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Tear my enemies asunder, Sphinx!
—Rinna Kazamatsuri
Rinna Kazamatsuri
Kana 風祭凜奈
Romaji Kazamatsuri Rinna
Gender Female
Nickname/s Beast Master
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Device Collar of Subordination
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Kouzou Kazamatsuri (Father)
Sara Bloodlily (Adoptive Sister)
Affiliations Rentei Academy (Former)
Akatsuki Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical F
Luck A
Offense F
Defense F
Magic Cap B
Magic Ctl D
Voice Actor

Rinna Kazamatsuri was a first-year student in Rentei Academy, but later joined Akatsuki Academy to dominate the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. She is known as the Beast Tamer and is the daughter of Kouzou Kazamatsuri who is among one of the Numbers among Rebellion.


Rinna is a petite girl with pink hair dressed in a pink dress. She has an eye-patch patched to her right eye.


Fufu, if I remember correctly, when we carried out Operation Beowulf on Hagun Academy, the one who faced Another One was Brynhildr
—A sign of Rinna's speaking mannerism

Rinna seems to be very arrogant of her own powers as she seems to talk down to Renren and continues to call Renren human believing herself to be above human level. However, it seems she also is very courteous to other people whose strength she respects, as shown with Ikki when she offered him a job to be her servant based on what she had seen. She is also shown to have an odd speaking pattern to where no one is able to understand what Rinna is attempting to say aside from Charlotte who has to translate for her.


Not much is known about Rinna's past, aside from the pact that her father, Kouzou Kazamatsuri was a member of Rebellion among their Numbers. In her childhood, she found Charlotte Cordé alone on the streets and choose to make Charlotte her maid and later adopted a lion she named Sphinx as her pet.

At some point, Rinna became the adoptive sister of Sara Bloodlily who was adopted by Kouzou after her father's death. Both girls later joined Rentai and Rokuzon Academy respectively as a plan to dominate the current Seven-Star Sword Tournament as Akatsuki Academy due to Kouzou and Prime Minister Tsukikage being old friends.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc

Akatsuki Strikes

Rinna is seen riding her lion, Sphinx, going to Hagun Academy, along with the other members of Akatsuki, with the intention of destroying it. After they have done so, the Hagun Academy's participants in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival have arrived. Akatsuki is cut down easily largely due to Alice betraying them. However, it is revealed that they had seen Alice's betrayal coming and had prepared clones of themselves in their place.

Rinna faces against Renren and easily defeats her with not much trouble as the other student council members are defeated as well. The Akatsuki members have decided to go after Stella and the Hagure sisters who had escaped and are able to catch up to them. However, they are stopped by Nene who is able to easily overpower them, except Ouma. Rinna and the other Akatsuki members have decided to retreat since they had done what they came to do.

Rinna and Charlotte in the party.

Party Crashers

Rinna is seen at the party with her maid, Charlotte Cordé, confronting Ikki and Shizuku. She offers Ikki a job as her servant, revealing that she is very well off. Although Ikki initially refuses the job offer he does accept her business card. She then leaves with her maid.

One vs Four

In the preliminary round of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Rinna accepts Stella's challenge to fight against her, alongside Hiraga, Yui, and Mikoto. Sphinx is scared off by Stella, after seeing Stella's dragon-like aura. Rinna is protected from Stella by her maid, Charlotte. Charlotte is shown to be Rinna's ace, as she is able to fight against Stella equally, using Ichirin Junka, an ability granted by Rinna. Charlotte and are still beaten by Stella's overwhelming force. Rinna decides to drop out of the tournament, after her match with Stella.

Seven Stars Sword Art Online Third Round - Beginning

Rinna and Charlotte watch the match between Ikki Kurogane and Sara Bloodlily, Rinna's step-sister, together with Stella. She is also frightened by Charlotte, who keeps wanting Rinna to punish her due to her loss to Stella. Rinna believes that Sara will defeat Ikki, due to the variety of her abilities, but is surprised when she loses.

Rising Spirit

Rinna, along with Sara and Charlotte, meets with Bakuga Tsukikage, apologizing to him for Akatsuki's failure in the Festival. Tsukikage though says that he will simply need to think of something else, hoping that Rinna will help him in the future. Rinna happily agrees to help him. Just then, they are approached by Edelweiss, the world's strongest swordsman, who has come to watch the finals of the Festival.

Vermillion Empire Arc

The Festival is Over

Rinna participates in the party after the Festival. She is seen talking with Kanata. Kanata questions why Rinna joined Rebellion and Charlotte tells Kanata that Rinna joined because Rinna's father, Kouzou Kazamatsuri and Bakuga Tsukikage are old friends, and Rinna has been acquainted with Tsukikage since her childhood. Kanata tells Rinna she shouldn't do such criminal activities and even threatens to censor a manga Rinna likes, and so Rinna quickly complies with this. She then goes to a bathhouse with the other girls at the party.

Night of Massacre

After the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Rinna, Sara, and Charlotte bring Tsukikage to the destroyed headquarters of Rebellion to meet Kouzou Kazamatsuri. They find out what happened thereafter Tsukikage uses his Device to see the event that occurred. Everyone there later learns that Abraham Carter, the strongest Blazer in the Union is coming there with armed helicopters.


Subordination Manipulation: Rinna's ability as a Blazer. She can manipulate the concept of "Subordination", in which she is able to turn both animals and humans into subordinates using her Device.


Collar of Subordination: Rinna's Device, which takes form as animal collars. The number of collars that she is able to manifest is unknown, but it is implied that Rinna is able to use more than two as she offered to make Ikki her butler (much to Charlotte's annoyance).

  • Power Bestowal: Rinna's Noble Art, which lets her grant animals and humans the powers of a Blazer thus making them part of her device. This is noted as people could feel her magic power from Charlotte.
  • Sphinx: This is a giant lion, which Rinna uses most in combat and rides on top of. Aside from already being stronger than a normal human, through the use of magic, Sphinx becomes even more powerful.
    • King's Pressure (獣王の威圧, Beast King's Coercion): Sphinx's Noble Art, where the lion roars at an opponent immobilizing them.
    • King's Charge (獣王の突進, Beast King's Charge): Sphinx's second Noble Art, where the lion infuses itself with magic and charges towards an opponent with great force enough to send Stella backward, albeit did no damage to her.
  • Charlotte Cordé: Rinna's most trusted maid and ace, which she uses as a trump card whenever Sphinx is defeated against a powerful foe.
    • Ichirin Junka (一輪楯花, One Wheel Shield Flower): Charlotte's Noble Art, which she creates barriers durable enough to handle the dragon flames of Stella. She activates it through the command: Bloom, Ichirin Junka. These barriers can also be used to form blades and shurikens for combat.
    • Flower Blade: Ryuuzetsuran (花刃・龍舌蘭, Flower Blade: Dragon Tongue Orchid): Charlotte's second Noble Art, where she forms a giant blade, which she launches towards the opponent.
    • Senben Junka (千弁楯花, Thousand Petal One Wheel Shield Flower): Her strongest Noble Art and enhanced version of Ichirin Junka, which she pours all her magic into and is mentioned being three orders of magnitude stronger than Ichirin Junka.


  • Rinna has a case of chuunibyou (中二病, lit. Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome)