Renren Tomaru
Kana 兎丸恋々
Romaji Tomaru Renren
Gender Female
Age 16
Nickname/s Runner's High
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Device Unnamed Knuckles
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical C-Rank
Luck C-Rank
Offense B-Rank
Defense F-Rank
Magic Cap E-Rank
Magic Ctl D-Rank
Voice Actor
Voice Actor M・A・O (Japanese)
Tiffany Grant (English)

Renren Tomaru is a second-year student from Hagun Academy and the General Affairs Manager of the Student Council.


Renren is a petite young girl with tanned skin and short dark brown hair and eyes. Her hair is styled to be ambiguous animal ears, although in the anime they do appear to move. Unlike most students who wear their school uniform inside the school, Renren is usually seen in her PE uniform.


Renren appears to be a very upbeat girl who always has a smile on her face and who always seems to enjoy taking on extraneous activities such as exercise or sports. She also seems to be very unjudgemental as she did not judge Ikki based on his rank rather his ability as a blazer, being very excited about fighting him after his fight with Kirihara.


Not much is known about Renren's past other than at some point before the story she had become one of the members of the student council.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Debut Battle Edit

Renren is first seen along with her student council friends talking with Nene Saikyo about Ikki Kurogane's victory over Shizuya Kirihara.

Disciple, Encounter and Betrayal Edit

Renren admits defeat

Renren admits defeat

Winning all 8 of her selection matches, untouched, Renren is eventually against Ikki as her next opponent who has the same winning streak as her. At the start of her match, Renren immediately activates her acceleration ability to drastically increase her speed. Her movements, however, were easily overcome by Ikki, who was able to see through her movements and catches her dispersing her accumulated speed, forcing her to surrender without even landing a single strike.

Lorelei vs Raikiri Edit

Renren is next seen playing in the messy student council room when Tohka was bringing in Ikki and Stella. Renren, Utakata, Saijou, and Tohka then quickly clean up the room, and Stella and Ikki are invited in. Tohka is then reminded by Kanata, about the assignment Kurono Shinguuji had given them, which was explained that they had to find some other students, and deal with the giant causing problems in the Okutama mountain, to which Ikki and Stella accept.

Incident of Okutama Edit

The student as well as Ikki and Stella, go to Okutama. The group is eventually divided into two pairs each and Renren is paired off with Saijou to walk around the area. The groups eventually meet up with each other, at the lodge. They are then introduced to, Akaza, who reveals that Ikki and Stella's relationship had been publicized and Ikki must come with him.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Renren is seen among one of the supporters for Ikki during his match against Tohka Todo, encouraging him.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

During the bus ride home, it is revealed to the students that Nagi Arisuin was an assassin for Akatsuki Academy, much to their surprise. The students, however, trust Nagi after Ikki and Shizuku had spoken up for him.

The students arrive at a destroyed Hagun Academy and find the Akatsuki students as well. Renren and the others are able to knock them out with Nagi being able to bind them. However, Nagi is then stabbed in the back by Amane Shinomiya and it is revealed that the Akatsuki members were hiding and the ones that were knocked unconscious were just puppets.

After Ikki, Shizuku, Nagi, Stella and the Hagure Sisters leave the scene Renren and the other student council members are left to fight Akatsuki. Renren fights Rinna Kazamatsuri and she is quickly outmatched in both speed and power, being knocked unconscious by Rinna. She later recovers after Akatsuki flees.

Rising Spirit Edit

Renren, along with the other members of the student council, arrives at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, to watch the finals of the Festival. Renren argues with Saijou about who will win the upcoming match, with Renren believing that Ikki will win due to his speed. Their arguing is stopped by Utakata, who demands that they move to a less hot place.

They all later watch the finals match, which Ikki wins as Renren believed. They also attend the awards ceremony after the tournament is over.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Festival is Over Edit

Renren later participates in the party held after the Festival. She also goes to the bathhouse with the other girls.


Accumulation of Acceleration: Renren's ability as a Blazer. She accumulates the speed she gained and released it to increase her speed and attack power tremendously.

Expert Combatant: Renren, despite being sometimes overly arrogant, is a very skilled fighter. She was considered Hagun's third strongest student.


Unnamed Knuckles: Renren's Device takes the form of a pair of knuckles.

  • Mach Grid (マッハグリード, Mahha Gurīdo): Renren's noble art, its ability is to accumulate speed. It has two fatal weakness which is the accumulation of the initial speed and the resetting of the propulsion speed once Mach Grid is stopped.
    • Black Bird (ブラックバード, Burakkubādo): One of Renren's techniques, using the speed accumulated by Mach Grid, the user moves to its opponent's blind spot and releases a strike filled with magic. At her maximum speed, Renren can break the speed of sound, when unleashing this attack.


  • Renren was initially ranked as the third strongest among the Hagun Academy students.