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Stella Vermillion vs Momotani
Conflict Selection Match
Result Momotani surrenders
Stella Vermillion Takeshi Momotani
Laevateinn Goliath
Power and Abilities
None None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Stella Vermillion is uninjured Momotani is uninjured

Stella Vermillion vs Takeshi Momotani is a battle fought between Hagun Academy's number one freshmen who is said to come once in ten years Stella Vermillion, and the third year student from Hagun Academy, nicknamed Heavy Tank, Takeshi Momotani. It's one of the Hagun Selection Battles.


Per ruling of the new Director of Hagun Academy, Kurono Shinguuji, all students are required to compete in Selection Battle to determine the competitors for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. In the first match, Stella, the crimson haired princess, who hails from the Vermillion Imperial Family, going up against, Momotani, one of the top ten favorite students, at Hagun academy, he is also coined the name heavy tank, since he is not only large in stature, but also the fact that he has Goliath armor. In the fifth practice arena, Shizuku Kurogane, participating in her very first match as a Hagun academy student, going up against Shigenobu Suga, another student from Hagun Academy, who has gotten a number of achievements during his time at Hagun Academy.


Stella and Momotani face each other, in the ring, and Momotani is quick to pull out his Device Goliath. He then gets into his usual stance when he is about to attack someone, just charge right at them. He then puts down his shoulders, and was about to use a move that usually finishes off his opponents but he is some how unable to do so. The crowd along with the announcers are shocked, and stunned to see such.

It is revealed that Stella had just activated her Device, Laevateinn, and had engulfed herself in flames. The crowd tried to jeer Momotani into attacking, but he just stood asking himself, how he was supposed to get through those flames. Stella then talks to Momotani, explaining what the situation was for him, telling him that the match was a real battle, and he wouldn't get off with illusionary pain, it was real. Upon hearing this Momotani decided to raise his hand, and forfeit, subsequently ending the short match.


The crowd is shocked by this sudden decision by Momotani, he had forfeited to the girl who had originally lost to an F-rank failure knight. Nene Saikyo, who was an announcer during the match, stated that his move was very cowardly but wise. When asked to explain, Saikyo said that Momotani was basically told by the crowd, to walk in flames, and be burnt alive. She then continues mocking him, by sarcastically saying that giving up before taking a step was a very wise move. She then left in a hurry, as Momotani's fans, more specifically the girls, did not like her comment, and looked at her with a very ominous stare. Stella is said to had gone to the gym afterwards, as she didn't really get any type of work from fighting her opponent.

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