Yuuzou Kaieta
Gender Male
Nickname/s Thunder of Judgement
Personal Status
Affiliations Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Steering Committee
Status Retired
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Yuuzou Kaieda is a former competitor in the KOK A-League and the chairman of the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival steering committee.

Appearance Edit

Kaieda is an old man with a bald head.

Personality Edit

Kaieda is an experienced man, who has witnessed much during his life.

History Edit

In his youth, Kaieda was a competitor in the KOK A-League and was triumphant in the competition, being considered one of Japan's strongest Blazers, along with Yoshikazu Kiba. He eventually retired from active duty. He also joined the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, as a chairman of the steering committee.

Plot Edit

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

The Star Takes the Stage Edit

After Stella arrives late into to the Festival, Kaieda announces that her late arrival will be forgiven, and her match will be held immediately. Stella's opponent Mikoto Tsuruya though disagrees with this and demands a penalty for Stella. Though Kaieda doesn't agree with this, Stella accepts it and says that for her penalty she should fight against all the participants of her block. Kaieda and the steering committee accept this and so Stella will fight against Mikoto, Rinna, Yui, and Hiraga. Despite being outnumbered Stella easily wins the match.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

Kaieda is later seen spectating Ikki's match against Sara Bloodlily, along with Ikki's father Itsuki Kurogane. He remarks that only about five people in Japan could compare to Ikki, in terms of martial arts skills.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Final MatchEdit

Kaieda provides commentary during Ikki and Stella's match in the tournament final. He is shocked to see Ikki's "awakening" as he has no idea what it is. Kaieda later presents the awards to Ikki and Stella, who are the champion and runner-up, during the awards ceremony.

Abilities Edit

Kaieda's abilities are unknown, but he was once a successful competitor in the KOK A-League. He though is already far past his prime. He most likely has some ability relating to lightning, because of his nickname.

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