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Yes. It's been so long, Onii-sama.
—Shizuku after seeing Ikki again
Shizuku Kurogane
Shizuku profile pic.png
Kana 黒鉄・雫
Romaji Kurogane Shizuku
Gender Female
Age 15
Nickname/s Witch of the Deep SeaLorelei
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Jade Green
Device Yoishigure
Personal Status
Relatives Ryouma Kurogane (Great-Grandfather) †
Genma Kurogane (Grandfather)
Itsuki Kurogane (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Ouma Kurogane (Eldest Brother)
Ikki Kurogane (Older Brother)
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Kurogane Family
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking B-Rank → A-Rank
Physical E
Luck C
Offense D
Defense B
Magic Cap C
Magic Ctl A
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Nao Tōyama (Japanese)
Juliet Simmons (English)

Shizuku Kurogane is the youngest child and daughter of the Head of the Kurogane Household Itsuki Kurogane, as well as the younger sister of Ouma and Ikki Kurogane. Unlike her older brother, she was well-respected as a child and was even forgiven due to her talent as a Blazer and was the only person in their family who didn't despise or look down on Ikki for being an F-Rank Blazer and was saddened after he left. Shizuku later transferred to Hagun Academy as a first-year student and earned the nickname Lorelei and she became the roommate of Nagi Arisuin.

Soon after the battle in Vermillion, she was promoted from a B-Rank Blazer to an A-Rank after bringing her brother back to life.


She had short silver hair and jade-green eyes, showing enough charm to fascinate everyone, and she wore a light smile on her flower bud-like pink lips.
—Shizuku arrives in Ikki's Classroom

Shizuku is a petite young woman of a much smaller stature even for her age often referred to as a lolita, and being shorter compared to Stella whose the same age. She has short silver hair with several bangs covering her entire forehead, the middle portion of it comes close to her nose and jade-green eyes. She holds her hair together with a black headband that has white-pink flowers on both sides of it; in the anime both the flowers are pink.

During her childhood, Shizuku had much longer silver hair tied into twin-tails, but she cut it short after her brother's eventual departure as shown in the manga.

There have been situations where Shizuku wore different clothes, the most well-known and constant being the female school uniform for Hagun Academy. Aside from her school uniform, she dressed in a black gothic lolita outfit during her time out with her older brother, Stella Vermillion, and Nagi Arisuin; which she also wore during her childhood.


I'm not as nice as Onii-sama, or as gentle as Stella-san, so I can't help but cut an enemy who attacked me to shreds. You chose the wrong foe.
—Shizuku Kurogane's cruel nature

As a child, Shizuku has been shown to be a naive and sweet little girl who cared for her second older brother, Ikki Kurogane, unlike her relatives who treated him badly due to him being an F-Rank, which was viewed as a failure among their distinguished household. Under the surface, she started to despise the people known as "humans", which stimmed her being forgiven no matter what she did due to her remarkable talent and power as a child with even the parents of the children she had hit or stolen from being punished for talking back; Ikki alone slapped her once when the adults didn't despite being beaten afterward.

After Ikki left the Kurogane Household, her resentment for those who ridiculed him had grown to extend towards the other Kurogane, even her father who continued to intervene in his success in becoming a Blazer. It was also then that Shizuku decided to give Ikki all the love that no one else has ever given him as a mother, sister, friend, and a lover, which somewhat grew into an obsession for him. This also caused her rivalry with Stella Vermillion who soon became his roommate and lover causing arguments and fights between them, most of the time when Ikki is involved.

Among her friends, especially both Ikki and Stella, Shizuku is quite merciless in battle never going easy her even opponents, never hesitating to kill enemies as shown by Wallenstein, however, he somehow survived.


Water Manipulation: Shizuku's ability as a Blazer. She is able to create and control water, using them for offense and defense to an amazing extent due to her superior magic control. Shizuki can remove the ions and microbes from water to create Ultra Pure Water, which is far less conductive making it effective against lightning users like Touka Toudou in their fight.

  • Healing: A skill specific to that of water users, Shizuku is able to heal large wounds such as detached limbs. She had learned how to use her water healing technique to examine the bodies' of others letting her find out if there's anything wrong with them having trained under Kiriko.
  • Ice Manipulation: Derived from her water abilities, Shizuku is able to create and control ice, thus letting her freeze the water under a person's feet thus trapping them. She can also cause the entire area around her to freeze removing their footing with her being the lone person able to move without issues.
  • Vapor Manipulation: Another third feature of her water abilities, Shizuku is able to create and control vapor in the air, then use it as a cover for herself.

Expert Swordsmanship: Shizuki is skilled in swordsmanship, having trained in the kodachi techniques from the Kurogane Household and later trained by Ikki. Shizuku is able to fight against Blazers such as Touka and Momiji who wields katanas. She prefers to use her water-based abilities when fighting in close to long-range unlike pure swordsmen a lot Ikki and Stella.

Magic Control: Shizuku is noted for her superior magic control, which surpasses that of a normal Blazer. She is able to complete actions using 2-3 points of magical power as opposed to the Blazers who use 10 points, letting her contend with that of an A-Rank Blazer. Shizuku underwent the tutelage of Kiriko Yakushi letting her improve her magic control to a greater extent level her revive Ikki after he died against Or-Gaule.


Shizuku materializes Yoishigure

Yoishigure (宵時雨(よいしぐれ) Yoishigure, lit. "Evening Shower"): Shizuku's device, which takes form as a dark-blue colored kodachi, which has a silver blade.

  • Shouha Suiren (障波水蓮(しょうは すいれん) lit. "Water Lotus of Impeding Waves"): This is her first Nobel Art, where Shizuku creates an almost unbreakable barrier made of water. Shouha Suiren can also be used offensively by using the water generated by the barrier to strike enemies.
  • Suiroudan (水牢弾(すいろうだん) Suirōdan, lit. "Water Prison Orb"): Her second Noble Art, where she shoots out orb-shaped water from Yoishigure, which wraps around her opponent's head thus robbing them of their breath by clinging to their face.
  • Toudo Heigen (凍土平原(とうど へいげん) lit. "Plain of Frozen Soil"): This is her third Noble Art, where Shizuku causes all the ground around her to freeze at a rapid pace.
  • Byakuya Kekkai (白夜結界(びゃくや けっかい) Byakuya Kekkai, lit. "White Night Barrier"): This is the fourth Noble Art of Shizuku, which causes the entire frozen field to turn into vapor in an instant after Yoishigure is stabbed into the ground. Due to it being her move, Shizuku can sense the movement and presence of everyone inside the mist.
  • Hisuijin (緋水刃(ひすいじん) Hisuijin, lit. "Scarlet Water Blade"): This is her fifth Noble Art, in which Shizuku compresses the water around the edge of Yoishigure making the normal-sized kodachi into a long sword. Hisuijin has immense cutting strength which is able to cut even metal like butter.
  • Keppu San'u (血風惨雨(けっぷうさんう) Keppu San'u, lit. "Hideous Rain of Blood and Wind"): This is the sixth Noble Art of Shizuku, where she forms multiple water spikes comparable to bullets, then sends them all at her opponent.
  • Aoiro Genmu (青色幻夢(あおいろ げんむ) Aoiro Genmu, lit. "Blue Fantasy"): This is the seventh Noble Art of Shizuku, where she uses water to refract light in order to make herself invisible.
  • Aoiro Rinne (青色輪廻(あおいろ りんね) Aoiro Rinne, lit. "Blue Reincarnation"): This is the eight Noble Art of Shizuku and her strongest one, where Shizuku manipulates the trillions of cells inside herself in order to turn herself into the water itself, as such, she can repair life-threatening injuries dealt to herself before and even manipulate the air around her causing opponents to drown on land. It requires immense concentration and control as one mistake could kill her, it even distorted her body after using it for the first time; however, Shizuku likely overcame all these weaknesses after receiving treatment and training from Kiriko Yakushi.
  • Aoiro Sekai (青色世界(あおいろ せかい) Aoiro Sekai, lit. "Blue World"): Shizuku later devised a more improved version of Aoiro Rinne having trained under Kiriko to learn the highest level of healing and her water abilities, which can be used on others and revive them from death. While using this technique, she manifests a pair of wings made of her magical power on her back, then the feathers of her wings break down a person's body into single-cell units when they touch and rebuild the body.
  • Ikkaku (剣鯨(イッカク) Ikkaku, lit. "Sword Whale"): This is a Noble Art, which belonged to Ryouma Kurogane, which Shizuku and Ikki could use when merged together, where the latter freezes the target the moment the tip of the sword touches the target, then the piercing strike would break the frozen target.
  • Kachiwari (() lit. "Frozen Slash"): This is a Noble Art that has the same principle as "Ikkaku", but it instead freezes and slashes its target.


  • Her name (雫) means "dew" in Japanese, which reference her water-based abilities.
    • Her surname (黒鉄) means "Black Iron" in Japanese.
  • In the anime, Shizuku has a pet cat she named "Onii-Tama".
  • Her nickname, Lorelei, is based on the legend where a maiden of the same name lives on a rocky headland on the Rhine River and lures fishermen to their death with her song, like a siren from Greek mythology.
  • Near the end of the Vermillion Empire Arc, Shizuku was elevated from a B-Rank Blazer to an A-Rank Blazer making her the second A-Rank Student-Knight in Japan aside from Ouma Kurogane.