Tilmitt Gracie
Tilmitt profile
Gender Female
Device Tríaina
Personal Status
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Voice Actor

Tilmitt Gracie is a student of the Vermillion Magic Institute, and one of Vermillion's strongest Blazers.

Appearance Edit

Tilmitt is a girl with dark and short hair, and tanned skin. She wears an attire similar to a swimsuit and gloves.

Personality Edit

Tilmitt is a proud student, who believes in her own abilities. She also likes to tease people.

Plot Edit

LN Vol 10 Illustration 7

Tilmitt (left) and Miriallia (right)

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Vermillion Empire Edit

Tilmitt, along with Miriallia Régie, ambush Ikki, who has just arrived in Vermillion, on a roof. They explain to him that there has been a reward placed on him, worth of 100 million yen. Tilmitt the uses her Noble Art to dive in to the roof while Miriallia shoots Ikki with her gun. Initially they have the advantage, with Ikki even complimenting their teamwork. Despite their teamwork though, Ikki defeats both girls, knocking Tilmitt out with Ten'i Muhou.

"Worst One" vs "Crimson Wild Lion"!? Edit

Tilmitt and Miriallia, along with Lunaeyes Vermillion, again meet Ikki. Tilmitt and Miriallia tease Ikki about doing inappropriate things with Stella. Lunaeyes though tells them to be quiet. Lunaeyes then tells Ikki that she wants him to train Tilmitt and Miriallia for the upcoming tournament, between Vermillion and Cradleland, which Ikki will also be participating. Ikki agrees, but before he can start the training, he leaves to meet the 1st Prince of Cradleland, Johann.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Tilmitt later participates in the Battle of Kardia between Vermillion and Cradleland. She, along with Miriallia free a number of Cradleland soldiers from Or-Gaule's control. She also participates in the fight against Big Baby, along with Ikki and Miriallia.

Abilities Edit

Expert Combatant: Tilmitt is an experienced combatant, as one of Vermillion's strongest warriors. She also quickly understood how Ikki was repelling Mirillia's bullets, showing knowledge of combat tactics.

Material Manipulation: Tilmitt can change the material of any surface, so that she can dive into it, like it was water.

Device Edit

Tríaina: Tilmitt's Device takes the form of a trident.

  • Stone Dive: Tilmitt stabs a surface with her Device, chancing it's material, so she can dive into it.
  • Dolphin Crush: Tilmitt kicks the surface, affected by Stone Dive, causing it to quickly raise her up in the air.
  • Star Ocean: Tilmitt stabs the ground with her Device, changing the entire landscape so it becomes similar to an ocean.

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