Trackless Step (抜き足, Nukiashi) is an ancient movement technique.


Trackless Step is apart of an ancient Japanese martial art, which the user combines both their breath control and footwork in order to split into their opponent's unconsciousness due to the brain being unable to process all of the little details that a person sees or hear without overworking itself and/or burning out. As such, the Trackless Step doesn't accelerate a person's movements, but it instead makes their movements difficult to perceive even though they're able to see them, their brain doesn't recognize it as relevant information and it appears as if they had just zoned out for a moment.

The technique can be countered by skilled martial artists, especially by ones who have learned the technique. In order to counter the Trackless Step, one needs to simply shift their attention to their unconsciousness, however, can be very hard, especially when fighting.

The technique was taught to Nene Saikyo, Touka Toudou, and Momiji Asagi by their instructor Nangou Torajirou and is said to be his strong point.



  • Trackless Step is a reference to the technique used by Shinobi to move across creaking floors and the likes.
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