

Ikki notes that Ouma really is captivated on Stella, wondering why Ouma didn't attack him like earlier. Ouma explains that after seeing how much stronger Stella has gotten, he no longer sees Ikki as an obstacle for her. As Ikki asks why Ouma is going specifically after Stella and not other strong adult knights, Ouma says that Ikki doesn't understand the point of a knight. Ouma explains that everyone has a certain fate, which decides their natural amount of magic power. Stella has one of the greatest amounts of natural raw magic power, which Ouma seeks, not wanting to simply fight an unwinnable battle against the likes of the "Yaksha Princess" or "God of War", instead of wishing to overcome a challenge of power, to stop his hands from trembling. They then go to sleep, with Ouma saying that he might have been a little wrong about Ikki.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

Ouma, having easily won his last two matches of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, faces the ace of Rokuzon Academy, Renji Kaga. Despite Renji's strength and speed, he is unable to damage Ouma, and Ouma in turn easily cuts Renji, and strikes his hand through his chest, ripping out his heart in the process. This act of cruelty shocks the audience, but Stella Vermillion claps at Ouma's showcase of strength.
LN Vol 8 illustration 06

Ouma during his match against Stella.

A Pair of Dragons' Rivalry Edit

In the semifinals of the Festival Ouma faces Stella Vermillion, who he has been wanting to fight from the beginning of the Festival. They exchange powerful blows, with Stella using techniques like Broken Arrow and Satan Fang, while Ouma counters with brute force and Fuujin Kekkai. Stella tries hitting Ouma with a surprise attack but manages to only injure her own arms when she hits Ouma. They then clash swords and Ouma manages to damage Stella's internal organs with a kick. This leads to Stella figuring out the secret of Ouma's defense. Ouma has been surrounding his body with extremely high pressured air, which has strengthened his body.

Ouma then tells about his encounter with the Rebellion leader Tyrant, and Ouma's defeat to him, which lead Ouma to join Akatsuki. Ouma then releases his Tenryuu Armor, which tremendously raises his speed. He then attacks Stella with an onslaught of attacks, but Stella manages to endure them. She then activates her most powerful technique, Dragon Spirit. This technique tremendously increases her physical strength and speed. Her attacks are also surrounded by fire. Ouma is unable to match Stella in this form and is finally defeated in the clash off their attacks, Katharterio Salamandra and Kusanagi. This leads to Ouma being eliminated from the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Rising Spirit Edit

Ouma later arrives to battle against Ikki, to help him train for his upcoming battle against Stella in the finals. Ouma was asked by Ikki to come, with Ouma agreeing as he wants to test Ikki's strength. Ouma has the advantage in the battle, having superior power and durability, but Ikki is capable of keeping up with him, using his swordsmanship knowledge. Ikki also catches Ouma off guard and actually pushes him back, with his newly created third sword technique, Madoka, which directs back one of the powerful slashes of Ouma. This surprises Ouma, who wonders if Ikki's trickery is a kind of strength. Ouma then decides to take the fight seriously and activates his wind manipulation ability. The outcome of their battle is unknown, though Ikki is seen arriving to the finals, with no serious injuries.


Wind Manipulation: Ouma's ability as a Blazer. He is able to produce wind and use it for offense and defense to an amazing degree. Ouma can use his wind in more subtle ways, like bending the light to make himself invisible. By manipulating the wind, he is able to render air resistance void, granting Ryuuzume whose weight equaled that of a spear the advantage in sharpness and speed.

  • Tenryuu Armor (天龍具足, Heavenly Dragon Armor): A technique, which surrounds Ouma with incredibly high pressured air. The technique puts a load on Ouma's body, training it to become more durable, while also protects him. By releasing his Armor, Ouma gains a massive improvement in speed.

Immense Strength: Oumah has shown tremendous physical strength as he was able to overpower Stella in their initial encounter. Furthermore, he alone among Akatsuki Academy who could withstand Jibakujin of Nene without much issue. Reisen Hiraga claimed that Ouma maybe able to walk out of a fight against the top-ranked. Its shown during his fight against Renji, when he pierced through his durable steel skin with his bare hand with ease, griping and crushing his heart in the process. His strength seems to be slightly limited by his Tenryuu Armor.

Immense Durability: Due to his extreme training over the years, Ouma gained tremendous defenses as he took on Tohka's famed Raikiri head on without injuries, which is a considerable feat as Raikiri is said to be one of the most powerful close-range attacks; Ouma received just a small wound from Takemikazuchi resulting in Tohka to compare him to a mountain. It is later revealed that he had bounded himself with Tenryuu Armor in order to push his body to the limit, but doing so this shortened his lifespan, however, Ouma gained skin that is comparable to steel along with his flesh and bone being ten times denser than others.

Immense Speed: Ouma has incredible speed, in fact, he is faster than Ikki whenever he uses the swordplay of Edelweiss. His true speed is often suppressed by his Tenryuu Armor, but even that Ouma is able to keep up on fast opponents like Ikki and Stella without problems.

Master Swordsmanship: Ouma is extremely skilled in swordsmanship. Ouma mainly uses the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu, the swordplay of the Kurogane Family. Even Ikki, who complimented Stella's swordplay before, admits that his sword skill is superior to Stella and that the power of his strikes was much more focused compared to hers, a testament to Ouma's mastery. Overall, Ikki compared the level of Ouma swordsmanship to his own.

  • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Hagane no Kiwami - Hono Ikazuchi (旭日一心流 - 火雷, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Steel - Fire Thunder): Ouma delivers a strong diagonal slash using his right hand, and immediately follows up with a punch from his left.
  • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Retsu no Kiwami - Amatsukaze (旭日一心流・烈の極 天津風, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Sequence - Amatsukaze): A secret technique of the sword style, that has been passed on through generations. It's a series of 108 continues strikes which overwhelm the opponent, due to their strength and speed.
  • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Jin no Kiwami - Amaterasu (旭日一心流・迅の極 天照, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Swiftness - Amaterasu): Another secret technique, where Ouma delivers an extremely fast slash, using all his muscles. The attack is his fastest and very strong, having been able to wound Stella, while she was using Dragon Spirit.

Willpower: Ouma has incredible willpower, in cases where most would give up, he still keep going whatever it is worth, even his life. Combined with his stubbornness and nature, Ouma is still able to stand and fight regardless of the opponent or situation he faces. In his battle against Stella when she using Dragon Spirit, despite being half-dead he still doesn't give up and challenge Stella with his Kusanagi against her Katharterio Salamandrawhich destroyed his device in the process but even after then he loses consciousness and still standing.


Ryuuzume (龍爪, lit. Dragon Claw): Ouma's Device that takes a form of an over meter long Nodachi.

  • Kusanagi (月輪割り断つ天龍の大爪, Moon Severing Sky Dragon's Talon): This is Ouma's Strongest Noble Art. By condensing his magic into Ryuuzume, he can compress the surrounding air into his Device, creating a powerful storm with winds blades that can easily surpass 50 meters in height. The Kusanagi's full strength could surpass even Stella's Katharterio Salamandra and could turn the school building, practice arena, and paving of Hagun Academy into rubble. Kusanagi, however, has a flaw in the fact that the power drops with each usage, evident when Ouma noted a decrease in power by the third usage during his short fight against Nene.
  • Shinkuuha (真空波, Vacuum Wave): This is a popular offensive technique among Wind Users that tears through the air, creating a small corridor of vacuum. These vacuum slashes move at high speeds and are nearly invisible.
  • Mukuu Kekkai (無空結界, Airless Barrier): Ouma creates a powerful updraft to deprive his opponent of oxygen. It also serves to momentarily distract the opponent and has a considerable range.
  • Fuujin Kekkai (風神結界, Wind God Barrier): A defensive Noble Art, where Ouma stabs the ground with Ryuuzume, creating a tornado around him. It was strong enough to block Stella's Satan Fang, which was comparable in power to Raikiri.


  • Ouma is (王馬) combine with the kanji for "King/Monarch" and "Horse".
  • Ouma was claimed to be the only A-Rank Apprentice Knight in Japan, which is proven untrue as Amane Shinomiya is also an A-Rank Blazers.
  • Ouma's fastest sword technique, Amaterasu, is named after the Shinto's Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, while Ouma's signature Noble Art Kusanagi is named after Amaterasu's sword of the same name.