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Stella Vermillion vs Shizuku Kurogane
Stella and Shizuku about to clash
Conflict Fight
Result Interrupted
Stella Vermillion Shizuku Kurogane
Laevateinn Yoishigure
Power and Abilities
Fire Manipulation Water Manipulation
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Stella is uninjured Shizuku is uninjured

Stella Vermillion vs Shizuku Kurogane is a battle fought between two first year Hagun Academy students, Stella Vermillion and Shizuku Kurogane.


Ikki Kurogane finds himself in a very compromising position, after beating the five freshmen students, as he is seen in front of the whole class being kissed by Shizuku. Shizuku had done it of her own accord, as she had missed her brother who she hasn't seen in years. Ikki however being very shocked, embarrassed, and scared, then turns around to find Stella angry at such actions.

Stella then demands an explanation, to which Shizuku tells her that it was simply a show of affection for her brother. She even proclaims that sexual intercourse was nothing more then a greeting of sorts, although she was just joking, much to the relief of Ikki and Stella. Ikki who is still in shock over what had happened to his sweet younger sister over the years, was nearly kissed again by Shizuku, until Stella had stopped it.

Shizuku then asks the intruding Stella what relationship she had with Ikki, to which Stella replies that she was his servant. Shizuku asks Ikki if it was true that Stella was his servant, to which he confirms, but the answer then brushed off by Shizuku who believes that Stella was making him say such.

Shizuku wanting to separate Ikki and Stella, decides to bring out her device, revealing her attribute is water, the natural enemy of Fire. Ikki tries to stop Shizuku from fighting Stella, but the situation escalates as Stella brings out her device. The students of the class are then cleared out, by Kagami, as Shizuku and Stella begin their battle.


Shizuku and Stella, had drawn their Devices Yoishigure and Laevateinn, ready to kill each other, after the girls had insulted each other to this point. Shizuku and Stella then charge at each other, their two devices clashing against each other. On the moment of impact, the energy they had put into their first attack was so much, that it had decimated the classroom leaving it in rubles, effectively ending the short battle.


After the match the classroom had been turned to rubble. The teachers had conferred with each other on what punishment would be appropriate for the top ranked first year students of Hagun Academy. They had decided that they will both serve a weeks worth of suspension in their own dorms.

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