Hagun AcademyEdit

Ikki KuroganeEdit

Stella's roommate/fiancé. The two initially had a rocky relationship due to Stella being angry at the fact that Ikki saw her half-naked and Ikki suddenly taking off his clothes to make the situation fair.

After their duel, Stella starts to develop an interest in Ikki which eventually evolved into affections, leading her to jealousy toward other girls that get close to Ikki. Her friendship with Ikki is shown in public for the first time, during Ikki's debut battle with Shizuya Kirihara, she screamed words of encouragement towards Ikki after he nearly broke down due to mental stress and widespread discouragement by the audience and snapped Ikki back in time, enabling him to win.

After Ikki's victory, Stella stayed with him as he slept due to fatigue and injuries. After waking up, he confessed his feelings for her and she accepted them, she then makes a promise to battle him once the festival is over without losing to anyone else up to that point.

Stella is able to further her relationship with Ikki, during Ayase's training at the public pool. Thanks to Ayase, Ikki and Stella had become alone, where they are able to confess what they have been feeling the entire month they were dating. With the revelation of their feelings for each they are then able to kiss each other, strengthening their relationship with each other.

After Ikki's match with Tohka, Ikki had proposed to Stella, wanting to start a family, and Stella gleefully said yes to Ikki's proposal. After which Stella and Ikki are able to show affection in public and Stella is eager to show Ikki affection and praise whenever Ikki does some affection such as holding her hand in public.

Ikki told Stella during the incident at Okutama that they shouldn't have a sexual relationship before meeting Stella's parents, which made her happy for being treasured by him so much. However, she had always wanted their relationship to reach the next level. When Ikki changed his mind after their match in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival tournament final and wanted to make love to Stella right away, she happily accepted and the two finally consummated their relationship(Using up ten sachets of condoms/one box). The next morning, Stella was really happy they finally did it and that she wanted the pain from her first time to remain as long as possible, refusing to heal it with her own power because it was proof of being loved by Ikki.

When Ikki stated he will sacrifice himself to buy time for her to recover during the battle with Or-Gaule, Stella is deeply furious by how he has given up on keeping his promise and tries ragely to move but can't. The fact she was helpless as Ikki died caused her to be briefly unable to accept reality but it quickly turned into rage and sorrow, achieving her Excessive Awakening. Stella bitterly lashed out at Ikki's remains for his breaking of the promise he had made to her, deeming his words selfish, and saying she couldn't forgive him for dying for her instead of being with her and even wishing she could just forget what she lost and the pain she had never experienced before that came with it. However, in the end, she couldn't bring herself to regret meeting him and chose to fulfill his wish but told Ikki, easily visibly angry, that she would make him regret not still being with her by becoming far stronger than he ever was. However, she was relieved when Shizuku revealed she could revive Ikki. Nevertheless, Stella remained angry at Ikki for what he did but in the end forgave him, remaining emotional to the point that she would have had an intimate moment with Ikki had her parents not interrupted.

Shizuku KuroganeEdit

Stella and Shizuku are on extremely bad terms with each other, mainly due to the two of them being after the same man. Stella considers Shizuku a sick and dangerous sister who loves her brother incestuously, while Shizuku considers Stella as an eyesore for trying to take Ikki away from her.

Stella then begins to develop a certain type of understanding for Shizuku, as she finds out that Shizuku does not bear any actual grudge against the girls that get close to Ikki, but rather she is fine with it, as it would make Ikki happy.

Kurono ShinguujiEdit

Hagun academy Director. She informed Stella of Ikki's background and why he was held back, as well as stating that Ikki even beat her in a match to help her understand Ikki's true strength, to the point it is comparable that she planned for the two to meet and fight to allow for both to obtain what they seeked, Stella's desire a strong opponent to rise above. It is a professional relationship, teaching her not to judge a book by it's cover, with Ikki, using the way Stella is described and comparing Ikki as the opposite, making a contradiction in the description.

Shizuya KiriharaEdit

Stella does not like Shizuya, from the moment she met him, for the fact that he called Ikki a coward. This hatred of him only grew even more when she saw how he fought against his opponents, hiding in his area of invisibly, and continuously shooting his opponent purposefully not shooting any of their vital spot.

Ayase AyatsujiEdit

Stella initially dislikes Ayase, as she had stalked Ikki for a month. She comes to dislike her even more, when Ikki started helping her with her training as she was not only getting Ikki's full attention but also being touched by Ikki as well. The feeling of discontent turn to feelings of confusion, though, as she realized, thanks to Shizuku, that she was being very possessive of Ikki.

During Ayase's pool training, Stella some how deepens her relationship with Ayase to at least a friendly level, as she was able to talk with her openly, and for the first time about her relationship with Ikki.

Renren TomaruEdit

Stella has shown to have a friendly relationship with Renren, as both have common interest in a particular show, as well as having a lot of energy to for sports.

Nene Saikyo Edit

Nene trained Stella for the Seven Swords. During the training due to Nene constantly groping Stella, she developed the habit of round house kicking when someone snuck up on her, almost kicking Ikki, because he would play a joke on her.

Vermillion Imperial FamilyEdit

Sirius VermillionEdit

Sirius Vermillion is the Father of Stella. Sirius is known for his love for Stella all of her life as he dotes on her. As he begged her to stay not wanting to leave. If word gets to him that Stella has a boyfriend he would throw him in the Vermillion's deepest pit. When she returns home and learns how her father has been treating Ikki, she is upset and counters him with statements like "sis, who is that uncle" at her father.

Astrea VermillionEdit

Astrea is the Mother of Stella. As Stella stated she is an ordinary woman as she is willing to let Stella leave for Japan in order to fight and get stronger as Stella grows up learning how to control Laevateinn. When Stella wishes to leave for Japan Astrea throws Sirius in Jail in order for Stella to leave. She wants what is best for her child and is supportive of Ikki, but still looks at the political side of it.

Lunaeyes Vermillion Edit

Stella's older sister. They have a very friendly relationship, greatly caring for each other. she is supportive of Stella's relationship with Ikki and made a proposal to make everyone happy, Stella, Ikki and the people of Vermillion.

Kingdom of Cradleland Edit

Johann Cristoph von Collbrand Edit

Johann, the 1st Prince of Cradleland, has a friendly relationship with Stella. They played together when they were young, and Johann was even described being like an older brother to Stella.

Akatsuki Edit

Ouma Kurogane Edit

Ouma has shown great interest in Stella, believing that she could be the opponent he has been searching for. Ouma wished to fight Stella at her full power, doing everything to make sure she was at her best. Stella recognizes Ouma and his strength, though doesn't show the same kind of interest in him. Stella managed to beat Ouma in the semi-finals of the Festival.

Yui Tatara Edit

Stella isn't particularly friendly to Yui, nor is Yui friendly towards her. They faced each other in the Festival, with Stella defeating Yui, rather easily. However, their relationship has improved recently, with Yui helping Vermillion against All-Goal, and even teaching Stella how to fight better.

Reisen Hiraga Edit

Stella faced Hiraga in the Festival, having shown mostly disgust towards him. However, Stella's victory over Hiraga, awoke All-Goal's interest in her, as he was the one controlling Hiraga.

Sara Bloodlily Edit

Among the Akatsuki members, Stella is the most friendly towards Sara, as she is the least threatening among them. Stella was surprised to find out that Sara is the famous painter "Mario Rosso", whose painting even the Vermillion Imperial Family has purchased. Stella initially tried helping Sara in making Ikki her model, for the promise of a painting about them, but later went against her plans.

Others Edit

All-Goal Edit

All-Goal has great interest in Stella, admiring her strong spirit, and wishing to crush her and everything dear to her. Stella has shown utter disgust at All-Goal, who enslaved the people of Cradleland, and treats human suffering like entertainment.