Yoshikazu Kiba
Gender Male
Nickname/s Wolf Blade
Device Shimotsuki
Personal Status
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Yoshikazu Kiba is a Japanese Blazer, formerly ranked 12th in the KOK A-League.

Appearance Edit

Kiba is an older, Asian-looking man. He usually wears Japanese clothing.

Personality Edit

Kiba is a calm person, who has gained much experience over the years. Because of this, he doesn't underestimate his opponents but is also aware of his own power.

History Edit

15 years ago, Kiba was ranked 12th in the KOK A-League, being the highest ranked in Japan at the time. He and Ranbalt Raab were present during the Baltic Crisis, during which he along with Raab and everyone else were completely defeated by Edelweiss.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

White Summit Edit

Kiba, along with Raab, meets Stella, Ikki, Yui and Ascarid in a small village near Edelberg, a giant mountain where Edelweiss lives. He and Raab stop a group called Murder Entry from attacking Stella's group.

They then ask what Stella and her group are doing there, guessing they are going to challenge Edelweiss. Like many others there, Kiba is also there to fight Edelweiss, although his reason for doing so is unclear. It's possible Kiba either wants to help Raab, or simply gain Edelweiss' title as the world's strongest swordsman. Stella and her friends though decide to fly on top of the mountain to Edelweiss, instead of joining with Kiba and Raab.

Intense Cold Trial Edit

Later, Kiba and Raab are still remaining in the village, conserving their strength for the upcoming clash with Edelweiss. Raab also easily defeats 50 Blazers, after he provoked them. As the two finally decide to head for Edelweiss they are stopped by an unknown girl.

The girl is revealed to be Fu Xiaoli, one of the Four Sages of Shinryuu Temple, who is currently on the run. Xiaoli challenges both Kiba and Raab, manifesting her Device. Kiba decides to fight her first, drawing his own Device. Kiba stabs the ground with his Device, summoning white mist. When the mist clears, ten Kiba's are suddenly present. The 9 of them are actually just ice clones created by the real Kiba. Kiba, along with his ice clones, then engage Xiaoli. Kiba manages to trap her, with the ice clones, trying to freeze her with his Device. Xiaoli though grabs the Kiba's sword, not being affected by the ability, due to copying it. She then punches Kiba in the abdomen, defeating him. Xiaoli also defeats Raab.

Abilities Edit

Master Swordsmanship: Kiba is a master in swordsmanship, previously being ranked 12th in the KOK A-League. His skill in swordsmanship was mentioned being on the level of someone like Kaito Ayatsuji.

Ice Manipulation: Kiba's ability as a Blazer, is to manipulate ice.

Device Edit

Shimotsuki (lit. "Month of Frost"): Kiba's Device takes the form of a sword. Unlike other Blazers, Kiba carries his Device on him, instead of summoning it when needed.

  • Mahyou Juuroujin (lit. "Demonic Ice Ten Wolves Formation"): Kiba stabs the ground with his Device, summoning white mist, that covers the area. After the mist clears, 9 ice clones of Kiba are present. These clones can fight on their own, and can also transform into ice shackles, trapping the opponent
  • Zeppyou Kassatsugeki (lit. "Severing Ice Killing Strike"): A stab, that instantly freezes anything that it touches.

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