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The Seven Stars Sword Art Festival (七星剣武祭 Shichisei Kenbusai) is a festival held between the seven Mage-Knight Schools of Japan, in association with the League of Mage-Knight Nations.


The trophy for winning the Seven Stars sword Art Festival (Manga)

The Seven Stars Sword Art Festival is an annual event held jointly between the seven Mage-Knight schools to determine the strongest apprentice knight between the schools. The winner of the festival would be known as the Seven Stars Sword Kings. The tournament is meant exclusively for the students of the Mage-Knight schools, while younger Blazers are allowed to participate in other Japanese Leagues aimed for them.

In the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Devices are used in <Real Form> rather than <Illusion Form>, as a result, participants may die in that festival.


The following are the rules of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

  1. One-on-one dueling.
  2. Devices are to be used on <Real Form>.
  3. There is no time limit.
  4. Surrender is allowed.

Because of the nature of the Festival which focuses on actual combat, Illusion Form is not allowed. For that reason, depending on the situation, there is an attendant danger to life. Despite so, prevention steps are taken by both the teachers, staff members and related people present in the match arena to make sure such incidents doesn't occur. The winner and loser may also be determined by the referee who will stop the match on his own discretion. However, the absolute safety for all the students involved is not guaranteed and the school nor the festival will be accounted for the injuries or deaths throughout the festival. The audience is also protected by several professional Blazers.

The Festival is a single elimination type tournament, with one loss meaning elimination from the entire Festival. The participants are arranged into four blocks (Blocks A, B, C and D), with the blocks having their own matches. Once there is only one participant in each Block, these participants face another one of those who are left (A vs. B, C vs D). The the two that are victorious, will then face each other in the Finals. The winner of the finals is crowned the Seven Stars Sword King. In the 62nd Festival there were five rounds (first round, second round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals), though this Festival was somewhat special due to the inclusion of Akatsuki and the withdrawal of multiple participants, prior to the Festival.

Known Festivals

Unknown Seven Stars Sword Art Festival

61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival

62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival


  • Bukyoku Academy - Located in the Kinki and Chubu regions. Considered as the strongest mage-knight academy in Japan and one of the leading academies in the world. Has reached the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival in two consecutive years.
  • Bunkyoku Academy - Located in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions.
  • Hagun Academy - Located in the southern Kanto region. Its campus is ten times as large as the Tokyo Dome.
  • Kyomon Academy - Located in the Tohoku region.
  • Rentei Academy - Located in the Chuugoku and Shikoku regions.
  • Rokuson Academy - Located in the Hokkaido region.
  • Tonrou Academy - Located in the northern Kanto region.
  • Akatsuki Academy: Unofficial school formed by Bakuga Tsukikage, for the purpose of winning the Festival and lessening people's faith in the League of Mage-Knight Nations. It only participated in the 62nd Festival.