Yes, it is neither exaggeration nor a lie. It's the noble art that became Toudou-san's epithet because of its immense strength and awe-striking nature. To elaborate, it is the ultra-electromagnetic battoujutsu "Raikiri".
—Ikki describing Rakiri
Kana 雷切(らいぎり)
Romaji Raikiri
Type Nature Interference (Lightning)
Wielder Touka Toudou

Raikiri (雷切(らいぎり) Raikiri?, lit. "Lightning Cutter") is the famed Noble Art of Touka Toudou, in which she earned her namesake.


Described as an ultra-electromagnetic battōjutsu, in which Tohka charges her sheathed blade with lightning, then after she creates a magnetic field around both the blade and sheath; she is able to unleash a slash, which moves at an immense speed surpassing the speed of sound as well as releasing both blinding light and a huge amount of heat in the process. Raikiri grants Tohka a near-invincible advantage in close range battle. It is also possible for her to be able to cut through a bolt of lightning.

In fact, the Raikiri easily destroyed both the Hisuijin and Byakuya Kekkai of Shizuku Kurogane, as well as her lighting, being able to affect the assembly hall used for her match.

After being empowered using the entire Kyushu power grid and thus amassing incredible pesudo-mana, Touka's Raikiri was powerful enough to eliminate Tendou's Shinbatsu – God Breath and his spiritual body.


Due to the Raikiri being a sword drawing technique, it can't be cast continuously without having the blade return to the scabbard. Furthermore, while the Raikiri is powerful, it can still be withstood or even overpowered as seen with both Kurogane brothers. Raikiri excels at close combat, but once the opponent can strike outside of Raikiris distance, there is little to no chance of winning using Raikiri, as seen when she fought Yuudai Moroboshi in the previous Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.


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