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Stella Vermillion vs Ikazuchi Saijou
Chapter 11 cover page
Conflict Selection Match
Result Stella is victorious
Stella Vermillion Ikazuchi Saijou
Laevateinn Zanbatou
Power and Abilities
Flame Manipulation Crecendo Axe
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Stella is uninjured Saijou is heavily injured

Stella Vermillion vs Ikazuchi Saijou is a selection match, fought between two Hagun Academy students, Stella Vermillion and Ikazuchi Saijou. It's one of the Hagun Selection Battles.


Ikki had just finished his match against Renren Tomaru, with little effort, and gets off stage. He then wishes Stella good luck, although she feels as though she wouldn't have to put much effort in. She then goes into the ring confident, as she face her opponent, nicknamed the destroyer, and the student council secretary, Ikazuchi Saijou. The two face each other and the buzzer rings beginning the battle.


Saijou immediately pulls out his Device, Zanbatou, and swings it at the ground, causing a shake even in the audience seat. Saijou then begins to rotate his device over his head. He then explains, while Stella takes out her device, and charges it, that he is able to increase the weight of his device, by how many he rotates it over his head.

Saijou then declares his victory, because of her willingness to let him charge all the way to ten tons. Stella decides, instead of dodging it, to take the hit head on with her device, Lavetinn. Stella is able to push back Saijou's Zanbatou, and Stella is able to use her flame, to launch Saijou ten meters in the air, slamming him back down to the ground, effectively ending the match.


Stella impresses the crowd once again, as the announcer is impressed by both her, Ikki and Shizuku, all being able to finish their matches with relative ease. Stella tries to meet Ikki outside the battle arena, only to see Shizuku hugging and congratulating her brother. Stella is jealous at Shizuku's overly attached little sister to her older brother. She then gets angered as Shizuku told her that her relationship with Ikki was none of her business, revealing that Stella and Ikki still had not gone public with the relationship.

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