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I'll take you on! With my invincible Raikiri!!!
—Touka Toudou
Tohka Todo
Tohka profile pic.png
Kana 東堂 刀華(とうどう とうか)
Romaji Toudou Touka
Gender Female
Age 17
Nickname/s Raikiri
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Orange
Device Narukami
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Hagun Student Council
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking B-Rank
Physical A
Luck D
Offense A
Defense C
Magic Cap B
Magic Ctl B
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese)
Stephanie Wittels (English)

Touka Toudou is a third-year student in Hagun Academy and also the current Student Council President known as Raikiri. Before her defeat at the hands of Ikki Kurogane in the Hagun Selection Battle Finals, she was known as the strongest student in Hagun Academy.


She is a beautiful and charming spectacled young woman with long light brown hair tied into two braids in the back with orange eyes. It is also noted that she has a slender yet buxom figure while having a petite waistline with both Ikki and Utakata noting that she has a soft and round butt.

Touka is usually seen wearing her Hagun Academy uniform.


Exactly as she said, Touka continued to give her smile and her courage to everyone in Wakaba House until she left the facility. She continued to demonstrate to us orphans that even we can become great people. And she's energetically continuing to do so as someone with top strength among the entire nation's student knights, Raikiri
Utakata Misogi describing Touka's true power

Befitting her status as the Hagun Student Council President, Touka has initially displayed both a serious and calm demeanor, being able to maintain her composure throughout her fight against Shizuku. Utaka has described that she takes her responsibility as Council President seriously, wanting to end a fight quicker in order to get back to her job and not fall behind her usual schedule.

Outside of battle, Touka acts like a normal girl and almost clumsy, tripping on two occasions; one of them packing around towering stacked papers and tripping on the clutter around the Student Council Room; both times her skirt was flipped up inadvertently revealing her pantied butt. She has a habit of speaking in an accent when ending up being flustered. Despite this, she maintains her charming and smart side, causing Touka to be viewed as a proper role model to the students. There are times that she can lose her composure, most times being when the Student Council Room is felt in disorder by its members.

Her true nature is her motherlike and thoughtful side, taking take of the children inside the Wakaba House to the point where she was described as "meddling in the business of others". She can also be uptight in certain times such as when someone gets sick as shown by Stella who had caught a cold, going as far as to carry around her junior on her back, which was due to her parents' death due to illness. Utaka described her true strength coming from caring about the people and orphans who supported her while fighting for their sake and belief.

Similar to Ikki, Touka enjoys fighting against strong opponents, getting excited to fight against Ikki after seeing his match for the first time despite being an F-Rank. Though, she has a great deal of confidence in both her skills and abilities, Touka believe that she has never done anything alone and that the people around her have brought her to where she was now.


Touka was orphaned as a child after her parents' death from an illness before being sent to the Wakaba House, which was owned by the Totokubara Family. During her time there, she acted as a mother figure for the children there and even assisted one child in regaining their humanity after their parents tried to kill them resulting in his serious violent streak. There she became the childhood friend of Utakata Misogi and Kanata Totokubara who'd come and go to the orphanage as she pleased.

Touka soon entered Hagun Academy and trained under Nangou Torajirou, the former rival of Ryouma Kurogane and God of War, where she learned Trackless Step and devised her famed Raikiri. She participated in the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, reaching the semi-finals becoming one of the four top nationals, where she was defeated by Yuudai Moroboshi, who avoided her famed Noble Art.


Selection Battle Arc

Raikiri vs Lorelei

Shizuku vs Tohka.

Touka is first seen in the twelfth selection match, going against Shizuku. After easily countering every long-range magical attack Shizuku fired at her, as the fight at the time was only equally matched due to Shizuku's outstanding magic control and fast-thinking, Touka uses Trackless Step to quickly gain the upper hand, dealing several injuries on Shizuku while not suffering any injuries in return. Although Shizuku managed to corner her briefly by trapping her in a thick cloud of mist using Byakuya Kekka, Touka instead uses her attempts to take her down using Hisuijin by unleashing Raikiri, instantly defeating Shizuku, therefore winning the match without a scratch on her.

Touka is then seen carrying loads of documents where she accidentally falls and loses her glasses. Ikki helps her pick up the papers, along with Stella. Touka then invites the latter to the student council room, which they accept.

The group gets to the room, only to find that it was a mess. The student council quickly cleans up the room, and Touka invites in Ikki and Stella for some tea. Kanata interrupts and reminds Touka of what the director had told them. Kanata further explains to Ikki and Stella, that they are having problems with a giant, in the area of Okutama. Ikki and Stella decide to help out, to which Touka is thankful for.

Incident of Okutama

Touka then goes to Okutama with her fellow students in order to investigate the giant incident. Splitting into a group of two people per team, with Touka grouping with Utakata. She and Utakata then arrive in time to rescue Ikki and Stella who were cornered by their enemies.

Touka and the rest of the group had then arrived at the training camp where they meet Mamoru Akaza, who take Ikki to the ethics committee after it was publicized that Ikki and Stella were in a relationship.

Siege, Reunion and Trap

Touka was then seen, along with Utakata, talking with Shizuku in the student council room, and had asked if Shizuku could talk to Ikki about not participating in the match against her, as she had known about Ikki's current condition. Shizuku, however, did not know how to answer and had given it some thought over the night.

Touka had then fought, a very poorly conditioned Ikki, but was defeated by Ikki after she had tried to match Ikki's swing against her Raikiri. She was then seen at the ceremony, where she had given Ikki, the new captain of the team, the school's flag wishing him luck in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc

Training Camp and Scheme

Touka had participated in the training camp for Hagun Academy's festival participants, as a coach. She had trained with Stella through many battles and defeated her three times, however, Stella had also defeated her three times as well.

Akatsuki Strikes

Touka, while on the bus back to Hagun Academy, learns of Nagi Arisuin's betrayal and decides to leave the decision of whether to trust him or not to Ikki, the captain of Hagun's team. Ikki decides to trust Arisuin for Shizuku's sake.

Tohka attacks Ouma with Takemikazuchi

They arrive at a destroyed Hagun Academy but are able to quickly strike down the attackers, with the help of Arisuin's betrayal. However, Arisuin is soon stabbed in the back multiple times by Amane, and the true Akatsuki members reveal themselves, also revealing the ones that were struck down were simply wooden dolls. After Ikki, Shizuku, and Arisuin leave Stella had lost a power match to Ouma who was about to strike her down, but Stella was saved by Touka who proceeds to knock her unconscious as she was clearly not ready to fight against an opponent like Ouma. Touka then leads the attack against Akatsuki with the other members of the student council. It only took but a few moments of conflict for all of the student council members, except Touka, to be taken down. Touka then faced off against Ouma by herself, but he proved to be far too strong being able to withstand a continuous Raikiri for ten whole minutes. Touka then decides to use Takemikazuchi, which put all her power into one attack. This however proved to be more harmful to her as her shoulder was broken, however, she was able to land a small cut on Ouma. Ouma then proceeds to strike Touka down with his own sword causing a comatose state to Touka.

Battle of Kings

Touka eventually wakes from her comatose state to find Kanata awaiting for her conscious return. Touka then turns to see the festival had already begun and Ikki's match against Yuudai, the current Seven Star Sword King as well as the person who had beaten her. Touka watches and analyzes Ikki and Yuudai's match, watching as Ikki defeats Yuudai in their bout.

Conclusion of the First Match

Later, after Utakata woke up in the hospital, he frantically starts warning Touka that she must warn the Hagun Team about Amane Shinomiya. Utakata tells that Amane's ability is to change fate. Touka informs Team Hagun, but they reveal they have already found out about Amane's powers.

Pair of Dragons' Rivalry

Touka later arrives at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, along with Kanata, to watch the remaining matches. They watch the semifinal match between Stella and Ouma, with Stella overpowering Ouma with her new Noble Art, Dragon Spirit.

Rising Spirit

Prior to the finals of the Festival, Touka and many other students help Ikki to train for the finals, where he will face Stella. Touka fights Ikki in a mock battle. Though Ikki seems to initially have the edge, having faster swordsmanship, Touka turns the battle around with her new technique Inazuma, which allows her to greatly increase the speed of her swings. However, as Touka attempts to finish the battle with Raikiri, Ikki kicks a rock into her scabbard, which causes Touka to be unable to use the technique. Ikki then uses the opportunity to slash her, defeating her.

Tournament Final

Touka and the student council watch the finals match between Ikki and Stella, with Ikki winning the match and becoming the Seven Stars Sword King. They later attend the awards ceremony.

Tohka and Yuudai

Vermillion Empire Arc

The Festival is Over

Touka attends the celebration party and she is seen talking with Yuudai Moroboshi, about their future plans. Touka says she will join Japan's National League and eventually aiming for the KOK A-League while Yuudai tells he is thinking about participating in the God of War League and then the A-League. They promise to each other to have a rematch in the A-League someday. She then goes to a bathhouse with the other girls in the party.


Lightning Manipulation: Touka's ability as a Blazer. She is able to create and control lightning thus making her a Natural Interference Type. She has proven to be capable of using her lightning-based abilities in different ways in combat, the most notable being using the principle of electromagnetism, which she used to create her Noble Arts.

  • Pseudo Mana: Being a Natural Interference Blazer, Touka can absorb natural lightning or electrical power from a power grid, then convert that into her own power as pseudo-mana, letting her use more magic than normal thus improving the power of her Noble Arts.
  • Bioelectrical Sense: Touka can sense a person's bioelectric current, being able to tell that the "child" that Ayase ran into was, in fact, Ikki.

Master Swordsmanship: Touka is proficient in swordsmanship, having trained under Nangou Torajirou, her most preferred form is battoujutsu. She was able to counter all of the water and ice attacks of Shizuku without being hit once, then overwhelmed her.

  • Trackless Step (抜き足, Nukiashi): An ancient martial art Touka had learned from nangou, which combines breath control and footwork at the same time, letting her seep into her opponent's unconsciousness making all her moves difficult to perceive until the last moment. Although skilled in using the Trackless Step, Touka isn't as skilled as Nene.


Tohka summoning her Narukami

Narukami (鳴神(なるかみ) Narukami, lit. "Ringing God"): Touka's Device that takes a form of a Japanese longsword placed in a black scabbard. In the anime series, she calls forth her Device by using the command "thunder" before pulling out the sword from an orb of purple lightning.

  • Raikiri (雷切(らいぎり) Raikiri, lit. "Lightning Cutter"): Touka's Noble Art, an ultra-electromagnetic Battoujutsu where Touka creates a powerful magnetic field with her thunder ability around the blade and scabbard of Narukami, hanging on her waist, and then shoots the blade out.
  • Reverse Sight (閃理眼(リバース・サイト) Ribāsu Saito, lit. "Flash Eye"): By cutting off her eyesight, Touka becomes capable of sensing the subtle signals of her opponent's body thus allowing Touka to know her opponent's state of mind and planning.
  • Raiou (雷歐(らいおう) Raiō, lit. "Lightning Seagull"): Touka creates a crescent-shaped blast of lightning, with a slash.
  • Shippu Jinrai (疾風迅雷(しっぷう じんらい) Shippu Jinrai, lit. "Lightning Speed"): Touka's Noble Art, by stimulating her muscles with the power of lightning, Touka can increase her performance to its limit.
  • Takemikazuchi (建御雷神(タケミカヅチ) Takemikazuchi, lit. "Thunder God"): A technique that clads her body in an electromagnetic field and speeds her to extraordinary speeds, lunging her sword at an opponent with very fast speeds.
  • Inazuma (稲妻(いなずま) Inazuma, lit. "Lightning"): By creating a magnetic field around her, Touka is able to swing her sword at extraordinary speeds, utilizing electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The technique allows her to block attacks, she normally couldn't. It was originally planned as a countermeasure to Yuudai's Houkiboshi.
  • Hikou Raikou (飛行雷光(ひこう らいこう) Hikō raikō, lit. "Flying Lightning"): A Noble Art, where Touka releases lightning out of her sheath in various directions shocking her opponent while having enough control to hit specific targets.


  • Touka is unable to touch electrical appliances, due to the fact that she will short circuit them because of her lightning abilities.
  • Touka can't see properly without her glasses.
  • Touka has made a cameo appearance in Episode 1 during the match between Ikki and Stella. She was seen in the background when Kagami Kusakabe was taking pictures of Ikki.
  • Narukami's scabbard, which is black in the light novels, is colored white in the anime.
  • Touka and Moroboshi seem to be rivals. Moroboshi considered Touka as the strongest opponent he faced in the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.
  • Touka is the second Blazer to defeat a Desperado despite not being one herself, however, this was the same person that Yuudai defeated who returned as a spiritual being.