Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Wiki

General Rules

  1. Do not vandalize current articles.
  2. Continued vandalism will result in a block.
  3. No offensive articles with sexual and vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  4. Do not make pointless articles. If you see one, put the Request for Deletion, {{delete}} , tag on.
  5. Do not make pointless categories.
  6. Do not edit a closed discussion.
  7. No advertising.

Layout Policy

Article layout is to a large extent standardized on Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Wiki.

Headings should have the first letter of every word capitalized, except for prepositions e.g. "of" or "in." Article headings are standardized.


All character pages should begin with a 1-2 sentence general description and the following headings should be used:

  • Image Gallery
  • Relationships (if Applicable)
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History (If Applicable)
  • Synopsis
  • Abilities (if Applicable)
  • Equipment (if Apllicable)
  • Trivia
  • Quotes (must be from light novel, anime, or manga, complete with chapter/episode #)
  • References
  • Navigation


Volume/Chapter/Episode pages should have a short summary of the volume/chapter/Episode and the following headings should be used in order:

  • Summary
  • Chapters (LN and Manga)
  • Characters In Order of Appearance
  • Illustration (LN)
  • Trivia (If applicable)

Image Policy

This official Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Wiki Policy outlines acceptable guidelines for the uploading and usage of images.

Uploaded Images

  • Any picture or .gif that is uploaded and has not found a use (either on an user page or in the articles) within 2 days of that picture or .gif being uploaded can, and will be deleted.
  • Do not upload duplicates of images. All duplicates will be deleted.
  • Images are to be named properly.
    • Files that are not named properly will be deleted.
  • When the "Upload a new version of this file" function is used to upload a higher quality resolution of a given image file, that image file is to be flagged to the admins so that the older version of that file can be removed from the history stack. In addition, if a higher quality duplicate of an existing file is uploaded under a different filename, the old lower quality file is to be flagged for deletion to prevent image duplication.
  • Image Sources: Only images from official sources, such as the manga, anime, light novels and databooks, may be used in the articles. Also manga and anime images must be free of fansubs/quotes to avoid confrontation with the scanlator/fansubbing group.
  • Do not upload any pornographic images or images containing inappropriate language. Doing so will result in immediate deletion of the image, and the uploader will likely be blocked without warning.
  • Images are to be free of errors where possible. This means they should not contain mouse pointers and borders. Text from subtitles in anime picture and text in manga pictures, primarily dialogue of characters and text added by the scanlators such as the name of the scanlation group, should also be removed if possible.
  • Fan art is only allowed on your User page, not on articles. Only the images that have no personal content or modifications from its original image, without additional personal contents, will be accepted. Exceptions may include translated images (e.g. Japanese to English) and credits for an image source. Acceptable images would include screenshots and official artwork.

Talkpage/Forum Discussions

Article Talk Pages must be used for discussing changes to the articles only. All general discussions must be fielded in a forum, or blog.

User Talkpages

User talkpages belong to the community, they are not the property of the user. The talkpage is a place for other users to give the user messages, and ask questions and communicate when they have done something in conflict with what they have been doing, or are trying to settle a small issue.

Blocking Policy

Blocking is the method by which administrators may technically prevent users from editing Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption, not to punish users. Blocks sometimes are used as a deterrent, to discourage whatever behavior led to the block and encourage a productive editing environment.

Any user may request a block on one of our Administrators' talk pages for major incidents of vandalism or disruption. Users requesting blocks should supply credible evidence of the circumstances warranting a block. Administrators are never obliged to place a block and are free to investigate the situation themselves. Because blocks may be reviewed and appealed, it is often important that the blocking and reviewing administrators each communicate with and take care to inform the others.

Blocked users can appeal their blocks by making a statement on their talk page. Except in cases of unambiguous error, administrators should not undo other administrators' blocks without prior discussion (see below).

Reasons for Blocking

Accounts and addresses may be blocked for:

  • Inserting false information.
  • Removing content from pages.
  • Persistent spamming.
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish to pages.
  • Breaching the Multiple Users policy.
  • Intimidating Behaviour/harassment.
  • Persistently violating other policies or guidelines.
  • Accounts with inappropriate usernames/unacceptable username.