Ahaha~☆ Well, I'm a guy who does the impossible. If you can believe that~♪
—Utakata Misogi
Utakata Misogi
Kana 禊祓泡沫
Romaji Misogi Utakata
Gender Male
Age 17
Nickname/s Fifty-fifty
Hair Color White
Eye Color Lime
Device Black Box
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking D-Rank
Physical F
Luck E
Offense F
Defense A
Magic Cap D
Magic Ctl D
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Megumi Han (Japanese)
Kalin Coates (English)

Utakata Misogi is the vice president of the student council of Hagun Academy. He is famous under the nickname "Fifty-Fifty" (観測不能, Kansoku Funou).


Misogi is a young man with long white hair, that is long enough to cover his entire forehead, it also curls at each end of each strand, and he also has lime green eyes, and is also noticeably short and less developed compared to those of similar age. He is usually seen wearing his Hagun Academy uniform.


At a young age Utakata was unmanageably violent, always attacking anyone who tried to get close to him, as well as having no human emotions at all. This however changed after Touka was able to reach him, allowing him to regain his humanity back.

Befitting to his short stature, Utakata has a child-like mentality with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Utakata is also very caring towards his friends, as he tried to spare Touka the hardship of trying to explain to the orphans why she had lost.


Utakata was taken away from his parents after they had tried to kill him, and placed in the Wakaba House orphanage. Alone and angry Utakata was a very distant and violent person until he met Touka, who was able to befriend him, bringing him out of his bitterness. He had also met and befriended Kanata Totokubara.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Debut Battle Edit

Due to his poor combat abilities, Utakata decided to not enter the selection battles of Hagun Academy.

Utakata is first seen along with his student council friends talking with Nene Saikyo about Ikki Kurogane's victory over Shizuya Kirihara.

Utakata Misogi appears between Stella and Ikki

Utakata appears in the restaurant.

Disciple, Encounter and Betrayal Edit

Utakata is next seen, along with Kanata, introducing themselves to Ikki, Ayase and Stella. He then quickly heals Ikki's head, with Black Box, and leaves with Kanata.

Lorelei vs Raikiri Edit

During the selection battle match between Touka and Shizuku, Utakata and Kanata were seen spectating on that match, both agreeing that Touka will be victorious.

Utakata is next seen in the messy student council room, as Touka walks in with her invited guests Stella and Ikki. Utakata then helps Renren, Saijou, and Touka clean up the room. Utakata then listens, as Kanata, who had just walked into the room, tell Ikki and Stella that the student council was tasked with the problem of dealing with a giant, in the Okutama mountains, to which Ikki and Stella agree to help.

Incident of Okutama Edit

Utakata goes to Okutama, along with the rest of the student council members as well as Ikki and Stella. They then split off into a group of two with Utakata being grouped with Touka, where they eventually find and help Ikki and Stella take care of their unknown assailants. The group then goes to the lodge at the bottom of the mountain, where everyone else is, for rest. They were also confronted by Mamoru Akaza, who wanted to bring Ikki in, as his relationship with Stella had become public.

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Utakata was in attendance, as Touka had asked Shizuku if she would talk to her brother about not fighting her, as she did not want to kill him, knowing Ikki's current condition. Shizuku, however, did not know how to answer that question and needed the night to think it over.

After Touka had fought with and lost to Ikki, Utakata was told by Touka that she would tell the orphanage about her loss.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Utakata and the other participants of the Hagun Academy training camp, arrive at a destroyed Hagun Academy and then face off against the attackers, Akatsuki Academy. Utakata and the others are able to take out the Akatsuki Academy intruders do to Alice's betrayal. Alice is then struck by Amane Shinomiya with ten blades and it is then revealed that the true Akatsuki members were hiding and that they had struck down wooden dolls.

After Ikki, Shizuku, Alice, Stella and the Hagure Sisters leave the scene, Utakata and the rest of the student council members decide to fight against the Akatsuki students. They are however easily overpowered and dealt with quickly. Utakata himself fights Amane, and he is brutally defeated, even being knocked into a coma.

Conclusion of the First Round Edit

Utakata later wakes up in the Hagun hospital room, where Kanata and Touka are watching the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Utakata immediately tells them to warn the Hagun Team, about Amane Shinomiya's powers. Utakata reveals that Amane's actual ability is to make all of his wishes reality. They call the Hagun Team, but find out they already know about Amane's abilities.

Final Round Edit

Utakata and the rest of the student council arrive to the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, to watch the finals between Ikki and Stella. Utakata complains about the hot weather, while Renren and Saijou speculate about who will win the upcoming match. Utakata stops their arguing and demands that they move to a less warm place.

The student council later watch the final match, which Ikki wins. After the tournament they attend the awards ceremony and then the celebration party at Moroboshi's restaurant.


Utakata offers to heal Ikki

Utakata uses his ability for healing.

Event Manipulation: Utakata's ability. He can rewrite events by manipulating the outcome, so long as it's not zero percent. He first shows this ability by rewriting Ikki's wound into non-existing.


Unknown Device: Utakata's Device is yet unknown.

  • Black Box (絶対的不確定, Zettai-teki Fukakutei, lit., "Absolute Uncertainty"): Utakata's Noble Art which can manipulate the outcomes of events, however, he can not manipulate something that is zero percent chance, as he can not bring something out of nothing. The ability can render almost any attack ineffective. However, it's useless for attacking as, due to Utakata's weak physical condition, the ability cannot grant him the power to defeat opponents stronger than him, as he has no chance of defeating them without the ability.


  • Utakata is the only known student at Hagun Academy that is able to use the causation manipulation system.