Sirius Vermillion
Sirius picture
Gender Male
Nickname/s The Crimson Wild Lion
Device Ifreet
Personal Status
Relatives Astrea Vermillion (wife)
Lunaeyes Vermillion (daughter)
Stella Vermillion (daughter)
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Voice Actor
Voice Actor James Morrison (English)

Sirius Vermillion is the current Emperor of Vermillion and the father of Stella and Lunaeyes Vermillion.

Appearance Edit

Sirius is a middle aged man, with a strong build. He also has a beard.

Personality Edit

Sirius is a determined man, who refuses to give up. He is very protective of his daughter and wants to impress her in any way. Despite being a little childish, he is capable of being serious and focusing on important matters when needed.

History Edit

Sirius is the Emperor of Vermillion, and at some point married Astrea Vermillion. 30 years ago he went alone to Cradleland, and confronted the King of Cradleland. He ended the hatred between the two countries, and vastly improved their relationships.

When Stella traveled to Japan, Sirius disagreed with the idea, to the point that Astrea needed to imprison him, so that Stella could go.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Vermillion Empire Edit

LN Vol 10 Illustration 8

Astrea, Stella and Sirius

Sirius confronts his daughter, who has just arrived in Vermillion. It's mentioned he watched the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, but he fainted when Ikki slashed Stella. Later Stella finds out that Ikki, who came with her to Vermillion, had a reward placed on him by Sirius, who also sent his guards to apprehend him. This enrages Stella, though Ikki tries to calm her down by saying that seeing the peoples love for Stella has made him love her country even more. It's then decided that Ikki will be a participant in the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland. If he achieves victory for Vermillion he gets the right to marry Stella. Sirius, though begrudgingly, agrees to this.

"Worst One" vs "Crimson Wild Lion"!? Edit

Sirius, although agreeing on Ikki participating in the tournament decides to test him, in fighting, strength and speed. Despite being told that he doesn't have to participate in Sirius' trials, by Astrea and Stella, Ikki accepts Sirius' challenges and beats him easily in every category. This embarrasses Sirius, who wants Stella to see him as an awesome dad, she can rely on.

The Nation Named Vermillion Edit

Later, after Stella, Ikki and Lunaeyes were ambushed on their visit to Cradleland and Cradleland's sudden attack against Vermillion. Stella meets Sirius, Astrea and Daniel Dandalion. She tells them that Or-Gaule has taken over Cradleland and is controlling the citizens. Despite Astrea saying it's a bad idea, because it will demoralize their army, Sirius informs his army that the Cradleland soldiers are being controlled. This sudden act impresses Stella, who then hugs Sirius.

While thinking about a way to release the citizens of Cradleland, from Or-Gaule's control, Ikki comes up with an idea how to release them. He suggests that since Or-Gaul has certain people through whom he controls everyone else, by taking out those certain individuals, those Or-Gaule controls through them, will also be released. Sirius, though at first skeptical, agrees to this plan.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

In a town called Kardia, Vermillion's army, lead by Ikki, Daniel and Iris Ascarid, confronts Cradleland's soldiers. They use Ikki's plan to free soldiers, which works amazingly. While the battle is progressing, the Vermillion Palace where Sirius and Astrea are gets attacked by Ein, an ally of Or-Gaule. Ein paralyzes everyone in the palace, except for Sirius, who attacks Ein.

Sirius though is unable to even hit Ein, who easily overwhelms him. Sirius luckily is saved by Yui Tatara, who had been masquerading as a maid in Vermillion, waiting for her sister, Ein. Just as Ein and Yui are about to fight, a monitor that shows footage from the battle at Kardia, shows Lunaeyes declaring that a tournament will be held between Vermillion and Cradleland, to decide the fate of the two countries.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After the announcement, Ein withdraws from the Imperial Palace, and Sirius arrives in the Kardia in a helicopter. He meets his daughters, asking if they are okay, and scolds Lunaeyes for making an agreement with Or-Gaule alone. They all then return to Vermillion.

Back in Vermillion it's decided that the representatives of Vermillion will be Ikki, Nene, Ascarid, Yui and Stella. Despite wanting to participate, Sirius was denied from participating by Nene, as he was too weak. Stella along with the other representatives of Vermillion, apart from Nene, headed for the Edelberg mountain in Estonia, to train with Edelweiss, which greatly worries Sirius. Nene also orders Sirius to not let anyone interrupt her own training.

Abilities Edit

Great Strength: Sirius is very strong, as you would expect from a man of his build. He was shown being inferior in strength to Ikki.

Great Endurance: Sirius was able to withstand multiple hits from Ein's Rose Whip. He was also capable of enduring her paralyze.

Flame Manipulation: Sirius is capable of creating flames up to 3,000 degrees Celsius.

Device Edit

Ifreet: Sirius' Device takes the form of an axe.

  • Gold Eclipse (lit. Flame Demon Treasured Blade): Sirius' Noble Art, which is a very strong slash, engulfed in flames.

Trivia Edit

  • Sirius' Device, Ifreet is named after the supernatural creatures from Middle Eastern stories, called Ifrit. These creatures are often affiliated with fire.
  • Sirius' left eye is nearly entirely blind, due to an injury he experienced 30 years ago when he marched into the capital of Cradleland. He has kept this injury secret from even his family.

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