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Shizuku Kurogane vs Shigenobu Suga
Suga vs Shizuku
Conflict Selection Match
Result Shizuku wins
Shizuku Kurogane Shigenobu Suga
Yoishigure Unnamed Blades
Power and Abilities
Water Manipulation
Water Prison Orb
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Shizuku is uninjured Suga is drowned unconscious

Shizuku Kurogane vs Shigenobu Suga is a battle fought between Hagun Academy's freshman Shizuku Kurogane, and the third year student from Hagun Academy Shigenobu Suga. It's one of the Hagun Selection Battles.


Per ruling of the new Director of Hagun Academy, Kurono Shinguuji, all students are required to compete in Selection Battle to determine the competitors for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. The first matches that take place, are Shizuku, debuting in her first official match as a Hagun Academy student, against Suga, a third year, who has done a number of achievements during his time at Hagun Academy, while in the, the Crimson haired princess, Stella, goes up against a top ten favorite in school, the Heavy Tank, Momotani.


Suga begins the battle, the moment the bell rings, and he deploys his device, and uses his Noble Art, Hakurajin, which shoots lightning at Shizuku. Shizuku tries to protect herself with her water barrier, but Suga anticipates it being useless as her water conducts his lightning. He was proven wrong though, as Shizuku's barrier proved effective, and was able to stop his thunder. It is revealed that Shizuku is using ultra-pure water, which is purified water that goes down to the ion levels, purifying it so it doesn't conduct electricity.

Suga, understanding his situation Suga then decides to get some distance from Shizuku, but he couldn't as his feet were trapped, by water, that Shizuku had just solidified to ice. Shizuku then uses the move Water Prison Orb, and hits Suga in the face, creating an orb around his head, preventing him from breathing. Suga struggles to get the water off of him, but to no avail, as he is knocked out. Shizuku claims victory.


Shizuku is praised by her teacher Yuuri, for defeating her opponent so easily, as well as her very skilled technique. Shizuku's powers are recognized by the student body. Shizuku is able to qualify to the second round of the Hagun academy participation tournament. Suga is knocked out of the tournament for the year, and is unable to move, after drowning in water till he literally turned limp, on his limbs. Shizuku waves at Ikki, while leaving the arena, who was in the stands cheering her on, as she shows a smile, happy of her well gotten victory.

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